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Damage range & ads

Damage range & ads

So I just realized I never covered the conversion kit for the Longbow, the Jaa Tyrant 762 Kit. And it makes it a much easier one-shot kill. I still get some weird hit markers, but I figured I'd at least give it a try now. Of course, I'm covering this after it got nerfed. Well, it definitely made the weapon better.

I'm going to keep it a stack. Most of these aftermarket parts are kind of scams; they don't really do anything for the weapons whatsoever; they're a little different, but this Jack Tyrant kit gives it not only the spr iron sights but makes it an extremely easy one-shot kill. Down-sight speed isn't too bad either; let's get into it.

Best class setup

I'm going to start this build with a laser sight, and there's a lot of options here personally. A lot of the fans on the channel know I'm not a fan of those laser sites that shoot out into the sky. Well, like lasers, they're like freaking lightsabers; going into the sky, they're letting everybody know exactly where you're at.

best class mw3

Yeah, they do give you a lot of good things with them. Aim down on sight speed. Sprint to fire speed, but personally, I do like the schogger PE boox IV; it is going to give you 4% there to the aim down sight speed, but it's just my personal preference. You can't choose whichever laser set you want for stock.

I'm going with the no stock because it's going to increase your sprint to fire speed, movement speed, and aim for walking speed. Name down sight speed. Obviously, with a weapon that you have iron sights on, you do need to be aggressive with it. It's not like you're using it like a stereotypical sniper rifle where you're shooting across the map, so increasing the mobility and handling as a whole is going to be quite important for a rear grip.

best class setup mw3

I have the Z3 grip for Sprint to fire speed and aim down sight speed, the same reason we chose the stock. There's nothing crazy in the values like the stock was, but it's an extra 3% to the ads and 18% to the sprint of fire speeds. Yeah. I probably should have started with this attachment, but it's the Jack Tyrant 762 kit or the aftermarket part that increases your max damage range, your overall damage, and your aim-down sight and speed.

There yougo i don't know what else to say; it's an easier one-shot kill, and the stats prove it right there in front of you. I don't know why it increases the aim-down sight speed, which seems a bit odd. But I'm not complaining about it, and our final attachment is Dr. 6 stop just to maximize some of that aggression.

Mobility, aim-down sight speed Add a self-explanatory attachment. There yougo 5% to the ads, 11% to the Sprint to fire speed, feel like I don't need to talk about that if you're going for like a quick scoping iron sight build, definitely an attachment you're going to need, so there's all your attachments.

The thing does look a little funny. Actually, it looks really funny. Kind of just a shotgun SL, assault rifle AK-47, sniper rifle, yeah, there's also the rest of the load out. I'm going to jump into a game over on me because I wanted to run around and be aggressive and have a ton of fun with this thing, which is exactly what I did. As always, let's get into it.

Longbow gameplay

Longbow gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy it. So not only did the longbow conversion kit make this weapon a more reliable one-shot kill, but it also gave it the spr iron sides, of which I'm a big fan. Unfortunately, the thing caught a Nerf before I covered it kind of stinks going, not going to lie, but I'm still going to try to make it work.

I'm going to stay playing aggressive, like I would any other, the lead if I were using the longbow under any other circumstances. Basically, what I was about to say is that I have it built out as fast as I can. Why did they leave? I got four kills, and they left the damn. The only thing I struggle with is that the nerve is kind of messed up with the speed of the weapon.

It's not insane, but it definitely puts a damper on the weapon. It's still, I think, faster than the stock Longbow, so you're kind of like, you'd be dumb to not run what was a headshot hit. Marker didn't think I'd ever see the day I got a headshot. I want to push in there, but I also don't have a UAV.

best longbow class

That's why now I can push. Advanced UAV is in, UAV that was that was silly, that was a little silly, but I'm not actually targeting anything but kills. I'm going to do my best here to lock in a swarm. I'm not waiting; I'm not running a swarm, so it doesn't matter; we're just having fun with it. I got an advanced UAV, so that's a start.

Don't [__] with my team. Wait, maybe I can pick this up. Let's pick this. This Lou guy hunts me; his teammates keep leaving the game, so I kind of feel bad, but at the same time he's using that shotgun, and that's my arch enemy. Let's see if we can lock in 100 kills, though that would be nice. Imagine if I turned on him.

I'm hitting shots, so I'm not mad about that by any means. It's just that if I'm running against a shotgun, it's kind of Bad News Bears. You know what I mean. There is not much I can do against a shotgun. I was going to guess I was wrong

best longbow class mw3

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