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Lockwood officially got nerfed in the season 2 reloaded update, but it didn't really get nerfed; it just fixed a barrel that was outputting the improper damage, so the hammer-forged barrel that put out extra pellets is now reduced back to the original six that it's intended to do, meaning there's a new barrel option you guys need to be running personally.

I always felt like this barrel was a better option in general. Just for personal use, of course, but it's a more consistent one-shot kill at range. In my opinion, as long as you are aiming down the sights, this build is primarily focused on being really aggressive and aiming down the sights.

Best class setup

Let's Get into it, starting us off here with the sought-after mod that's going to increase your sprint to fire speed, aiming idle, aim blocking speed, and movement speed.

best class mw3

Sprint to fire speed and movement speed are extremely important when using a shotgun, meaning you can get very up close and personal with people for a bolt. You want the express light bolt that's going to increase your rechambering speed. AKA, your fire rate there, and you can see it increases it by 70%, which is one of the most important attachments to this entire build.

Yes, you want to get a consistent one shot, but if you do end up getting a hit marker, you want the ability to rechamber it very quickly and jump right back into that action for an under Barrel I'm going with the Dr. 6 hand stop to increase the aggression even further, but this time I'm targeting aim-down sight speed along with even more sprint to fire speed and movement speed.

Pair this up with that stock, and you absolutely fly around the map. We're getting an increase of 6% to the ads and an extra 8% to the Sprint to fire speed with this attachment for a muzzle. I like to go with the Bryson choke. There are a lot of muzzles here that you can go with, but personally, I'm going with the Bryson choke on this particular build.

best class setup mw3

I would recommend trying them all out; everybody is different, everybody seems to feel the weapon a little differently, and a lot of them do more or less the same thing. I'm choosing this one because it increases that shotgun spread by 40%. I'm not really into that hip-fire or tag stance because I'm not going to be doing that with this particular build, but I am going to be helping you while you're in ads with that overall shotgun spread, and our final attachment is the Bryson Hammer Forge long barrel.

I just realized I made a mistake. It's actually the bryson longwood Defender heavy long barrel is the one I was talking about when talking about the pellets being off; that's the one that got changed. The Hammer Forge is the one that you do want to run now, so that's going to increase your bullet velocity and damage range.

That's the primary use of this barrel, along with extra down sight speed, but as you can see, it's a 24% increase in the effective damage range with the hammer-forged barrel. Here are all of your attachments. As always, if you guys wanted to copy it down, people used to think I was crazy for thinking that Barrel was good, but I always liked it.

I enjoyed it more than the other barrel. I was just talking about how they gave you more pellets. Whatever, I just always trusted this barrel because the stats told me it was technically better at damage range, which it was and still is. Here's also the rest of the load on the screen. If you guys want to copy that down, let's jump over for a shipment.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

Shipment gameplay

Shipment gameplay

We got the Lockwood. 680, hitas, shipment I'm actually really happy that they brought this iteration back, because I hated the old one. This one, at least, is different. You know what I mean. It's got the frozen; it's got the snow I'm in. Now, they spawned on me. That's so tough. I don't really care what I do here; we're just running around, getting some kills, and making some people angry.

I'm not running my trophy system like I wanted. UAV, I just locked this Hunter bomb in, and I'm cool with it. You know teammates are going, Nuts. I'm pretty upset. I choked the nuke, though I'm going to keep it in a stack I don't think I deserve.

NEW LOCKWOOD 680 CLASS AFTER UPDATE in MW3! Best Lockwood 680 Class Setup -Modern Warfare 3.
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