News - The Jak Burnout Amp Is Fire (warzone 2 Zombies)


This aftermarket part shoots so fast that the barrel actually catches fire, so let's see how it does with zombies. This aftermarket part is the Jack burnout kit for the Hoger 556, lmg, and before we get into all the testing against every tier of zombie Omega abomination in the storm CER Here's the build that I'm using for it.

pretty, Well, and I just love that little flame effect you get on the barrel; it's so nice. I just hope it does well once we get this thing upgraded all right in against Tier 2 zombies. Can it handle them? It looks like it Yeah, it takes about 60 bullets or something to take out one Light Armored zombie in Tier 2.

I've definitely seen worse. At least this can still take out some zombies here. How's it doing against some Tier 3 zombies? Let's throw a decoy for my own safety. Let's start shooting at a light-armored one, because I don't see a fully-armored one in this mega-abomination. He wants to take me out.

I didn't really see a whole lot of damage there, but sometimes you'd be surprised that some of these unupgraded UNP Pack-a-Punch weapons can actually deal damage to Tier 3 zombies. But now that that's out of the way, let's go ahead and upgrade this to Legendary. Get it to pack three and activate All My Perks.

holdger 26 aftermarket part

I also brought in the new schematic for the mag of holding that I want to test out later, but first I just want to see how this does with the normal mag because it looks like this doubles; it goes from 100 rounds in the mag to 200 with 750. Reserve. That's not terrible. It's taking these zombies out in like two shots.

Well, let's go ahead and give this a trial run against some bounty because I need to earn some cash for some perks. All right, disciple, where are you hiding? There you are. What's our doing against you? So far, not a whole lot has waited; I just needed the mask to break. Look at that! What a helpful little guy! Actually, you know what?

This thing's already pretty maxed out. Let me grab the perks that I can, and we'll go find an Abomination so we'll get Jug. And. PhD, holy [__] I think the hats knocking something over it scared the [__] out of me, and I don't know if anyone else sees this or if I'm just going crazy, but every single time I come to Tier 3, there's a sentry gun just placed underground, like right here.

jak burnout

Is there like an underground stronghold or something I don't know about because it's there every time and it gets Tier 3 zombies? I don't need to advertise with it, and I have no liking for hip-fire attachments; that's nasty, and it looks like our boy over here is wanting to try it out too. Let's go on Abomination, shoot your laser, and let's start this out strong.

Nope, you're charging there. You go that's what I'm talking about: already one head gone, eliminated. How much damage do we do? That's already a decent amount, if you could just stop chasing me. That would be great. There's the laser; let's take out the middle. Head, it tanked it for a second there, but we got it down.

jak burnout amp

I just need one more from you, buddy. There you go. Hopefully, this will be Right here, his health is draining fast. Can we get it to break? Nope didn't break, but he should be dead right about now. Nope still has a lot of health. Hold on there, you go sit down, that wasn't too bad, or the zombies try to avenge him all right, storm caller, you're next where you are, buddy.

Did somebody get to the storm caller before I did? I'm not seeing him; he was just hiding. He's a little scared. I don't blame him. Hold on, let me reload so we can get a full mag test on him. How long does it take for you to break your mask? Hold on, decoy, and stop healing. Knock it off. The mask is broken and starting to chunk away at his health.

His posture is too zombie-like. You need to step. Back, already got him to half health, honestly, this is kind of tearing him up, going to take a few hundred bullets, but this thing shoots him out so fast that's no problem, these zombies are an issue though, stop don't you leave the storm caller we don't need you healing, none of that, time for you to go, broke his posture twice in a few seconds, and he should be dead right almost it's all right we'll tank a down don't care cuz now he should be.

jak burnout kit

Dead, zombies Please hop off. There we go. That wasn't too bad. The worst thing about it was a little bit of the movement speed. I'll take that and a skull, but the aim walking movement speed was definitely a factor there, with the zombies all up in my face like that, and the reload even with speed col, it is still kind of slow, like let me shoot a few bullets here and do it like that's not terribly slow there's probably some slower weapons out there but it definitely becomes a factor, but so far so good, this weapon seems to be pretty decent, and now that we got the storm caller and an abomination out of the way, let's try our mag of holding, so now we have 9918 bullets.

I could still reload it for some reason, so now the reloading that I was just talking about is not an issue. Let's take this as a test drive against some Tier 3 bounties and see how much ammo this has once we fully refill it. 950, bullets are what we can shoot continuously with this gun and with our magga holding.

jak burnout kit mw3

I'm curious to see how bad the recoil gets the more I shoot, so you're going to be our test subject. Mega abomination already broke his middle face. We just have to keep shooting; no, they don't have to stop. I'm going to actually shoot every single bullet this second face is getting. Close what's at her shroud.

I've got him to half health already, but I'm all out of decoys and all out of aether shroud. I don't know if the Maga holding is going to be better or worse for me because I feel like I'm going to run out of ammo so fast. Out of self-rejuvenation, another team is coming in to help out, fellas. I got this handled; it is just eating constant damage from everybody shooting at it.

There's no escape for you. Yeah, shoot that laser. You're done here's some Speed Cola for your troubles. Let's keep doing some Tier 3 contracts. I want to try to upgrade my Xill streak; let's keep doing some Tier 3 contracts. I'm going to try to upgrade my xfill streak on this operator, and since our barrel already catches flame just by shooting it, let's add some napon burst to it, and there's a camo.

jak burnout kit mw3 zombies

I completely forgot I didn't have any camos for Hoger 26. Let's try to knock all those out, and with my question earlier about whether The Recoil will get crazy with this, it actually doesn't. There's like no recoil at all; it's just going right where I'm shooting. There's a bit of a hip-fire spread, but it's not like it's pointing my gun straight in the air, and if these zombies keep dropping ammo for me, I never have to stop shooting.

We take the New Jak Burnout After Market Part for the Holdger 26 into Zombies and its actually pretty good.
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