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Coming to Modern Warfare Zombies this week. March 6, 2024, we have a brand new Act Four Story Mission new dark ether Rifts with a brand new dark ether area just like what season 1 reloaded, a brand new warlord Caris, and three brand new pretty damn cool schematics that will be earnable. Via this brand new dark ether, today I'm going to very briefly explain everything that's going on, from exactly what's new that we know about to what to expect in the update and future updates for Modern Warfare Zombies.

So the content, Warfare Zombies, has been very dry lately, and I know even I have not been playing as much, and that has been for a couple of reasons, so real quick. The reason I haven't been uploading is because my grandfather passed away as well as because I've been sick. Those two situations have just about ironed themselves out, so now we can move forward with regularly scheduled content as well as with streams.

Daily Twitch streams will be restarting very soon. So now that that's out of the way and we're back.

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Let's move on.

New dark aether act 4 story mission

New dark aether act 4 story mission

As I stated earlier, there will be a brand new story mission within Modern Warfare zombies with this season 2 reloaded update coming on Wednesday. They say that the story continues for Operation Deadbolt in season 2 reloaded; the dark ether is closing in again, and it's bringing new enemies with it.

We're going to have to confront the anomaly and enter the dark ether once more, and they also gave us a kind of teaser trailer over on Twitter today. I'll put that on the screen now, but they go on to say that Operation Deadbolt is tasked with investigating a new anomaly in the next Modern Warfare zombie story.

bloodburner key schematic

Mission Terminus outcomes are becoming bolder, and you have followed your squad into the dark ether. Lean on your expert guide. Sergey Renov to assess the situation, defeat the mercenaries, and survive the dark ether, so we're going to have some mercenaries in the dark ether. Now it seems like we have a kind of different version of the mimic as well; it's not a new version because they already said that there's not going to be any new bugs or anything like that in a dev interview, but there's going to be like a modified version of the mimic.

Maybe it seems not really sure everything is just probably dark etherified, but the one thing you will notice about screenshots and gameplay is that this is again a brand new area within the dark ether. This is not the same dark ether area as we had in the season 1 reloaded update, which is even more awesome because not only do we get a new update with some new content and new schematics, but we also get a brand new area to explore, and if you guys know me, you know I love the dark ether area so much.

gulf war zombies

It's gorgeous, and it's just a reskin. With the dark ether Sky Box too, which is the coolest part is that they got me on that aesthetics are a huge thing in zombies and it's something that has been missing for a while, and I think they nailed it with the Sky Box at least in this dark ether, but real quick summing this up after completing the new Story Mission, a fresh dark ether Rift experience awaits.

Keep your eyes open, follow the cryptic clues, and complete the time test to unlock access to the rift gates once inside, complete challenges, and survive to earn coveted rewards like the blood burner key and more. So these brand new schematics, the blood burner key mags of holding, and the vr11. Schematic, those will all be earned kind of through this dark ether area, similar to the way that we had schematics earnable within season 1 reloaded.

Update now the challenges that we have to do within the dark ether are going to be different, and you have to keep in mind that within the season 1 reloaded update, we had to first make sure we activated the Act 4 mission, and this is going to be the same. This is going to be added right on to Act 4, and we're going to select this Act 4 mission.

We're going to go into the game; we'll go into a portal, and then we'll more than likely have to do something within this portal, and then we'll come back out into the main map, allegedly. This is according to some leaks; we don't know if this is 100% true. We'll have to do another mini Easter egg similar to the key and the pill bottle right from the season one reloaded Easter egg.

We'll have to do another mini Easter egg like that to then open the rift gate for this other dark ether area, and then once that rift gate is open, we'll be able to get and earn these new schematics through whatever processes or challenges they may have for us there, but again, we're pretty excited about that format.

A lot has not failed since season 1 reloaded, so why go back and do something different? Give us a new dark ether area, which they did with a new set of challenges.

Keres warlord

Keres warlord

Bing bada boom, we're good. Next up, the new warlord. Caris still don't know how to pronounce its name but I don't even care anymore about these Warlords, we will go over it real quick a deadly and Elusive chemical warfare specialist Caris is set to challenge even the most prepared squads.

Those brave enough to face her will find her in Kill Housee at Orav Military Base, so I believe that's either the top right or the top left of the map. Come prepared and approach with extreme caution. Expect her fortress to be well defended by soldiers. Sniper-turret traps, poison gas grenades, and gas masks are highly recommended.

keres warlord mwz

Okay, so this is cool. They're adding another dynamic. I think we already had this information, but it's just been so long since I even cared that I'm now going over it again, so yeah, this is okay. This is nice. I mean. I don't care too much about the Warlords, but it's cool that they're adding different ways to add them in; it's not just that you go to this area and you have to just do the same thing as the original warlord, right?

There's different ways and different things going on, like with Doab, you have the drones. This one is going to be kind of poison-based and gas-based, which is really cool, but the last part just says breaching. The Fortress is only the first hurdle inside a new gas compound spread throughout the facility, disrupting multiple sensors and thermal weapons.

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