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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

So after gaining a lot of knowledge from Sledgehammer Gam last season explaining what some of those hidden statistics do, basically fire aiming stability is where I've taken a lot of note with a lot of my builds because it's the shake or visual recoil on the weapons and it's much easier to control the weapons when there is no shake.

It's more or less predictable, recoil control, so with the WSP Swarm, as you guys can see, the fire range is right now. The recoil control is pretty predictable; obviously, it's not a weapon you want to use at long range, but for medium-range gunfights, it's very easy. Your shots with this particular setup So let's get into it.

Best class setup

best class mw3

We start here with a stock of the FSS Fortress Heavy Pro for gun kick control, recoil control, and fire aiming stability. It's all of that recoil control that we're gaining here; it's a massive 28% of the gun kick and 14% to the horizontal in vertical recoil control. A massively important part of this build is this stock, and of course we are gaining fire aiming stability, which is that visual recoil I was just referring to for the rear grip.

The Marauder grip is for fire aiming stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. I think you can see the approach of this particular build. There's going to be a lot of recoil attachments, just like this one. This one's got 10% to the gun kick and 7% to the horizontal and vertical recoil controls for a magazine.

I like to use the 50-round mag, and as always, it's a preference. You can use whatever one you want here. You can go with the stock 30; you can go with the 100; you can go with the 40; it doesn't matter to me. Choose whichever one you want over the underbarrel, the bruan, the heavy support grip, or the broken record attachment here on the channel.

I love this thing because of the gun kick control, aiming to sway horizontal recoil control, and fire aiming stability. This underbarrel is perfect, in my opinion. I wish it didn't take away down-sight speed, but in order to have no recoil, you are going to have to make some sacrifices. This gives you 11% of the gun kick control and 12% of the horizontal recoil control, and another broken record attachment is a Zam compensated flash hider for vertical recoil control, horizontal recoil control, and fire aiming stability.

All of these attachments are kind of a broken record when you think about it because they're all doing more or less the same thing, but with all of them together, this thing is super easy to use. There are all of your attachments on the screen. If you guys didn't get a chance to copy those down, I highly recommend you do.

I know the WSB storm is one of the more popular weapons here in Modern Warfare 3, so if you're running around on meat dos house shipment, whatever you're running around on, this is going to be my best build for you guys, and as always, there's the whole load out, so make sure you guys copy that down as well.

For me, let's jump over into some gameplay. I hope you guys enjoy it.

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