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Skid draw, jump spot, and land-off side for Modern Warfare 3 rank Play Let's Go Okay, so starting off in this back-crates area over here next to P5 Hardo, obviously most people know that you can jump up here like this, and then you can just jump like this and get on top of this balcony over here. But you can also get on top of this corner over here, and this is a great place to hold P5, if they're rushing from ticket, and also this is a great place to get people out of P.

I use this all the time when people are camping inside of P2 because, as you can see, if you jump, you can pretty much see all of it next. If you didn't know, you can actually wallbank. All of this crate over here, as you can see, I'm getting wall banks on the deployable cover, and I have to stress something out with the wall banks.

I'm using a deployable cover for most of mine, which gives me hit markers; it doesn't show how much damage I do, so for some of the wall banks, you're not going to be doing too much damage to your opponents; you're just going to barely be grazing them with bullets, but they're good for getting information or for finishing off kills, so remember, if you shoot at someone and they try to run away, you can wall bank the entirety of this red container.


Moving over to P2, this is kind of useless, but you can jump on this doorway like this, and if you go prone, you can just lie down over here and hold garage. This gives you a good line off-side towards the garage, but this is mostly useful if people are only going to be attacking through the tunnel.

Because if they try to come around here, they're not going to expect you to be lying down on this doorway like this, but it doesn't have much use other than that. It's better if you just hold the line of sight like this, or even better if you're behind the bin instead of it'ss over here. A cool little jump spot you can do is run outside the window like this and go Crouch.

You can just stay here, but if you move too much, you're going to make this kind of useless too. To be honest, something very useful is that even if someone. It's prone over here; you can actually wall bang them through the bottom of this thing over here, so if I come all the way back here next to P5, you can see I'm getting hit markers on the deployable cover even though I'm not shooting over the thing I'm shooting.


Exactly on this black line over here, and you can get hit markers through it, I'm going to show you the bullet holes. As you can see, the bullets go through here, so even if someone goes prone under here, you're going to be able to kill them from back there if you know where they are. If they're behind the box, they're safe, but if they go prone anywhere inside of here, you can kill them from there.

Another cool thing you can do, and you have to do it carefully. If you slowly drop on top of this cardboard over here, you can stay standing up like this so you can have this BL container as a head glitch. And you have all the tickets over there, so no one can get through. Without you seeing them first, we're going to move to this side first and then come back to the middle of the garage.

If someone's camping, inside this corner you can bang the very edge of this wall. If you're more to the right, you're not going to be able to wall bang, but at the edge, you can wall bang them, so even if a bit of their body is sticking out, you can just check like this, moving on to inside P5 over here.

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If you jump on top of this kitchen bench over here, you can actually get on top of this fridge. If you crouch down. And you can hold, all of the hard point and they're not going to be expecting you to be on top of the fridge and now for the most important thing in this hill you can wall Bank pretty much everything so you think someone's camping in that back corner over there you can actually just shoot through the wall like this and kill them in general you can shoot through all of this wall so something I like to do is stay over here and watch if someone's pushing so if you think that someone's over here again you can just wall bang through this wall, or the exact opposite if you think someone's camping in this corner or that corner over there you can just wallbang to this part of the wall so if you're over here you no longer have to slide and check and get shot by teammates if you think that someone's camping on this side over here you can actually come over here and shoot through this water part that it's in between, these two mirrors.

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Now, if someone's camping in this corner over here, it's kind of hard to get them if they're all the way in the corner, but if they're over here, I'm going to use a trophy system to simulate this. You can actually shoot through this doorway and kill them, so you kind of shoot in the middle of the doorway over here, and you can get hit markers and kill them.

I don't know if it's too useful because you can't use it at the very corner. But sometimes people like to move back and forth over here, so you might get some hit markers on them if you use that. On the back of the hill is an awesome line of sight that you can use. You can lie down over here, and as you can see, there's a thin line that you can look through, so if someone tries to rush from the back, you're going to be able to see them from here, and if you stay aimed out, you're going to see them even if they come across there, and they're not going to be expecting you to be back here, so you can kill them also.


Over here, you can actually see the top fire window from underneath this bin, and the same is true for DVDs. And the dark cut over there moved to the playground area over here. There's actually some insane wall banks that you can use for P1 that's over there, so if you think that someone's camping inside this corner, over here.

You can actually shoot through this window by just standing on top of this dust spin over here, and if you jump a bit as well, you're going to be able to get more hit markers, but yeah, you can just shoot someone through here like there's no wall at all. Also, if you jump and they're standing up over there, you can shoot them in the back, or if they're in that corner, you can see them from here, and if someone's.

Skidrow is a hardpoint map in MWIII Ranked Play. There's a few helpful jump spots on this map but most of all there a BUNCH of wallbangs in pretty much every hill of the map. I hope you enjoy.
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