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Here is what happens when you get to containment level 100. I.E tier 10 in mod 3 Zombies right now for those of you who don't know containment levels are a new exciting feature that's come to mod 3 Zombies since season 2 reloaded, and it basically adds another layer of grinding and brings some cool new perks.

If you're playing the game regularly and doing well, you'll have some good bonuses in the game, like starting with more Essence, discounts on buying things like perks, weapons, and Pack-a-Punch, and even earning bonus cash from contracts.

Mw3 zombies containment levels

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If you're looking to permanently unlock the new monifer 3 Mastery camos or play in bot lobbies to max out your guns and unlock camos quickly or get your hands on an instant delivery, pre-made account then be sure to check out Mitch cactus. Basically, the better you do games consistently without dying, the more perks you'll have, except this time you don't lose them all at once if you die; it's a bit fairer, and getting to certain containment levels earns you cool perks like, starting with more money, getting armor plate discounts on buying things, and getting cash from contracts.

Now, containment levels are unique to each Strike Team operator, so if you think you might die before the start of a game, you can always swap to another one. You'll need to go up to 100 with each character to get the perks for that character, so let's quickly talk about what each of the containment level tiers is and what you get from them, and then we'll talk about how to maintain your levels and how to earn these levels as fast as possible to get these benefits.

Containment level perks mw3 zombies

Containment level perks mw3 zombies

so starting out with have tier one and for this you need to only be at containment level two if you get to this tier you're going to start with 500 Essence in the game so it's a nice bonus to have makes it a little bit easier, to buy things at the start of the game with minimal effort so it always makes it easier at the start which is good if you get up to containment level five you're going to reach tier two and that's going to allow you to start with five armor plates in a game I really like this.

It's easier to maintain your health. You get a nice stash of plates at the start of the game. It's just always easier, which is good for moving up to containment. Level eight, you're going to get to Tier three, and this allows you to start with a bonus of 2,000 Essence at the start of the game, and this is an even better bonus to help you towards buying perks weapons.

containment level mwz

That kind of thing, if you're able to go forward even more to containment level 12, you're going to get to tier 4, and that's going to allow you to get a 30% discount, off perk machine, cost, so perks normally cost about 2,000 Essence with that discount you're going to bring all the way down to 1,400 Points for a perk, so a nice discount really simple and it makes buying everything a lot cheaper then at tier five or containment level 20 you're going to start with, 1500 Essence And again, this is starting to get really good now in terms of the bonus, and if you get to containment level 30, you're going to get to T-six, which is going to give you a 30% contract Essence reward, so basically a 30% bonus on all the money you earn from contracts.

earn containment levels mw3

With tier-one contracts, you're normally going to earn 2, 000 points, but this is going to bump that up to 2, 600. For tier 2 contracts, you normally earn $3, 000; this is going to get you $3,900. And for Tier 3 contracts, you normally get 5, 000 Essence, but this bumps it up to 6, 500. So just think 6,500 from doing one deliver cargo contract in the Tier 3 zone is insane, so you can easily earn a lot more money, which is great, and if you just think about it, with this bonus, you pretty much earn 4, 000 points from a Tier 2 contract, which is not far off what the original amount you earn from Tier 3 contracts is; it's only about 1, 000 off, so getting a lot better than they were at the start of the game, but moving on, if you get to containment level 40 or Tier 7, you're going to start with 2, 500.

Essence, and this is even better because you can get like a free kill streak like a Sentry turret or perk something like that right away at the start of the game with no hassle. If you keep going and get to containment level 50, you're going to reach tier eight, and this is going to get you 50% off the mystery box cost.

fastest way to earn containment levels

Now, I don't really use the mystery box that often, as I normally just use the weapon I spawn with. I'm sure a lot of people will do the same thing, but this is kind of an interesting new concept because with a 50 percent discount, it's wild; obviously, it brings the cost down from 950. Essence all the way down to 475.

So you can get double the number of weapons with the same amount of money or double the number of tries, and this makes getting a random weapon in the game more viable. It also makes it easier to unlock new DLC weapons easily in mod 3. Zombies, as you get double the number of chances to find the weapon you want, and if you find a new DLC weapon that you've yet to unlock in the mystery box, equip it Xill, and then you can instantly unlock it without having to do the challenge, so it makes it a lot easier for things like that, and definitely.

get containment level 100

I think I'll be trying this more often now that I've got that perk. At containment level 75, you're going to hit Tier 9, and this is going to allow you to start with a whopping 5, 000. Essence, so it's a massive cash bonus. Every time you spawn in for that amount of money, you can get a couple of kill streaks at the start of the game, several perks, a free self-revive, or even a pack-a-punch level one for free without having to do any contracts.

And speaking of Pack-a-Punch, the final tier is going to get you an awesome discount off Pack-a-Punch your weapons. We'll talk about that now. So at containment level 100, or reaching tier 10, you're going to get a 20% discount off Pack-a-Punch. The cost doesn't sound like a lot, but it does make a difference.

So at level one. Pack-a-Punch used to cost 5, 000 with this bonus; it's now only 4, 000; at level two, it would cost 10, 000 and now only 8, 000; and then at level three, it would cost 15, 000 in the Tier 3 Zone, but now it's only going to cost 12, 000. With this discount and this bonus being permanent, don't forget, so while you have this tier unlocked, it means you can get a discount every single time you pack and punch your weapon.

THIS is What Happens At Max Containment Level - Fastest Way To Get Containment level 100 MW3 Zombies.
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