News - The #1 "bruen Mk9" Is Powerful Warzone 2. Best Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

The bruan has been a weapon that I really could never get down with here in Modern Warfare 3. It's just the pace of it overall; it's kind of like the raw and the RPG back from Modern Warfare 2. They were just so slow-paced that I really struggled to slow myself down and use them. I found some good game plays with each of them, but they were definitely more War Zone-style weapons.

Just because of the pacing as a whole, I found a build that is still slow for the Breu, but it hits like an absolute truck. Yeah, I don't have anything else to say.

Best class setup

Let's get into it. Starting us off here with an optic, I have the Coro Eagles Ey 2.5 HX. I think one of the mistakes I was making prior was going with Reflex sights, and it felt kind of off or even like trying the iron sights.

best bruen mk9 class

I feel like this optic actually plays a bigger part than I realized because it feels extremely easy to hit my shots with, so you don't have to run this, but I would at least give all my attachments a try and use them with this optic if you want rear grip. I have the STI 40 grip for recoil control at 7% across the board.

It's nothing crazy, but it makes it easier to hit your shots. Nonetheless, now we have a very important attachment with the 60-round mag because you can see the three ticks to the aimed-out side speed sprint to fire speed and another two ticks to the reload quickness movement speed overall. This is just going to speed the weapon up quite a bit, and as I was just referring to, it felt too slow to me.

This is one of those attachments that, if I wasn't running it. I really don't think I'd be able to use the Brewin, but this is a massive increase in handling and mobility for an underbarrel, the brewing, and heavy support CP. I use this on quite a few weapons in the game simply because of the fire aiming stability along with gun kit control and horizontal recoil control.

The Bruin is definitely one of those weapons in this game that has a lot of visual recoil, so when you add on this under Barrel, attach it with the muzzle when we get there in the second. It's extremely important that you give 10% to the gun kick and 12% to the horizontal recoil control, and that final attachment that I was just referring to is a z35 compensated flashhider for even more fire aiming stability.

The Zam compensator and the Brun heavy support CP match up very well together, and it makes it extremely easy to hit your shots and removes virtually all visual recoil. Now there's all of your attachments on the screen, and as always, the Brun has been making its rounds in the war zone. And after making this build, it's not so bad in multiplayer either.

I don't know; maybe the times are changing and maybe I'm turning into a slug and slow type player. Only time will tell if I am getting old, so we'll see there's also the rest of the load out on the screen. I got a game, playay. It's a good one. It's fantastic, One.

Bruen mk9 gameplay

Bruen mk9 gameplay

I hope You guys enjoy I haven't played on estate in a little bit, and it popped up that I'm using a slower-paced weapon in the Bruin, so I figured this could work. The Bruin has never been my cup of tea when it comes to weaponry, just because of how slow-paced it is, but I've made it work in the past, and I'm sure it can work now because I get quite a few requests to cover it, so let's see what we can do with this thing.

I've kind of limited The Recoil as much as I could, and I also chuck the scope on it because it is fairly decent at range. With it being decent at range, I obviously want to limit the recoil as much as possible. Possible, that kind of hurt. I'm unsure, of what this other team is kind of doing, like there's been no presence on the hill until right now; it took him a long time to get there, so let's see if we can push up the map here.

best bruen mk9 class mw3

Incoming: Where the heck did this guy come from, Mr. Wamp Wamp what a name! People come up with some stupid names. I'm getting dogged. I'm getting absolutely freaking dogged. I thought this was going to be a good idea. It's not appearing like it's a good idea. I think it's the play styles of these people; they don't really cooperate with my play style.

Maybe up here I don't know I heard one. Now that I don't hear one, I don't know if we're going to abandon this situation. I see a DOT over here, probably shooting at this teammate; I'm not sure where he went. Wait, sure, I'm going to hit this overhead. What the hell is happening? I'm confused as to where that guy even came from, Enim.

I don't know what he was, just that I think he was trying to stick me with a grenade. Yeah, he was such a weirdo. Rel, look how far away I just spawned my goodness. I mean, at this point, it's like I don't even want to go to the hill. I mean, I'm half a mile away. Contest, he's up. My goodness, give me the spawn; we didn't spawn crap, man.

I have an LMG, and I can't run at it like it's an SMG. You know what I mean when I say it will not work.

the BRUEN MK9 is POWERFUL in MW3! Best Bruen MK9 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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