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I have the top five best guns in Modern Warfare Zombies. I'm not going to be including any Wonder Weapons on my list because I just think that's unfair. They're obviously going to be better than any gun in the game, and even then, there are some weapons in the game right now that are currently better than some of the Wonder Weapons that I prefer to use over, like the ray gun and the Wonder W.

I'm going to be talking about what makes each weapon special, what makes each special unique, and why I put them in the spot that they're in currently, as well as I'm also going to show you the best class setups that I would recommend using and the ones that I personally use. I run myself when going into a game, and I run real quickly right before I get into it.

So coming into the number five spot, this one's actually going to be a weird one; it's going to be the tonfa. The tonfa is now a melee weapon that is from modern warfare. Now, not only is it special because it's the only melee weapon featured on this list, but it also does high amounts of damage in the Tier 1.

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Tier 2, and Tier 3 zones, and even in the dark ether, the damage output of this melee weapon is so high that not only does it smack through Tier 3 disciples and manglers, but it also destroys. Mega Abominations in just a few hits. I think one of the biggest things that makes this melee weapon strong too is that while you're hitting zombies with it, it stuns them, and it even stuns the bosses too, so you can continue whacking them with the melee weapon, and they will just stand there taking hits like it's nothing now.

One of the biggest reasons why it's on the highest spot on this list and not anywhere lower is because you can't really use it for any boss fight for those of you guys who don't know after completing. In the act three and act four missions, you will fight a big warm boss fight, and even if you're doing the red Seeker warm boss fight to unlock those legendary schematics, you also have to do a harder version of the boss fight, and using the melee weapon just does not do any damage at all because the actual spot where you have to shoot at keyword shoot is in a spot where you can't hit with a melee weapon and you can only shoot at it.

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That's basically all I have to say about this melee weapon. Go ahead and use it if you want to have some fun too. It's a really fun weapon to use to run around with. You have that movement speed. You have fun just smacking around zombies. There's no class setup since it's just a melee weapon. You can just go ahead and equip it, but move on to the next spot.

The fourth weapon on this list is going to be the hogre, a 556 assault rifle. Now, while making this list. I was originally going to put the hoger 556 at number five and the melee weapon at number four, but there's just one thing the hoger 556 has over the melee weapon, and that's that you can actually shoot at the bosses, and for the worm boss fight, for the harder version, the red warm, it is honestly the best gun that you could use for that boss fight.

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If you don't use that gun or any other gun, I'm probably 70% sure that you're not going to complete that boss fight. The reason I say this is because the mobility that you have with the assault rifle is just very nice. You can move around, and you're very agile. It reminds me of like an lmg from Black Ops 3 where you can run around still have that movement but also put in extreme damage at the same time with a high number of bullets in your clip with the high number of bullets in your round and just have that extreme damage output with all that mobility.

Now the problem with the hogre and where it lacks is when you're not using it with a legendary ether tool when you're just using it with like a blue ether tool with a blue wrench green wrench with just regular Pack-a-Punch tier 2 or tier 3. It just doesn't put enough damage into the zombies, not as much as I would want it to, especially for such a good gun like the hogre, and that's one of the biggest things that I find weird about this game is how a gun could be so like a use list and so low outputting of damage on zombies, sometimes, and how it could be so good against bosses, but I mean, that's Call of Duty.


Call of Duty has some unresolvable problems. Mysteries, man i don't even want to go into them because I don't understand how this game could be so broken. But enough of that before I turn this entire article into a rant about Call of Duty. Moving on to the next spot in the number three spot, I actually have a different type of gun.

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This one is actually a little different from the rest; it's not a melee weapon, nor is it an automatic weapon. It's actually going to be the rocket launcher for the RGL. The new tube and when I first started using this weapon on zombies. I didn't think anything of it I just picked it up as a means to just use the weapon but then as I started using it I started upgrading it and put a legendary e, on it I realized this weapon is actually pretty strong it kills just about any zombies in any tier, it stuns them so if you have a few zombies on you into chasing you can actually, even if you don't kill them you still stun them and blow them back so it gives you extra space so you can run away from them so they just don't run you all the time especially since in the tier 3 zone the zombies are faster than you when you don't have stamina up and even when you do have stamina up the tier 3 zombies are still faster than you and the hellhounds are faster than you One thing about this weapon, though, is that you are going to need a PC flopper; if not, it's not going to be a very fun day for you because the explosives, the damage on it, and the range of the explosives are not very fun, but once you do go ahead and get a PhD, you can continue.

Spam the explosions, spam the rockets, and it becomes the funniest thing ever. You could just sit there in a corner and have all the zombies run to you and spam the rockets, and all of them would just straight die now. Ammo wise, when you first load into a game with the RGL, you're only going to have 12 bullets, but once you go and get the gun pack, you are going to have a total of around 70 bullets, so you're going to have enough ammo to work with what you got.

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I did bring this into the boss fight. I can't really tell how much damage it was doing to the boss since I did have a bunch of Sentry turrets playing down and the Sentry turrets were doing a lot of damage, but I can't say that it definitely did put in a little bit of damage and a little bit of work, but I don't know if it is better in the hoger in guards of putting in damage towards the BX.

Top 5 best guns in MW3 Zombies. Ive played with all these guns and I ranked them in the way which I believe are from the worst of the best to the best of the best.
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