News - This "minibak" Class Is Crazy Warzone 2. Best Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

though the mini is a weird one. It's a weapon that is extremely good at close range because it has a very high damage value, and you would think that would translate to longer-range gunfights, but it definitely doesn't. This thing sucks at long-range fights, but it's another weapon that, if you get up close and personal with people, fries.

It's kind of ridiculous. I'll show you the damage values in a second. It's just a weird weapon to me, just by how they balanced it, but it kind of makes sense in a way. I have some good attachments for you guys.

Best class setup

I just wanted to start by showing you the damage values. You have 46 headshot damage and 39 torso and lower torso damage, which is kind of pretty high for an SMG, and like I said, because of the high damage, it's extremely good at close range, so I just wanted to quickly show you that let's get it started here with the laser sight.

best class mw3

I've talked about lasers in the past. You don't have to use this particular laser; you can choose whatever one you want. I don't like the lasers that are visible in hip-fire ads, just because they make you much easier to find and you can't be really stealthy with them whatsoever. But I do like the schogger PE boox IV because I have zero cons to running it, but I'm gaining aim-down sight speed here, nothing crazy but 4%, which does help your cause for the stock.

I have the Ultra in stock to increase the aggression with sprint speed and aim walking speed. Nothing crazy here. I'll hide my camera so you can't see the mobility being gained; it's only like small values of 2 and 6%. But the only negative is aiming out spray, which isn't a big deal with SMGs. For a rear grip, I have the demo X2 grip for gun kick control and recoil control to make it easier to hit your shots at medium range.

best class setup mw3

Even though it's a very good close-range weapon, medium range is going to be necessary on a lot of maps in this game, and 7% across the board definitely helps that case for an ammunition type. I'm going with the overpressured rounds, and honestly, I only chose this because there wasn't really anything else.

I wanted to run. You can run an optic if you want to if you don't want to run these rounds, but personally, I like the iron sights on the weapon, and the overpressured rounds don't have any cons to running them. You give them Target Flinch and no enemy skulls, so there's no cons to running this overall, and our final attachment is the L4R flash hider for recoil control and gun kick control.

Normally I'd go with the ZEM compensator here, but this weapon Shake isn't all too bad; it definitely needed some recoil control though, so the L4 flasher definitely did a good job because it's 133%. Across the board, towards gun kick horizontal and vertical recoil controls, there's all of your attachments on the screen.

As always, make sure you guys copy him down. I got a lot of requests to use the mini, and this is my setup, so if you guys were asking, here you go. There's also the rest of the load out on the screen if you guys need to copy it down. Let's jump into the gameplay on Rio, actually, of all maps. I don't know why I'm surprised by the fact that Rio is one of my favorite maps in the game, and the mini-boach did a good job on it.

That's it i hope you guys enjoy it.

Minibak gameplay

Minibak gameplay

We're about to cook with the mini-boach, and we're going to get super aggro. I give zero crap about a nuke. Of course, I want to get the Swarm because that just tacks on like 15 kills to my kill total most of the time. We're going to be Agro, though we're going to be up close and personal.

That's how you get to play with this thing. You have a ton of bullets. You almost never need to reload. As long as you're moving, being up close to their face shouldn't be a problem. Situation, I didn't realize they were spawning; here they must be like half-spawned because they were coming from both sides.

If you remember, they were on escalators over there, but my team's also over here. There are no escalators as of right now; I believe they are spawning on that side of the map, and I want this nuke, so we're going to play it, not slowly but passively, to see if we can lock in these killsets.

this MINIBAK Class is CRAZY in MW3! Best Minibak Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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