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Season 3's road map for Modern Warfare 3 and War Zone was released yesterday of course the season is going to be launching, next week on the 3D of April however like we all expected if you are a zombies fan you are going to have to wait an additional month because we are not getting literally any content until the reloaded midseason update just like was the case with season 2 and this was previously leaked and it seems like this is going to be the case for all future Seasons as well I did talk about in my prior article where I went over of the leaks and rumors for this season that I was praying, that this is going to change due to the backlash they received from season 2 but apparently they're just not listening at all I don't really know why this is the case and it really is unfortunate that Modern Warfare 3 zombies has been shafted so much so and even the reloaded update itself has very minimal content and the problem is that multiplayer, is actually cooking, this season, unironically.

We are getting literally six new multiplayer maps. Sledgehammer Games is doing its bit. Of course, the game just launched with reused content, so it's good that they're trying to make up for it in the post-launch, with War Zones being substantially different and supported as well, so it's really just zombie fans that are unfortunately being left out again.

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Of course, we've had rumors that many of the developers have had to work on COD 2024 instead, so they're mainly focusing on that, so probably all of the content that we're going to be seeing in all of the future seasons is stuff that was predetermined. A new warlord, and that's basically it and again there's still no word on a stash increase as well so they're probably not going to change the stash I'm guessing they would have to rework a lot of the systems if they were to do that because they want it balanced apparently, but that's definitely a big reason as to why the mode is dying but finally getting into the zombie stuff itself like I said we pretty much already knew all of this stuff in fact there's pretty much even less than we were expecting, but the new dark ether Story Mission is all going to be focused around Dr AA Janssen, again which is what we already knew an unknown force of disturbing power has its psychic tendrils wrapped tightly around Dr AA Janson the doctor has been lured onto a new region of the dark ether under this malignant, influence.

And this is pretty much exactly what we saw within season 1's dark ether trailer, where we saw her being lured by The Entity. Into the dark ether I don't know why that was present in that trailer and not the one for this one because that didn't happen in the season 1 one, which maybe suggests plans were changed.

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Was this going to happen sooner? I have no idea, but nevertheless, I've speculated in prior articles that I think that the entity isn't Samantha Maxis like we previously thought but is in fact a reflection of Dr. AA Johnson herself, a dark ether version of her since she has these powers. Something probably happened during her mother's life, which is seemingly Dr.

Gray, and it seems like she's going to be lured by the other reflection of herself into the D ether. Maybe they combine into one entity. Who knows strike teams from Operation Deadbolt have converged to assist Sergey Renov as he attempts to locate and rescue Dr. Jansson from the unknown. Your expertise in surviving and escaping the dark ether is required.

The time has come to explore A New Path of the Dark ether and rescue Dr Janson and reading up for the Dark Eternity Gate Hunt, so I'm actually excited for this mission, especially because this could be the one where we finally have revealed the true entity of the entity to us and put the rest of the speculation about Samantha Maxis like we all previously thought.

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At least if it isn't revealed in this one is probably going to set up the stage for maybe the next one and I'm wondering if we might not even get a full six seasons of content I feel like maybe we get six cut scenes in total so maybe after this one will be the final one the final Story Mission there's actually lots of content left in the files, which is why it's so unfortunate that Modern Warfare 3 zombies is not getting the substantial support because it does seem like from the files of the game tons was planned post launch and most of it has been cancelled so the new dark ether Rift we're going to be getting is just like all of the others the Sky Box looks awesome it looks so cool but yeah there's not really much new it's just once again a section from our masra.

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This time being zaka. We really do need a new map like Rebirth Island of Fortunes key, but those are most likely not coming since the mode is receiving such poor support, but the third D, the rift, is apparently just as ordinary, as the past two expect a series of unlockables. Objectives focusing on fighting and attuning several relics allowing access through the gate accomplish these tasks: step into the Ethereal voidscape and face the terrifying horrors looking within, claiming valuable rewards if you survive.

Apparently, these dark ether relics, which relate to Aa's past, are going to give you different powers, one being increased health, increased damage against the zombies, increased reload speed, and also a zombie vision, which might be something like death perception. Squad open; help Operation Dead continue to contain the onslaught of the undead.

Naturally, you're also here to complete activities and contracts, discover ancient secrets, and secure some highly classified schematics. Now they wrote this sentence twice in the blog, which I guess is just a mistake, so once again, just like the prior Rifts, when you complete this mission, you'll be able to re-enter it by collecting different artifacts that you placed on the podiums.

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Apparently, this time they're going to be these relics; like I said, they're going to grant these powers, and you can do the Elder sigil as well, but the new schematics you're going to be able to unlock are actually, really, really bad. Unfortunately, these are the worst schematics yet, which makes it clear that they are just phoning it in compared to the ones we've had previously.

These are really, really bad, especially the first one, which is dead wire detonators. Literally, there's no point in this schematic. All it allows you to do is have the dead wire ammo mod on explosive weapons, but you could already do that anyway, so I literally don't see any purpose in this mod, and even if you couldn't do it anyway, it's still a useless schematic when you compare it to all of the cool ones that have been added previously.

MW3 Zombies Season 3 Reloaded Update Explained - New Mission, Easter Egg, Schematics, Warlord Modern Warfare 3 Zombies Season 3 Update.
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