News - This New Warzone 2 Update & Free Reward Event Is A Bit Different. All New Changes



The new MW3 update and free reward event are a bit different. We'll go through the added changes coming very soon and much more in today's article.


and chat with us for GM if you need cheap C points, rare unlock codes, mastery camos, and much more. There's a bunch of stuff over there.

Valentine␙s day themed operator bundles

Contrary to popular belief in this game, today there's a separate event that we'll talk about, but we do have a lot of Valentine's Day bundles, and I saw this tweet breaking down a bunch of the past bundles for the past couple years for this holiday.

The first one is the MW19. Valentine's, slay, bundle, and it's kind of cool to see the evolution of bundles here, back from that game in 2019. I guess this released 2020 some decent cosmetics there, then we have the next year, of course, the Cold War top secret admire bundle with some weapon blueprint cosmetics, as well as the Vanguard one the next year.

Heartbreaker. For a lot more C points, you can see the price going up over time with operator skin weapon blueprints as well as other cosmetics here in MW 2's last year. Tracer pack ballistic love with an operator skin weapon blueprints, other cosmetics, and of course this year's bundle Cupid's Arrow, same price, 2400 C points, an operator skin, and two weapon blueprints.

How has the evolution of bundles been here? Did you prefer the bundles from the previous games? What is your favorite Valentine's Day bundle from the bunch here? But enough for today's update in MW3. We have a bunch of new playlists here. I'll just break down all of them.

New mw3 multiplayer updates added today

New mw3 multiplayer updates added today

It's the 10 V10 Mosh Pit still here. The small map of MH Pit is here as well. Snipers only now in the game, we have a new version of Hord Point Hellhound, Pound, which is going to tie into the Horde Hunt event, which I'll talk about in a second departure. 24/7 is new as well, replacing Stash House, and then we still have Team Gun: War Mode.

Gunfight. Ground War. Invasion. But of course the hellhound one is a bit interesting because if you go to the event tab here, you'll see we have a new section to grind for a dogs of hell calling card. You have to kill hellhounds and get 300 of their skulls, and of course you can find hellhounds in MW3.

Zombies, and. I think. Fortun Keep as well, but of course you're going to see a lot of hellhounds in the new Hellhound Hord Point mode, which we'll probably see some gameplay of in the background of this article. Overall, there is a slight variation if you guys still need armor zombie kills as well, which I definitely need a lot of.

Still, you could still go to MW3, zombies, and I'm pretty sure they still spawn in the new hellhound mode as well. It's just more focused on hellhounds for this. You know, this is a new step in the event, and the last one here is going to be cursed, Ammo. It looks like it kills here, so we'll talk about that when it does release.

I guess next week there. Overall, a pretty cool event is still ongoing, but the new event that just went live today is the crypted boot camp event.

New cryptid bootcamp event: free rewards & all challenges

New cryptid bootcamp event: free rewards & all challenges

This one's actually a bit interesting. Let's break down all the challenges and rewards we're getting. So the first one here is a weapon sticker. Get 20 operator kills with throwing knives.

We have the calling card here. Get 50 one-shot, one-kill operator kills with a sniper. We have a charm. get 40 operator kills the Marksman rifle conversion aftermarket part equipped while using the threat, identification, system, and stalker boots perks. Okay, pretty long one there. We have a calling card.

Get two operator kills with a shotgun or melee weapon in one life 15 times. We have an emblem here. Get 75 operator kills with a suppressor equipped while using the ghost TV camo perk. We have a large decal. Get 20 enemy equipment, kill streaks, or Storm Ender weapons. We have an emblem here. Get 20 operator melee kills while in Smoke, and then a camo as well.

modern warfare 3

get 75 operator kills while using the covert sneakers and black flashlight perks. Those are all the MP challenges, and at the end, you'll get this mastery-crypted weapon blueprint for The Sidewinder again. They love this weapon; apparently, it's a pretty cool color scheme. The blue, the green, and, I guess, the navy blue/black as well, are pretty solid looks.

I don't know why they picked this weapon, though, but it is what it is there, and of course you could do the zombie challenges as well if you want. You could interchange, so for the same weapon sticker, get 120 zombie kills with throwing knives, and for the Callon card, get 10 special zombie critical kills.

Sniper rifles for the charm destroy three Harvester orbs for the same colon card to get 50 hellhound kills with shotguns; for the same emblem, get 100 zombie kills while using the ether shroud large decal; get 75 brain-rot zombie kills. Same emblem, eliminate five big Bounty targets with mystery box weapons, and for the same Universal Camo, kill three Abominations, and you'll get that same Mastery weapon blueprint as well.

I feel like the zombie challenges are much easier and more doable than the MP ones. I guess it depends on how you play and what lobbies you get into, but for me. I think it's a bit cool that we're getting a universal camo and a weapon blueprint as well, just to mix things up here, and of course sometimes events have only a weapon blueprint or a universal camo, so giving us both is a dW.

Now, is it the best camo or weapon blueprint? probably not, but it is still cool to see.

New mw3 multiplayer & zombies update changes releasing

New mw3 multiplayer & zombies update changes releasing

I like the color scheme overall; the blue Vibe really isn't too bad overall, and of course, in my article yesterday. I went through a bunch of new patch note changes for Global. MP, and zombies, but there's some new issues popping up here in the game that they will break down right now. We have a fixed scheduled for a global issue.

The spare rips bundle blueprint visuals, not appearing as intended, so that's the blueprint where you have the actual, you know, ribs or skeleton bones inside the weapon to really cool bundle honestly, but I guess it's not working like it should, so that's going to be fixed very soon. There we have saving a custom mod that removes certain camos from a weapon, and then we have the Jack Tyrant 762 conversion kit for the Longbow, which allows magazine, ammunition, and bolt attachments when it should not be okay for multiplayer; known issues here after infill field of view can be set higher than expected.

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