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Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

I'm going to be honest; I've been super excited to cover the Tempest Razer since I discovered a setup I really, really enjoy. In fact, this isn't even my setup. I picked it up off of the ground, copied down the attachments, and said, Holy crap, this thing is fun. I mean, it's got a fast fire rate, really low recoil, and it's good at close range, medium range, and in some cases, even long range.

I don't know why this one's not talked about more; it's kind of on the same scale as the M13 B. In my opinion, both of those are some of the top MW2 weapons here in MW3, so definitely copy these down. If you're an M3B fan, you're definitely going to be a fan of this.

Best class setup

starting us off here with the Jack Glassless Optics This is going to give you that fire aiming stability, aka visual recoil control, and of course it's just a normal reflex site; it's not a 100% necessary attachment, but that fire aiming stability is important, and I do like the site as a whole, so use what you want here.

best class mw3

It's a preference, of course, but I do really like the glassless optic here. For a rear grip, we have the ERG X1, and for recoil control and gun kick control, it is self-explanatory. Overall, it's going to make it easier to hit your shots, especially at range 7% straight across the board with all of your recoil controls, so just like the M13, B, I'm going with the 45-round mag.

Fast fire rate matched up with higher ttk; extra bullets are necessary. And I found that, you know, when I was going with a 30-round mag. I was dying a lot more because I was constantly reloading, so normally I would call this a preference, but I definitely recommend going with the 45-round mag here or an underbarrel, the Brewing heavy support grip R attachment that basically always gets used on the channel.

best class setup mw3

I'm not surprised, of course, and I'm sure none of you are surprised. It gives you fire aiming stability, which is visual recoil control orizontal, recoil control aiming at a way, and gun kick control, one of my favorites under barrels in the game overall. Yeah, sacrifices aim down sight speed, but the gain towards your visual recoil along with other recoil controls just far outweighs the cons.

In my opinion, you got 10% for the gun kick and 12% for the horizontal recoil control. Speaking of broken records, the Z-compensated flash hider. I think they should just rename this the salty compensated flash hider because I don't really use a different muzzle at this point. The best one of the games doesn't need to be talked about because it gives you vertical and horizontal recline control and more fire-aiming stability.

You know I'm serious; should they change that? muzzle to the salty compensated flash, Hider, I think they should. I know no one's going to watch this like Call of Duty, but if you see this Call of Duty, give it a Zam. Put salty as always. There's an entire loadout on the screen. As always, let's get into a game.

You can see what I'm going to call it. The M13 B Jr. AKA The Tempest Razer back can do it in game.

Tempus razorback gameplay

Tempus razorback gameplay

I hope you guys enjoy it. Okay, so as I stated in the intro, I'm actually really excited to cover the Tempest Razer back here because it's kind of like the M13, Junior; it's not as good. I've been using it a bit. I might have said it was similar, but I don't think it's as good as the M13 B.

Now, that doesn't make it bad because, in my opinion, the M3B is actually one of the best weapons in the world. This guy is running at me. Okay, this other team is very aggressive, and I dig it. It actually suits my weapon really well; it's not SMG levels of aggressive, but it's a very good aggressive AR, that's for dang sure, so I'm going to hit around the back here.

I need to maybe flip the spawns out for us for the next objective, but my teammates also have to die for that to happen. I think no; I don't think we got him. I think I'm going to get spawned somewhere. I'm just going to lay down. Here, yeah, see how none of my teammates died. Okay, they're we did get spawns.

best mw3 class

We did get them. That's why I backed all the way up because of how the spawn system works. You have to play it. Loading, fresh compromised, I still can't push that. I'm not pushing that angle again with the sniper. There, he's still there. It's not worth it. I want them to push through, though I don't know if they're going.

Yep, I saw the sniper scope. I'm playing that perfectly. That's not an engagement I want unless I get into their spawn, which I am considering all things.

the HIDDEN FASTEST KILLING META in MW3! Best Tempus Razorback Class Setup Modern Warfare 3. Timecodes.
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