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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So far, I have covered quite a few SVA 545 builds here on the channel. I've done one that turned into like an ak74u. SMG i made one with virtually no recoil. I made one where I maximized the damage range. I made the best of all worlds kind of build this one. I wanted to make an aggressive style but also keep the AR tendencies, so it's kind of like an AR and an SMG mixed together into one.

We got a fast aim-down sight speed, pretty good movement speeds, and overall, it's a great attack or a great list of attachments that you guys need to copy down.

Best class setup

Starting us off here with the main V6 stock for recoil control and gun kick control, this is going to give us 21% for the gun kick and 9% for the horizontal and vertical recoil control at no sacrifice to our aim-down sight speed, so we're not slowing that category down for the rear grip.

best class mw3

I have the cadal, grip. This is going to give you gun kick control, aiming down sight speed, and recoil control. This is the perfect attachment for this style of build because not only are we gaining that 10% of the gun kick speed to the vertical and horizontal recoil control but also an extra 9% tack on there to the aim down sight speed over here to an underbarrel, we have the x10.

Phantom five-hand stop that's going to give you sprint to fire speed. We're already making up for what was lost with the stock aim down side speed and then even more recoil control. The big one here is going to be those ads and sprint to fire speed, but we are gaining 4% to the gun kick, 5% to the vertical recoil control, then that 9% to the down sight speed, and 8%.

best class setup mw3

To the sprint to fire speed for a Muslim going with the ZM compensated flash high, I did want to control some of that visual recoil since I'm not going with any fire-aiming stability attachments. This is where the Z compensator is going to come in; it gives us some more recoil control, but of course, and more importantly, that fire aiming stability is going to keep the weapon much more steady, and our final attachment here is going to turn it into that aggressive style of assault rifle.

SL SMG is the SVA 5 short barrel; it's going to give you aim walking speed, aim walking steadiness, and overall movement speed, so I'm going to hide my screen here so you can see what we're gaining. You can see we are gaining movement at 4%. Crouch movement speed is at 8%, and then ads movement speed, a.k.a., strafe speeds, is at 10%, so that's just going to increase your overall aggression.

I'm going to consider this something like a small map or medium map kind of build, not one you want to bring to a massive map like Invasion or Afghan. But a map or a weapon you want to bring to a map, like meat or Rio, is going to benefit this weapon really well because of the overall movement and the fast aim-down sight speed, but it still has the potential to take those medium-range fights that suit those kinds of maps, so definitely aim for those kinds of maps when trying this thing out.

As always, there's the rest of the load out on the screen. For me, we're going to jump into gameplay to feature the aggressive SVA, 545.

Sva 545 gameplay

Sva 545 gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy it, so I already made it like an SMG, Ak74u style, SVA 545. What I did with this one is. I kind of combined the two; I took an increase in the aim down side speed, made it fast, but also, at the same time, kept some assault rifle-like behavior: changing, getting contact, requesting air support, enem lead pulling me out, scaring me.

I'm going back up top. I messed up. I don't want to say I took the wrong approach, but I also messed up the approach. I don't want to leave this right now while my swarm's out. I've talked about this before: if you die while the swarm is out, it actually really screws you because the swarm just kind of dies.

I never understood it, but it's just how it

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