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In this episode of Pimp My Gun, we'll be using the mag of holding on the new aftermarket part for the Bruin MK9, which turns this LMG into a stealthy mobile killing machine. Let's go test it. Out well, before we can go in and test out the new aftermarket part, we got to unlock it first, and luckily, the challenges to unlocking this aftermarket part are very simple.

It's just getting kills with a recommended lmg and a bunch of different ways, like aiming down sights and critical kills, getting kills in cryofreeze, and just getting kills in general. Since I've been playing a bit since this update's been out, I've already completed two of the weekly challenges that were actually pretty easy to complete.

I'm very close on completing the 150 Mark kill, so I'll be doing that as well because currently there's a King Kong Godzilla event going on right now where if you get a certain amount of XP, you'll get a camo for it, so I might as well complete all the challenges I can, but basically, for all these challenges, we can just get on with this one Outlast, and to make it a little easier on myself.

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I am playing on the controller for this game, so I'm going to bring in Deadshot, because I am absolutely busted on the controller, it should help us get our critical kills very easily, and I got an extra mag holding the throw around, so why not, and we should probably throw on Crow freeze? We got our weapon challenge done, with the golden enigma that should be a little extra XP for us, and there's our 200 critical kills with the recommended, lmg, there's our 300 kills while aiming down sight, there's our 750 kills with the recommended, lmg, there's our five challenges all right, we got it unlocked, but I'm just going to complete the rest of them just to maximize our XP, and we'll just complete this Outlast real quick and take out the Merks.

Give me my XP there; it's easy, and there's our cryofreeze; it kills. We got every challenge done that we could. Look at all these challenges done; that should be a fat chunk of XP. How much do we get? Only 23, 000—that's a lie—that's only as much as I needed to get this camo. I got 100,000 XP for that game.

bruen aftermarket part

All right now that we have this aftermarket part unlocked, we can finally test it out, and from what I'm seeing, we got 60 rounds in the mag. There's no way to change that. Why is the screen shaking? What's happening is King Kong and Godzilla fighting on the map right now. Let's hope that they don't crash our game, because I've been having enough of that.

But as I was saying, we got 60 rounds in the mag with no way to change your mag attachments because it's part of this aftermarket part, and I don't think there's any other attachment that could increase your ammo capacity, and it's currently at 300, and this is the event camo that we unlocked while we were getting this aftermarket apart, and honestly, not the greatest, but let's go ahead and pack-a-punch it, upgrade it, and throw on our mag of holding, so that's 720.

Bullets—that's not bad now. I wasn't using the highest capacity attachments on our Bruin in our last game while we were unlocking this aftermarket part attachment, but the maximum ammo there was only 550, and this one's 720. So we already get a little bit of improvement there on top of the improvement to our movement speed, and speaking of which.

bruen jak shadow titan kit

I normally put the builds for whatever weapon I'm using in the intro of the article, but since I've been seeing people asking about the builds, maybe they've been missing. I'll just throw them up on throw it up on screen right here for you guys, and this might not have been the best idea, but I wanted to make this thing as built for movement speed and like aim-down sight speed as I possibly could.

Could and I can kind of see a difference, like running around with this; it doesn't seem insanely slow, and it doesn't really look like the damage has fallen off a crazy amount because there's tier three zombies kind of leaking their way over here into tier two, and we're handling them as long as I can aim.

bruen mag of holding

And against these tier two zombies, they're going down almost instantly, and I'm going to be honest. I didn't have the highest hopes for this; it just looked like some sort of aftermarket part that increased movement speed or movement in general, and I was thinking this might be more of a multiplayer, aftermarket part cuz it has an integrated silencer in the barrel, but you guys know the drill, let's go ahead and test this against a level two hvt, mimic.

I'm going to need you to come out of hiding. Let me light you up; you know what? That's not bad damage already. They can rack up damage pretty quickly on us, but we're doing the same thing right back; it's already dead, and we're going to have to do a few of these bounties because, for whatever reason, my containment level on this operator just completely reset, so I started off with no extra money and no discount, and to make matters worse, this server is lagging like crazy.

Even people in chat are talking about it. Bounty number two: How do you, Do? Dead is how you're going to be doing night and night; we're like only getting mimics for these bounties. At least we know we can take them down easily. I want to try something different. We finally got something besides a mimic, and we absolutely demolished it.

bruen mk9 amp

We got more than enough to get us pack three, and I guess on our way over to get it, we might as well pick up a contract since it is available. We'll grab this outlast and a little bit of a movement test on our way there. Can we outspeed everything besides a hellhound? It'd be crazy if I could outrun a hellhound with this.

Yeah, it's not looking like it, hellhound. You need to sit down. There's like 45 people just waiting here at our Outlast; they really want in on this, you know what? Let's not join them, but I will invite them. All the nearby players in there, you guys, can get some money from this. I still grabbed pack three.

I was so preoccupied with them joining. Let's grab pack three on this. And what kind of damage are we doing to some Tier 3 zombies? It's a fully armored one, and he just disappeared. You know what you guys are working on. I'll be out here testing how we are doing against these guys. Killing them relatively fast.

bruen mk9 zombies

I get some head shot on him, completely wipes him, just knocks that armored zombie all the way on his ass, and there we go, earning us a little bit of walking around money and not a whole lot else. Now I'm leaving the group. It's a pleasure serving with you. Let's pick up a quick tier three Bounty and see how this goes against it.

Please be an abomination. That's what I'm talking about. Give this the ultimate test right away in Tier 3. No, it's spawned right next to another Abomination. We could actually get them to fight each other. I just want to see what kind of damage we're doing first, so decoy to start cuz we know where he's going to laser.

On this episode of Pimp my Gun we try out the Jak Shadow Titan Aftermarket part for the Bruen Mk9 with mag of holding and its actually not too bad.
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