News - The New Broken Meta Warzone 2. Best M13b Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

The m3b, It's a weapon that I've already covered here on the channel, and it actually got discovered back in season 1 as one of the better-performing assault rifles in the game. Well, they decided to Nerf it, and I haven't covered it since, but there's been some additions of attachments and more knowledge surrounding statistics that have been able to make a new setup that is absolutely disgusting.

It definitely competes within the meta; it's definitely a more fast-paced assault rifle option due to the fire rate and not one you want to use at super long range. It's an extremely fun one, and I'm going to leave it at that. We're going to jump into these attachments and definitely one you guys want to try out, starting us off here with an optic with the Jack glassless optic.

Best class setup

best class mw3

It's just my preferred reflex sight of choice. If you guys like the iron sights on the weapon, feel free to use them, or if there's a different optic altogether that you want to use, feel free to go with that. This is just my preference for a rear grip. I have the D37. Grip for recoil control and gun kick control, a pretty self-explanatory attachment that's going to give you 7% across the board for all those recoil in gun kit controls for a magazine.

I have the 45-round mag. I've discussed magazines in the past on the channel; it's always a preference. I do like to have those extra bullets with the raise ttk in this game, even though you are going to sacrifice movement and aim-down sight speed. I find that it does. It is an important attachment, in my opinion, just because I always tend to run out of bullets at the most unideal times.

Sometimes the 45 seems to be the sweet spot for the underbar. To the vertical recoil control. I'm going to come out and say it: this is one of the most fun weapons in the game to use, and I definitely think if you haven't had a chance to try this thing, you 100% should. It's going to surprise you.

I get that a lot of the MW2 weapons are kind of underwhelming. This is not one of those; it's a very, very good assault rifle option. Here's also the rest of the load out. If you guys wanted to copy that down, we're going to jump into gameplay. If you guys want to watch that and see how this weapon performs.

M13b gameplay

M13b gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy, so over here, where I live in New York, right now it is currently snowing, and freaking leaves are starting to BT on trees, plants are growing, and the grass is green. I don't think. Nobody was expecting a snowstorm. We have had almost zero snow this entire Wisconsin winter, and there's nothing more that I hate more than shattering some freaking snow; that's a fact.

I saw a little diamond; bam, I'm feeling. Stand, but just because I'm warming up doesn't mean good things will happen overall right now. I'm a little disappointed with how the result is going for the opposition, but they have time to turn this around if they play properly. Rio and the M13 are a good freaking mix.

best class setup mw3

I can get down with Rio with an M13 aggressive-style assault rifle, no. That homie spawned behind me. Why what nah, that's some baloney. That's baloney what what is the actual reasoning? Here, I'm on your side. I'm going to need an actual reason as to why that man spawned behind me, because that's some.

Am they somehow able to contest this hill the whole time? I'm not sure how, so I'm going to go through the hallway here and see if we can pick them off because I want another swarm that grenade last time kind of kind of I don't want to say it was crap, like bull crap, but kind of just an unfortunate circumstance.

Okay, that should lock us in for next, but I need teammates to actually push with me. I don't think they're okay, teammate. I'm hoping yes, you spawn their station friend UAV, but let's just mount right here. One, load no more UAV ping. I'm hoping Yep, he shot at him fantastically, and his teammate killed him.

best m13b class

I'm not mad about my teammate killing him. Good job, friend UAV; we got it; that's what I'm talking about. Here is compromised loading; if you want to call it a break, it's more like me just taking the time I really need with my work schedule. You know, I only play like two or three days a week now, so it's been a nice little reprieve if you would want to call it that they're getting mad; they don't know what a swarm is there.

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