News - This "sidewinder" Class Changes Everything Warzone 2. Best Sidewinder Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So the side winder keeps receiving buffs and it keeps remaining mid, so basically it's the mid winder, but I haven't featured any of the new attachments here on the side winder, that being the conversion kit or the Jack BFB muzzle, and both of those attachments definitely help The Sidewinder. But it doesn't really put them over the top; it's still, well, like I said, the mid-winder is still a pretty mid-weapon, but it's definitely much more manageable after all of the buffs and additions.

In the game, let's get into my attachments.

Best class

So I am going with the Jack Thunder lmg kit, which hypothetically turns it into an lmg, but all it does is speed up your fire rate over time and increase your magazine ammo capacity, so I don't really see how this is an lmg kit; it starts with a slow fire rate, and as you hold the trigger, the fire rate speeds up, so yeah.

best class mw3

I do think this does improve the weapon; it also gives you recoil control by 20%. I don't know if it's hit or miss because the increased fire rate definitely makes the weapon kill faster, but it also decreases the damage range. I wanted to try this out and feature it in a article, so that's kind of why I'm running it for the rear grip.

We have the RB Borealis grip for fire-fighting stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. We're going to need all those things while running a high-recoil weapon here, like the Sidewinder. 14% to the gun kick and 10% to the horizontal and vertical recoil controls for the underbar, we have the bru heavy support grip for gun kick control and aiming idle sway.

horizontal recoil control and fire aiming stability, the same reason we just chose that rear grip there but prioritizing the horizontal recoil control. 11% there to the gun kick and 12% to the horizontal recoil control and the muzzle, the Jack BFB, the attachment that I absolutely hate but it's. 100% necessary on a weapon like this, so, I guess you know, pick on me if you want.

best class setup mw3

I hate this attachment, but I am using it. I'm going to be a walk-in advanced UAV for the game. We got 55% for the gun kick, 20% for the horizontal recoil control, and 35% for the vertical recoil control. Our final attachment is the Tempest Predator Precision Barrel to increase your bullet velocity and recoil control.

Gun kick control and aiming idle sway One thing it didn't say it did was increase the damage range, but you can see a 133% increase in the damage range there. 15% to the bullet velocity, 133% to the gun kick, and 15% to the vertical and horizontal recoil controls After all of these attachments are added and you go into the fire range and test it out, you can see the recoil is very easy at close and medium ranges; it's virtually no recoil, and even at long ranges, it's very easy recoil to control.

I thought this conversion kit might have put the side winder over the top, but after using it quite a bit, it's still pretty mid-range. If anybody's telling you this weapon is overpowered or replacing any metas they are lying about, you don't believe them. Is it easier to use them than previously?

100%; it is 100% better than it was at launch and even in season 1, but it's still not a viable meta weapon. It's pretty mid-range. Here's also the rest of the attachments if you guys need to copy them down. As always, let's jump into some games. You can see what I'm talking about with how the weapon is not completely terrible, but mid-range.

I keep saying mid, but that's exactly what it is. Yeah, I'm.

Mercado game 1

Mercado game 1

Done let's get into it. I'm going to be honest. I don't really care if I get a nuke or a streak. I just want to feature The Sidewinder for you guys and call it a day because I'm going to keep it a stack. I already said it. This thing's midway. This thing is pretty mid-range.

The LMG conversion kit definitely makes it better, but I'm not going to act like it makes it like a meta or over, you know what, saying it's still The. Apprciate the call out if they were to properly cover the Mana War or whatever they were trying to do with it, the thing would be pretty good, and that's what they kind of did.

Theimer, this with his drones is kind of pissing me off. I'm not going to lie, this one guy just doesn't use anything but those drones, and it's pretty annoying to be honest, like use your gun, brother. The drone swarm is the son of a [__]. I'm not trying to be a whiner, but seriously, use your damn weapon.

You see, that guy's at least using a knife, but at least use your damn. Like, those drones were the most stupid addition I've ever seen. I swear to God, what did my swarm do to me? What the hell was it that didn't do anything? Like, normally, it at least gets me a kill or two, but that thing did literally nothing.

Also, this knife guy can lick my balls. I'm not even going to censor it. I can lick my balls normally; I'd be sensitive to it. You know, little sensors here and there, but nope, I'm Ksig. I'm cheating yeah, he got 68. No one's cheating. Yeah, no one's cheating, though, so keep that in mind. Okay, yeah, you'll be in my YouTube article whenever I put this out, and you're going to look like a dumbass, so keep that in mind.

You're going to look like a whole dumb ass. You go to look like a whole dumb ass, brother.

Departures game 2

Departures game 2

Okay, so let's get game number two knocked out here with the sidewinder. I have kind of put off doing this because, I mean, why would I like the weapon? I haven't really had a reason to use the weapon other than the article. I always make a request to use the sidewinder, but for me, Mana, it's just how I respectfully put it.

This is what I like to call a classic case of messing up a weapon completely, and they still haven't really done anything to help. I think that, honestly, just the fire rate isn't even the problem. If you're going to have a weapon like this, it's got to be something like not even a two-like-a-two-ot every time, but it's got to have some kind of redeeming quality to make it better than some of the other weapons.

best mw3 class

You know what I mean, so because the fire rate's low and the damage or recoil is low, you would think the recoil control would just be the big glaring one, like the big one that would help the weapon, but the recoil is obviously awful, and you have to slow it down by using a bunch of attachments. I don't know; maybe if they just made it so the Recoil just The Recoil was better, it would be a much more usable weapon because you wouldn't need to completely slow it.

But okay, I actually might get a nuke here. I don't want to speak too soon, but I'm feeling good. It's 26 they're like rotating; I got it hit the swarm. I can't risk all this going the other way if we're not going to. Eliminated Sav it; that's what I'm talking about. Well, I died right after, but we got another chopper to drop on the foreheads.

This "SIDEWINDER" Class changes EVERYTHING in MW3! Best Sidewinder Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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