News - This Amp Buffs Headshot Damage (warzone 2 Zombies)

Kv broadside amp build.

Kv broadside amp build.

On this episode of Pimp My Gun, we'll be trying out the mag of holding on the new KV broadside aftermarket part, the Jack Jawbreaker, which converts the shotgun into a battle rifle, and with this conversion, it gets a 177% boost to its head shot damage.

Unlocking the jak jawbreaker.

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Let's go test it, out, but before we test it out we got to unlock it first and luckily for us we can get almost all these challenges done just with the haym maker because for these challenges a good amount of them just requires you use a recommended shotgun and luckily for me my haym was recommended so I went ahead and picked this up with this build but the challenges include getting kills with fire damage on so I went ahead and brought in Napal, burst there's challenges for hipfire kills there's a challenge for 20 kills without getting hit 10 times there's mimic kills with a recommended weapon so I'm going to be trying to do some bounties here and checking out some strongholds to see if any spawn and then after that once we get enough money for pack three you just need to get 150, kills in a high threat zone so we should be able to get this done pretty quick come on Bounty don't let me down.

I did i don't think our bounty strategies work, and we're getting everything, but mimics of these strongholds have to have them right, and I see two right on top of what's going on. Fellas there we go. Just three more of those, and we're done. Lovely weather we're having. We brain-rote one, so that's not going to count.

I love to see it. This one should count. There we go, and this is our last one—perfect. Mimics are done, there we go and now we can get Pack-a-Punch 3 and just get our 150 kills here in tier three but if you don't want to go through and get these kills in the high tier Zone there's also a challenge for just getting kills with a pistol while it's epic Rarity or just using a battle rifle with speed cola which I think is probably the cheaper option in terms of Acquisitions, and we're probably not going to be able to complete this contract but I'm going to start up this escort so we can get a decent amount of zombes spawning in here an Outlast would probably be better or maybe even a Spore contract but those are too far away for me we don't got to get this ACV to the Finish Line we just got to get enough kills so we can get out of here this thing is just working as a big decoy this is actually perfect how's this at % and still going we got a zombie.

ACV now it's gone. There's our 200 fire damage kills, and there's our Tier 3 kills. Now that we've got the rest of these challenges done here at the xfill, there's our 200 hipfire, Kills. Now that we're finally done with everything, there's our kill without taking damage. That's five challenges completed for this week, and now we've unlocked the new aftermarket part just in time for our helicopter to get here and leave.

Testing the jak jawbreaker.

Testing the jak jawbreaker.

Well, now that that's done, we can take this thing for a test drive, and if he didn't catch my build during the intro, here it is again, but I'm really hoping that this aftermarket part can make this weapon decent.

It's said in the menu that it increases headshot damage, but it didn't even tap a Tier 1 zombie. Now it isn't upgraded our Packa punched or anything yet, but that is a little concerning. I'm not going to lie; the fire rate on it is definitely decent. I feel like that's insanely faster than the normal KV broadside, but that has me a little concerned, and I don't normally use optics on my builds in zombies; it kind of feels like a waste of an attachment, but for this gun, the iron sights are just very small, so I went ahead and thrw an optic on here so we can take advantage of the head shot damage if it's.


Exists anyway; let's go ahead and upgrade this and go take it for a spin over in Tier 2, and now that we've thrown mag of holding on this, we have 520 bullets in reserve—that's not a whole lot, but if this can do some good damage, maybe it'll work. We just took out those zombies pretty fast. Maybe I'm focusing a bit too much on the single-shot potential of this weapon because now that this is a battle rifle, it's fully automatic, so I just got to, you know, hold down on the trigger a little bit and hope we don't run out of ammo.

But you guys know the drill. Let's test this against a Tier 2 bounty. See where we're at damage-wise. I just said maybe I'm focusing too much on the single-shot potential, but how much does one shot get us on this mimic? Not a whole lot, but then we hold down. It is not killing him very fast, so much for that headshot damage increase.


Maybe mimics are the exception. Because technically it's not a head shot; I'm hitting him in the crit, which is just like his mouth hole, but it is a jawbreaker. That's literally the name of the weapon Ed would be going crazy over. It's taking a bit for us to even get him down to half health, and this is legendary tier.

He's giving us a run for our money; he's just eating these, and with the low ammo we have, I don't know about this gun. We took them out, but it was not very convincing. Let's throw on some Deadshot; maybe that'll help out, and since we're right here near Tier 3, let me test this out against some Tier 3 zombies before we get it fully packed to 3.

Can this really do anything to him? Armour seems to struggle a bit against armor, but against flesh, it can take them out, but it takes like 30 bullets. Yeah, I guess we'll have to see when we get to pack three, but you know what? I'll keep a glass half full. Maybe mimics just got the sauce against this.

You know, they're just strong against this specific weapon. Maybe The Mangler will go down a bit easier, all right? Mangler, help me out here. Let me see if this gun's actually good. It took a decent number of shots to break the armor. Not terrible what's your health like? Okay, actually, we're starting to feed into it.

jak jawbreaker

It, there we go we got him in a stun a little bit we had him there for a second let's try to get him back into it there we go he's doing The Mangler step a one two, wish I could see his health bar but I'm going to assume it's near half less than half way less he's basically dead, that was way faster than the mimic the zombies are still going down pretty easily maybe I just got to get used to this weapon I got to get warmed up one more Bounty and we should be able to get pack three, and it's disciple we got the trifecta of bounties and we crashed, why do you always got to check for update well I'm in the middle of doing [ __ ] game what the [ __ ] that's the real Trifecta right there get all your good loot hopp in game and crash awesome all right I've built up enough cash again now we can finally get this thing to pack three and tier three is crowded let's see if we can find a nice quiet area to test this out there's a tier three zombie not doing.

On this episode of Pimp my Gun we try out the Jak Jawbreaker aftermarket part for the KV Broadside that turns the shotgun into a battle rifle and nearly triples its headshot damage.
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