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In Modern Warfare 3, I've unlocked the interstellar Borealis bioluminescent and Orion Mastery camos and have slowly started to work on the weapon Grand Mastery challenges. A few weeks ago, I finished the interstellar multiplayer Grand Mastery challenge, which is getting 1, 000 kills with every Modern Warfare 3 gun with the Mastery camos equipped.

The rewards weren't really worth it at all; you get a keychain weapon charm, and let's all be honest. I knew I wasn't going to get rewarded with some new Ultra Mastery weapon camo like Interstellar or Borealis. I was going to get just a keychain weapon charm; no one's ever going to notice this weapon charm to begin with, and I already know that I'm not going to lie to myself, and on the off chance that someone does notice it, rarely anyone's going to know what it means.

There's still no emblem or calling card for the multiplayer Grand Mastery challenge, at least for Modern Warfare 3. There is one for the Modern Warfare 2 weapons, but I already have that. I just want Modern Warfare 31 to show off that all winter I didn't touch grass, not that I had the option to.

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In the first place, there's still snow on the ground in the first week of April. I'm forecast to get a fresh 10 cm of snow, so I'm not seeing the first bit of green grass until the end of May. That gives me the greatest excuse ever to work on the Borealis weapon Grand Mastery challenge, which is virtually the same challenge except instead of killing other players, we're killing zombies, so instead of getting 5,000 kills overall with the gold.

I guess it's Gilded, the Gilded forged Priceless, and Interstellar camos, we have to get 300 kills with the golden Enigma. Camo. 600 i'm having trouble remembering what the camos are called, and I have been doing this grind for quite a while—not the spinal husk. I don't, okay? I'm looking this up.

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I'll be back in a second. That was an embarrassing 600 kills with the Ziron scale camo. 900 kills with the serpent knite camo and 1, 200 kills with the Borealis camo and just like the multiplayer version you can do these out of order so if you just want your favorite camo say you really like serpent tonight and your favorite weapon in the game is the MCW, you can get that calling card and show it off and you don't have to do any other hard work if you do want to properly unlock everything and get the grand Mastery reward for zombies, you will have to complete all four grand Mastery challenges, on each weapon for at least 36 weapons in the game and then you'll be rewarded with what I'm assuming based off of the weapon charms that I've unlocked in the first place will be the exact same as the interstellar Grand Mastery challenge.

Except just covered in rust and way worse-looking, and that's not why I'm doing this grind in the first place. I'm doing it for the love of the game, even though the rewards stink as if there were no rewards in the first place, but a check mark that you got that you completed these challenges. Just for the simple satisfaction of completing this grind that no one else is going to do, I would still do it.

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I've also been doing this grind for quite a while over the past few weeks anyway. Ever since I finished multiplayer, I went directly to zombies and tried to complete as many guns as possible. Let's play a little game. Really quick, pick a number between 0 and 36, and guess how many weapons you think I've completed on this grind so far.

The answer is 24. I have completed 24 weapons. This is going to sound completely backwards, but doing the Borealis weapon Grand Mastery challenges is easier than unlocking Borealis itself. I'm going to try to explain this to make it make sense. When you're grinding through Borealis, you have to level up at least 36 weapons to the max level, which is going to take, on average, around an hour with double XP per weapon.

On top of that, you have to complete the four base camo challenges, and eventually the same for the four mastery camo challenges, which will take you 1 and 1/2 to 2 hours per weapon for Grandmaster. It's way easier than that; you don't have to worry about killing mercenaries or completing challenges that require some sort of upgrade, like weapon ammo types, tools, or Pack-a-Punch.

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You can just spawn in and kill as many zombies as you possibly can in the shortest amount of time in Tier 1. Yes, of course, having perks and upgrades on your weapons is going to make things that much easier, but they're not required like they are for camo challenges. Now. I would say that on average, it takes about an hour to get all 3, 000 kills for any weapon to complete the challenge, and that's without upgrades, which is going to make things happen that much faster, and just like getting camel challenges done extremely fast, you're going to be relying on the Outlast contract.

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To do things as efficiently as possible, once you start up any game of zombies, you're going to try and find the closest Outlast contract to you, head to it as soon as possible, and start it up. Now you're going to pay attention to the progression bar because once it hits 90%, you're going to cancel it and once you cancel it as long as you don't leave the Outlast area or at least get too far away from it you can leave the building if you're getting overrun to quickly armor up and then enter back in, it seems to be like when you get to 50 m away from that objective it tends to stop spawning zombies but an infinite amount of zombies will spawn in you don't have to worry about ammo or armor cuz zombies are constantly going to drop them the only thing that's kind of annoying is hellhounds will constantly spawn in if you're in tier one so there's going to be lots of fire on the ground if you have PhD Flopper, then you won't take any fire damage if you're doing this contract in tier 2 or tier three for whatever reason, if you're just doing weapon Grand Mastery or even camel grinding there's no point in making things more difficult than they should be but you'll have some Elite zombies like manglers and disciples spawn in to try and kill you as well so it's easier to stay in the tier one zones.

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And of course, use this for cacao grinding; it makes it that much easier. The only thing I would not recommend is doing this in any other party size other than solo. You have around 10 zombies that spawn at a time, and the faster you kill them, the faster they respond, but if you're battling for kills with a teammate, you're not going to be unlocking things as fast as you want to.

There is one thing that's out of your control that can be extremely annoying, and that's if a random player comes across you and notices there are lots of zombies spawning and tries to take advantage of that. I honestly can't blame them because most players are ignorant of the fact that you're trying to complete some weapon challenges.

After recently completing the multiplayer grand master challenge, I've started working on the zombies grand master challenge for Borealis and it's too easy.
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