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Season 2 reloaded added a new story mission, a new Easter egg, and a dark EA Rift, but there are other changes and features that are genuine game changes. Some of these changes will definitely have gone under your radar, so jumping into the first Big Game Changer, we have the containment level feature.

If you press square, you'll be able to see that we have this new feature where every time you complete a contract in the game, you'll be rewarded with a containment level, and each containment level will give you better benefits. These work in a tiered system, so I'm currently at containment level 92, and the highest reward is at 100.

You can see that the rewards that you get are genuinely game-changing for future runs here, where you get 20% off the Pack-A-Punch starting with 5, 000 points, which is massive because you don't need to bring in perk hands anymore; you can just buy perks straight off the rip. The Mystery Box cost being discounted isn't a massive deal.

Getting 30% Essence rewards are massive, but this one is one of my favorites on top: being able to get 30% off perk machine costs, so combining that with 5, 000 points on spawn, you can get a lot straight away, so let's go and show you, so jumping in the game here straight away, you can see. 5, 000 points off the rip, which is just amazing.

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That's the equivalent of doing a Tier 3 contract right away. Combining this with the perk discount, the perks are now 1,400 instead of 2, 000, so you can get a lot of the really important perks right away. The way that you get the containment level up is that you need to complete contracts within the game.

So I've got a bounty here, and I think it does depend on what tier you're trying to do of the contract that also depends on the amount of containment level that you earn, so let's go ahead and take this down as we can see big bounty eliminated plus three onto our containment level that takes us up to 95.

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So now let's go and try this on a Tier 2 bounty to see if the payout is any different. I definitely don't have the best weapon set up to even do these bounties, but we'll make it work. We'll make it work all right now, Mr. Mimic and there we go, and the payout is two: you get two containment level points from a tier 2 contract, three from a tier three contract, and one point from doing a tier one contract.

The idea is that it's definitely going to make you do more contracts in the game so that you get rewarded for them, but the ultimate thing is that you also need to fill if you're wanting a bank. Those containment levels you need to successfully fill as well, and there we go—another Bounty down and another two points to add.

I went from a 92, and now I have a 99. I literally need to do one more. Let's go for tier one just to show that will give us one containment level, and there we go, tier one, and there you go, yep, confirmed, but that should bring us to 100%. So now we just need to fill it out. And we'll see on screen hitting that 100 level, unlocking that final benefit all right, so you see the popup there that our current in game we are leaving where we started as containment level 92, so let's see what happens hitting that 100.

mw3 zombies changes

So every time you xville, you'll see that the contracts you did will contribute to that containment level, and we got it to 100. You saw it there, so let's go and see it on the menu. So there we are at the containment level. 100, which means we now have all of the benefits, including the 20% off the Pack-A-Punch cost.

It felt like we weren't getting the 30% contract Essence reward; it might be bugged at the moment; it might be Placebo. I don't know, but the one thing about the containment levels is that they are tied to each operator, so I've got 100 on that one. One example here is the akimbo swarms; they're one of my favorite weapons in the whole game, and now the mag of holding just makes this even better.

So let's go into the game with a few weapons and show you just how much of a game this will be. The mags of holding is a game Cher as it allows you to put all of your ammo into one single magazine so you never have to reload, and this has the potential to turn weapons that are absolutely terrible into much more viable weapons, and absolute meta weapons are now going to be even better.

mw3 zombies containment level

One of the worst weapons you could have in the game is the Lockwood 300 from MW2. It's a shotgun that only has two shots before it needs a reload. When upgraded, it only has four shots before it needs a reload, but with the mags holding, it now never needs to reload, so it can shoot a lot quicker, and that's just an example of a terrible weapon.

We're going to jump in the game and test it with some of the most meta weapons in the game, but for outlaw contracts as well, this is going to make it an absolute breeze. All right, so we're testing this on some of the most OP guns in the entire game, so starting off with the TAC evolver, lmg, and the tyr, sniper, which I think is going to be absolutely OP, so by default, this has 200 of 400.

And for the tyr, normally you go John; the kimbos are obviously the best, but I actually think that this is going to be even more powerful, with the sniper variant, but we got five shots there and we've got 200 there, so if we pop the mags of holding, we can now see that our ammo has now gone up to 600.

mw3 zombies mags of holding

And we have no mag; it's just the full magazine of the full 600, so we can shoot for as long as we want and we never have to reload, which is honestly quite OP, and if we swap to the tyr, we also get that benefit now. Look at that; we now have 80 shots, and I think it's going to be really powerful in the Tier 3 zone.

Now we're going to test this on a few other weapons in this run as well, but with this, you could just absolutely unload into zombies, which is crazy, so now let's go ahead and pack-a-punch it 1,400. Without a single reload, you can literally just hold down the trigger and just go forever, and if we upgrade the tyr as well as 130 shots, this is honestly going to make such a game.

mw3 zombies new changes

According to a lot of the guns, it's really going to improve the Mets, as we've already discussed. Let's go ahead and put a legendary tool on, and legendary tool on here, and now let's go over into the Tier 3 zone and let's see how powerful these guns now are. Another crazy benefit as well is that you can see that the mags of holding now apply to any weapon that we pick up for the remainder of the game, so it's not even like it only works for these two guns.

If I pick up any gun I have, the mags are holding consumables, so realistically, you only need to bring in one of the mags holding consumables in a game, and you can get the benefits for the entire game. Okay, this bounty is not going to know what's hit it, so we got a mangler. So let's go and take this thing out.

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