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So today we're going to be talking about the season 2 reload. As you guys know, season 2 reload is going to be primarily focused on zombies. I mean, we got so much content coming into Zombies for season 2 Reload is absolutely insane. One of the main things on which we're going to be focusing is in the dark ether.

Now in the dark ether, we're going to have a whole bunch of content coming into the dark ether, especially since we got the new reef. Now, before we get into the article, we're going to show you guys some dark ether gameplay right here because we want you guys to actually get great in the dark ether now, as you can see right here.

It was so many of us right here playing on the dark ether and on the red zone, so before we get into the red zone part, how did we even get all this loot before we got to the dark ether? We're going to go ahead and show you guys the game play in the dark ether before we talk about the red zone. Now all these images right here are pretty much from season 2 reload.

dark aether tips

As you can see, we got the mimic, we got a new Mangler, and we got the new operator skins for this Mangler. I believe we have a buff. I think The Mangler and Mimik got a buff. I think they're not going to be as easy as they were right now, and then right here, as you can see, this is. I believe, a new contract that we're going to be doing in the new dark ether, and then right here are some of the areas that you're going to see now in the Unown event.

That basically pops up in the area is going to be the new Rift that you're going to be going to, which is going to be absolutely insane, so Modern Warfare 3 season 2 reload is going to be absolutely epic. Now the point about this article is: how do we get prepared for season one reload? I'm going to show you guys how we even got to this point and how we met out with these people because we were jumping here solo, so we're going to be showing you guys the Red Zone part of this article after the dark ether because the new content is going to be all about the dark ether and the new reef.

how to prepare for zombies season 2 reloaded

So first things first, once you get up here, throw that Decco grenade to get the zombies distracted, activate the extractor, and get on the ledge right here. Drop down right here; once you get in there, you're going to go ahead and use your second decoy grenade, and then you're going to run in here.

This is why you're going to have another decoy grenade. By the way, you guys are going to see in my stash in my backpack that I'm going to have the LT 53 actually in there. We're going to have about four right here. Once I get here, I already throw my second Decco grenade. Now I'm going to go to my stash, and as you can see, since this guy already activated this one, I don't need to use my LT503.

Normally, I'll throw my L253 right there, but we're going to go ahead and use it on this one right here. You drop down on this one, and then you're going to go ahead and throw one down right here, and that is it, you guys mission complete. Now that you can do this with a group, you can do it solo.


Now I wanted to go ahead and show you guys that regardless of whether you want to do a solo, you do the same thing the same way, with similar steps. Now you guys are going to notice a few things about this article. Once you keep watching the article, almost all of us already have a dog with us, so if you don't have the dog bone, right here, by the way, I got a dog bone as well, one of my drops.

If you guys don't have the dog bone, I will show you guys another way to get the dog fast and easily. That's all going to be on the second part of the article, which is going to be right when we're doing the rested zone, so first, once you complete the first objective right here, we're going to go ahead and climb up here, and you're going to see the bus right here.

On this bus, you're going to see The Second Contract. Again, if you guys already know a lot of this stuff, remember, it's all about speed, and it's all about, you know, finesse and how you can actually manage through the Red Zone and how you can manage through the dark ether. The new content is going to be all about strategy and how you can go ahead and manage and have as much preparation before you jump into the match.

modern warfare 3 zombies

Now we're going to get into that after we go ahead and complete all these objectives right here, because we're going to show you guys how we got to this point. Now I have all the loot that I need to have to actually come to the dark ether, so once you come here if you're doing this solo, I do recommend you guys putting a sentry gun right here.

This is one of the new strategies that I've been using. I'm putting a sentry gun right there when we're doing the Outlast contract. The reason is because this is going to help me, actually. Complete that contract fast and easily. You don't need it. I've done it without it, and I've done it with it now.

The reason why I put it in there is because if you had the dog and you had a sentry gun, it's almost impossible for you to actually die. Last but not least is the most hard contract that you're going to get right here; this one is the escort. The ACV, so as you guys can see, none of the other guys were actually located on any of the contracts.


I'm not sure if they knew where some of these contracts were, but I was, you know, moving fast and easy trying to get to the actual location. If you guys don't want to mess around when you go to this area because you don't want to die, you got to be careful. So another thing we are actually going to be running is a sentry gun, so you got that guy to put two sentry guns on the ACV.

I was going to pull another one, but it didn't fit, so what I did was run ahead of time, like ahead, and I placed my sental gun over there, and then, after you complete that section, you can actually pick up your sental gun, carry it with Sho, and take it to the next location, because this tank is going to be moving now.

This is just the regular D eater, but you can do the same thing in the Elder. Dark eer, you know what I'm saying. By using the Elder SE now on my left side, you see the turret right, so basically, if you have an ammo mod Circle board, you can just go ahead and activate that. I didn't want to, you know.

mw3 season 2 reloaded

I feel like I didn't need it, so we didn't use it, but the whole point of this article is that as long as you actually learn how to navigate to the dark ether fast and easily by doing it either solo or by doing it with some people, you can go ahead and complete the new, new content that we're going to be getting.

Today we going to be looking at how you can get ready and prepare for the new MW3 season 2 Reloaded in zombies and everything you need to be ready before heading there. I appreciate all the support lately. Thanks everyone! Jithegamer, check my previous video.
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