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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So I was hanging out in the scum stream, and I saw him playing some public matches on Dos House, and he was using the striker, which kind of confused me a little bit. I always saw him using the meta-competitive weapons, which were the MCW and the Rival 9, so I looked at his setup after the game and copied it down.

I went into the game and realized this thing's absolutely nutty. We have very little recel, great damage range, pretty good movement overall, and it's a great medium-range SMG. That really doesn't have any downsides, other than really close range if you get into a gunfight with like a rival or a swarm; that's what I would say is really the only downside.

I would consider this to be very good sniper support for something like SND, and I'm surprised it's not used more in war zones.

Best class setup

best class mw3

It's a pretty good weapon overall, so for the optics, he goes with the MK3 reflector personally. I don't mind the iron sights on the striker, so I personally wouldn't run one, but for his particular setup, he does like the MK3 reflector here.

For the rear group, we have the Saen ZX grip for gun kick control, fire aiming stability, and recoil control to help you with your medium-range fight, and you can take a lot of medium-range fights with ease with this particular weapon. It has a great damage range and very low recil with this type of attachment for an underbarly of the DR6 hand stop to increase the aggression of the weapon with aim walking speed and aim down sight speed.

Sprint to fire speed and movement speed—this is obviously for aggressive gunfights, but like I said, the weapon's not an extremely aggressive choice, but it does make your aim down sight speed extremely snappy, and that's going to increase your aim down sight speed by 9% and your sprint to fire speed there by 8%, and I'm going to hide my camera so you can see the rest of that mobility that's gained there with this attachment.

best class setup mw3

Pause right now if you have to for a muzzle. We have the purifier muzzle break to control horizontal recoil along with even more fire aiming stability, at no sacrifice to any aim-down sight speed or handling just a little bit of bullet velocity and damage range, which isn't a big deal. You'll see why with the next attachment we're sacrificing 10% to the ad 8% to the bullet velocity, but more importantly, we are getting that much needed recoil control and fire aiming stability in our final attachment to maximize the damage range to the Striker Recon long barrel for bullet velocity and damage range, and it increases it by quite a bit (18%).

Due to the damage ranges and 15% of the bullet velocity, this is the attachment that basically turns it into a very good medium-range option with that 10.3 M effective damage range. I think the striker is a very underrated SMG in this game; it just doesn't perform like a typical SMG, which is why I feel like a lot of people look away from it.

Think of the Castto 74U from Modern Warfare 2; that thing was technically an assault rifle, but it's really used like an SMG. I would classify this as the complete opposite; it's kind of an SMG but performs somewhat like an assault rifle, kind of in the same category, just flipped around a little bit.

As always, there's the rest of the load out. As always, let's get into it.

Striker gameplay

Striker gameplay

I hope you guys Enjoy, all right. So I wanted to start with a different little commentary here. I've been doing two game plays the entire year on the channel, and for my own personal reasons, like mental health. I've decided, like I mentioned. I'm going to take a step back, and one of the things I need to do is spend more time enjoying life.

You know what I mean. I work a lot of hours because I work a lot of hours. I don't have a lot of free time, so by doing one gameplay, not only is that more free time for me, but it's less time I need to edit, it's less time I need to play, and it's not that I don't enjoy playing. I don't know how many people saw it.

best mw3 class

I want to start enjoying life a little bit, so I still want to do YouTube. I just don't want to be so invested in it. So basically, that's my plan, but my plan is to be more invested in my actual life, and if YouTube picks up again for me, that'sfantastic. You know what I mean, like, it's what I want to do for a job eventually, but right now it's not sustainable.

best mw3 class setup

In fact, I'm barely making money, so while it's not sustainable, I'm going to keep doing YouTube, but on a smaller scale. Enjoy life a little bit, not focus so much on nukes and things like that, and focus more on having fun. Games, enemy Kia and featuring the weapons on a different kind of level like I feel like it's more beneficial for me to want to feature these weapons if it's an SMG for an example being super aggressive, right like an SMG is meant to be used aggressively so that's what I'm going to do I'm going to use it very aggressively and not really care about the result other than getting a w that's my mindset right now there are going to be some games of course where I'm going to need to do second game, plays, like I already recorded one for the MP7 or the Val and 100% I'm going to have to do I have to do a second gameplay for that one cuz the game was like you know 6 minutes and that's just not a long enough article but if I get a good like swarm like if I get a game play that's I don't know let's just say hypothetically let's say it's 8 minutes right 8 Minute.

Recording: I can do enough editing with that the article is still long enough to feature the class, setup, and have like a 10-minute article for you guys, so I'm not focusing so much on getting nukes and things like that but on featuring them in their actual. So, the edits are probably going to be less elaborate, less precise, and fewer cuts.

I choked on the nuke anyway. I mean, I didn't see him on my radar. We got to get a shot here. The game's going pretty well. We got 32 kills. We got our Chopper, Compromis [__]. Are you blind? hello theate Kate, that's not the guy. See, there's still someone on the hill. Something meant that he was not there.

OpTic Scump's OVERPOWERED "STRIKER" Class in MW3! Best Striker Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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