News - The New "dg-58 Lsw" Class Is Deadly Warzone 2. Best Class Setup

Recoil pattern

Recoil pattern

During my article where I covered the Bruin MK9 IID, I mentioned I was struggling to build out a setup for the dg58. LSW, and obviously, if I'm making a article, I have found a setup. What I did was actually keep it very similar to the bruan. I kept it true to the LMG tenets. It's pretty slow but has low recoil and is good at damage range.

It's just a weapon you want to use to make sure you're slowing down and not getting into aggressive close-range gunfights, and that's where you're going to find the most success getting us started here with an optic I of the Coro Eagles, 2.5x.

Best class setup

In this particular case, when I'm running an LMG or possibly a marksman rifle that's very good at long-range fights.

best class mw3

I do like to run a magnified scope, and the Coro Eagle's eye just happens to be my favorite. I would recommend choosing whatever your favorite magnified optic is and using that fory stock. We have the recoil reduction buttplate, which is pretty simple here. You want to reduce the recoil in order to make it easier to take farther-range fights, and you do gain a lot here.

19% there was a gun kick. 12% of the vertical and horizontal recoil controls for a rear grip; we have the varus steady grip for fire aiming stability. Gun kick control and recoil control are the same reasons we chose the stock, but not on such a large scale. One thing we are gaining is fire aiming stability, which is going to be the visual shake or visual recoil on the weapon, so we got 10% there for the gun kick and 7% for the horizontal and vertical recoil control.

best class setup mw3

Like I said, it's not on a larger scale than the stock, but at the same time, it is necessary for your farther-range fights for an underbarrel. I'm going with the Brewin pivot vertical grip here for gun kick control, vertical recoil control, aiming idle sway, and then more fire aiming stability. As you guys know, normally I'm a big fan of the Breu and heavy support grip here, but at the same time, this weapon kicks vertically much more than it kicks horizontally, so the Brewing pivot vertical grip just did a better job.

in my opinion we got 15% of the gun kick in 12% to the vertical recoil control in the final attachment is the z35, compensated flash hider for vertical and horizontal recoil control along with even more fire aiming stability so the fire aiming stability like I said controls that visual recoil so when you match that up with the muzzle the under barrel, and the rear grip it tends to have no visual Shake whatsoever, and of course that vertical and horizontal recoil control 5% of the horizontal 15% of the vertical it's going to help you even further with farther range fights.

I truly do struggle with slow-paced weapons, like in my game plays. I always post where I'm doing very well, but more often than not. I tend to struggle because I don't know how to slow down a little bit of an ADHD thing where I just want to sprint at a ton of gunfights. But I always get asked to cover slower-pace weapons like this one, so for those lower-pace players, this is a very good setup, just maybe not for me.

You know. I'm thinking about it, and I was just talking about how I struggle with these things, but I actually got my best gameplay to date with this particular weapon in the gameplay you are about to watch, so maybe I am just turning into an old band and slower-paced weapons are my cup of tea. I don't know; I'm going to let you guys watch it.

You can see how the weapon performs, and you can see how I kind of contradict myself. Like I said, this is my best gameplay to date with this particular weapon. Let's get into it.

Dg-58 lsw gameplay

Dg-58 lsw gameplay

enjoy I'm not going to stay on this weapon for too long; it's the DG58. LSW, I talked about how the Bruin was not my pace of weapon; now this one is the exact same; I can't stand. It is slower than the bruan. I will say that it hits pretty hard, but it's just not my pace. I struggle to keep my pace slow, if you know what I mean.

So when you have a weapon like the bruan and the dg58, with me being such a fast player, I do find my genuine struggles. Holy, I'm kind of twisting and twirling at the moment. I just have to watch my back. Of course, there's a guy up there; Perfect already has a Hilo, so if I can get this swarm, that's the W for me.

best dg 58 lsw class

I'm not going to harp on this thing either, Long, but if they're going to keep lining up for me like this, I mean, I shouldn't have too much trouble. It does have a lot of bullets. Advanced UAV, is it? That's unfortunate; they must have spawned there, but we're spawning next. I'm going to need a team to play this hill so I can get aggressive and try to get this swarm to.

As stated, it does hit hard, so it's not the hardest task for me to get kills with. That was kind of stressful. I'm going to be honest, because this is not a great Hill weapon; it's just not; it's a better-like pickoff people weapon if that correlates at all; it's a long-range pickoff people's typical style of lmg, not get up in their face kind of thing.

Kia Okay, I'm just keeping them back. I'm going to try to rack up as many kills as possible. I didn't expect this. I mean, this is a weapon that does take me quite a while to actually record with because, again, it's like the Bruin, not my style.

the NEW DG-58 LSW Class is DEADLY in MW3! Best Class Setup Modern Warfare 3.
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