News - 9. Reasons Warzone 2i Zombies Could Be Amazing, But Also Some Huge Issues


Today we're talking about Modern Warfare 3 zombies, and I think there's a lot to talk about. I'm going to go over my pros and cons list. I think, for the specific mode as we dive through different features in the blog, but overall, one of the things to keep in mind is that pretty much if it existed in Cold War Zombies, it's pretty much being carried over, that's enemies perks, ammo mods Pack-a-Punch weapon Rarity, a lot of those things are essentially carrying over, and we're carrying those systems because this is a Treyarch zombie.

I know they made Vanguard. Zombies but that was a complete flop they really didn't have time to work on it and it was kind of awful overall so if you ended up playing Cold War Zombies you like cold war zombies you're probably going to like this mode on top of that they're bringing in some DMZ elements and I think there were very few DMZ elements that were essentially out of this outbreak, kind of already had these features before DMZ had them whether it was infilling or X filling that was an outbreak you could have chose your load out you could have had item permanence where you upgraded your different perks your weapons all that stuff prior to loading into m matches so that when you started you would already have a leg up versus a brand new account so a lot of these things are there even the AK that we had in DMZ or several other of the different quests, that were essentially.


It would be considered a side Easter egg or an Easter egg if you really compare it to zombies in how you get all the parts together and craft it, and now that you have it, it's very similar to that, so I think if you're a fan of that, you're going to probably love it if you were a fan of the outbreak, even more so.

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I think there are obvious drawbacks that will start off with obviously it's not round based so that's a huge drawback for a lot of people which means you can't go high rounds which a very niche amount of the community really enjoy that going to round 100 going to the highest round possible how fast it can get up there there's no Mainline Easter egg right off the bat I think there's going to be some side Easter eggs that are probably important and good to know, but Mainline Easter egg probably won't happen until a later date could be season 1 could be season two and those are kind of a big deal but to be fair I think there's a lot of people who play Zombies just to kind of get the zombies experience, maybe never done an Easter egg I recently went through and did every Easter egg from cold war for each of the various maps and I did the two outbreak Easter eggs as well as finish it all with the super Easter egg which allows you to start off with a purple weapon and I went through all that just so I can kind of get a little bit more familiarity.

And the more I played it, the more I realized DMZ stole from the outbreak, and it just kind of got repurposed into a different form, obviously within the IW engine. The other part is that some people will not like the fact that it's not quads; it's just trios. There are eight teams on the map that are PVE-based that you could be friendly with or never really interact with.

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I think for some people, that's kind of annoying to have to have other players on there, especially if you're more of a solo-style player. You could do no fa, but there's still going to be people on the map that you could randomly choose, engage with, and have these little engagements where maybe you're helping them out, maybe they help you out, and you could assimilate up to six player players for some that's going to be a big turn-off for them, and that's okay.

I understand if you prefer that. The other part is that it only has a 1-hour time limit. This is kind of something we've known. There are ways to extend that time where maybe you finish a mission and at the end of the hour you expend to another mission, which will start another new 1-hour timer.

So technically, if you stretched out the time, you could probably get a 2-hour session in on one map, but that is the con, I think. Those kind of addressed most of the glaring issues with it. Obviously, some of the stuff is copied and pasted over, like the operator. The system here is that you're able to have multiple operators and have them well looted, where maybe you get all set up on one and load in with the next you get all set up so that if you happen to die, you can load in and be good to go.


I think that is a pretty good method that they're taking from DMZ, the multiple operator. The infill this is just kind of an expansion of what we saw with DMZ, but also being able to start the match with fully kitted stuff and this is one of the big differences when we get into our Pros which we'll talk about now, is I think the there's several Pros that you could really go into on this and I think one of them is the camos I think the camos look good I think they're going to be a little bit easier and straightforward to get and it's also going to provide an opportunity to level your weapon, pretty comfortably whether you want to stay in tier one and be safe and stressfree, and relaxed you can do that if you want to go into tier 2 and maybe get Pack-a-Punch and stuff like that you can definitely do that and have a pretty good experience while you're going for your camos.

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I think the con I mentioned earlier, which is that it's only an hour, could also be like transitioning into a pro because it's kind of like checkpointing your session if you built up enough schematics and you've kind of built out your operator and you're like. Hey, you know what I really want to go into, and I want to tackle this harder content.

You can load in with a triple-packed weapon fully upgraded to yellow. Go in with just enough stamina and a couple other things for your stuff so that when you load in, you're already there. Like you're already at around 35, which for some I for me in particular I really like the idea that hey. I can load in with the Pack-A-Punch gun; I don't have to go to like round seven or eight or scavenge the map for a while to get my first Pack-a-Punch, then to get the second pack, you could literally start right off the bat, and this is going to be helpful with challenges too, so it's kind of rewarding your time a little bit, but it does suck on the other end if you really wanted to go like 5 hours, you kind of got these little checkpoints in between which.

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