News - The Og "m4" Meta Is Back Warzone 2. Best Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So we're going to be covering the M4, the classic Call of Duty weapon, a fan favorite in the Cod franchise. Obviously, it's been a bit underwhelming here in Modern Warfare 3 because, well, a lot of the Modern Warfare 2 ones are. But this weapon definitely competes. In this game, it's not a meta by any means, but right in the middle of the road, in my opinion, you just have to build it properly to limit not only visual recoil but also actual recoil.

There's quite a bit of a kick to it in this game, but once you get those attachments down, it's a fairly decent option to play around with now.

Best class setup

Personally. I do really like the iron sights of the M4, but unfortunately there's so much visual shake on the weapon that the iron sights really are just unusable, in my opinion, and that's why I'm using the Jack glassless optic here because it gives you fire aiming stability, which does control visual recoil, and it's just a normal reflex site, so you can't really go wrong normally.

In a lot of cases, I would say to use whatever you want, but I highly recommend using the Jack glasses optic here for a rear grip. We got the Saen ZX grip to control recoil and gun kick. As I just stated, the weapon does have quite a bit of a kick to it, so you are going to need attachments just like this one because it gives you 7% straight across the board for all the recoil and gun kick control.

For the underbar, we have the brewing and heavy support grip to massively control that gun kick, along with horizontal recoil control, aiming idle sway, and even more visual recoil control. AKA, fire-aiming stability This is the perfect underbarrel for this weapon; it's going to give you 10% there for the gun kick, 12% for the horizontal recoil control, and then, of course, the visual recoil gain there.

To copy those down, pause the article right now if you need to do so. There's also the rest of the load on the screen. For me, we're going to jump over into gameplay so you guys can see what this M4 is capable of.

M4 gameplay

M4 gameplay

The recoil pattern, the visual recoil of the whole shebang, and I hope you guys enjoy it all right, so we're going to be using the M4 here over on shoot house. I want to be aggressive, but of the MW2 weapons, in order to reduce the recoil on this one, you kind of have to sacrifice quite a bit, so that's the challenging part of this whole predicament.

It's a fast-firing assault rifle, which by default makes you want to play aggressive, but you kind of got to you got to have triggered it. Discipline reloading; you can't just run at gunfights like you would normally want to back in. MW2 I have a feeling going to be spawning on me. I'm going to just hit a dash here and not deal with that.

best class mw3

My teammate just died, right? Here reloading i'm feeling great. I am feeling great. The weapon feels good. I think this is better than the last build I put out. I say the last build I put out was before I knew about the whole visual recoil thing and the Itachi to pair up with the visual recoil, and I think I've done a good job here with some of these attachments.

Okay, I just heard a grenade get cooked. UAV, or what I would say is close to properly, is playing a little more aggressively than I probably should, but it doesn't matter. I just want the W. It's kind of late for me right now. I'm used to going to work at about 7:00 at night. With my work schedule, look at the snipers in the windows.

I'm contemplating the Swarm right now because we need to keep the lead or get the lead. I'm just going to lay right here right now; I don't know where he is. Well, there he is. Need air support now, good as a new Confing stand. Reloading, they're going to spawn here teammates pushed out. I definitely just saw one when the perimeter team got him.

It doesn't matter. We got another swarm of teammates who have really strung the kills together for this objective, so I'm not mad about it.

best class setup mw3

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