News - The Ram-9 Is Actually Insane Zombies (warzone 2 Zombies)


The ram 9 is becoming one of the better SMGs in the game so let's see if it's any good in zombies and while we're testing out our Ram 9 in Zombies we'll also be getting at Borealis which we actually might be able to do in our first game so I was taking a dump and scrolling on Twitter today like I normally do and while I was scrolling I saw a clip from newbie gaming showing that you might actually be able to get golden Enigma, in the same game without having the xill and without how buggy zombies has been since the season 2 update I wonder if this is actually intentional, as some sort of like quity of life change or if this just a bug so either way we're going to figure out if it still works and once we finish getting all of our camos we're going to go ahead and test this out against a mega Abomination.

We tried against all three tiers of zombies and even tested on the Storm Caller, and while we're in the spirit of testing things in the last article. I was talking about how the PhD got nerfed and it actually just might be bugged because last time I was talking about how it used to save you from hellhound fire damage and that no longer works, but apparently it doesn't even save you from self-explosive damage anymore, so let me drink my PhD Flopper can and let me make myself a little scientific.


Testing i think I still took damage there. Actually I couldn't tell but we got to get moving on these camos we need 250, kills we need 250 kills with frost damage we need kills shortly after using our field upgrade and we need to kill 10 disciples so let's get moving with those I'm going to go ahead and use all the perks that I got put this to Epic Rarity and give it pack two we're going have to work our way up to pack three if this golden Enigma thing actually ends up working this going to be a huge Time Saver Because unless you that glitch in like previous Seasons where you could somehow carry more than two guns it was almost impossible, or was impossible to get more than two weapons golden Enigma in a game and not only will it be a huge time saer but a huge resource saver cuz I spawned in with all my perks and everything and those take three hours to refresh and these Pack-a-Punch crystals take even longer and our epic Aether tool is like what 16 hours or something like that so if we get all the way up to Borealis in one game that'll just streamline the entire process I've been really liking this method of getting the Outlast up to, 55%.

Stepping out, letting it go back down to 54, going back in, and it should spawn either a mangler or a disciple every single time we should tear through this disciple challenge. Easy what happens if I keep stepping in and out? I just keep hearing disciples spawn. This is sweet. This guy's even stuck in the roof, idiot.

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Maybe this was a mistake. There are too many Elites right now, but at least this SMG is handling itself. Though, that's a lot. Anglers is that it is that all of our disciples have we already killed 10 doesn't look like it maybe this is it, there we go there's our 10 disciples cool camo too not only did they make this gun pretty decent in like multiplayer and I think a lot of people have been using it in war zone too but they gave it some of the better camos in this game I think it's got like the best lineup of both multiplayer and zombies camos I got to hop into multiplayer and get this thing done there and I really got to start using this Aether shroud more that's going to be the camo that's going to be holding this back there's our 250 50 kills, our Frost kill shouldn't be too far behind it there it is, we just need one more camo and we can test out our gold Strat why is it so [ __ ] cloudy in here a hot box in the Outlast, this has got to be our camo right here there's no way.


Show it to me, all right? I see how it is all right. I'm putting my foot down. This is going to be the last Aether shout we have to use. I even throw a decoy. This better be enough. You're kidding me. I'm being trolled no there's no way well, so much for saving all of our resources. They should have put checking for update crashes in the season 2 road map.

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This is sweet. We really just needed five more kills after using our field upgrade. Come on, at least since we crashed before we unlocked the last camo before gold, we can still test out the new gold method. Let's just hope we don't crash again. This should be it right here. I brain rotted one maybe not okay no we got Ito, that was close right now that we finish the event let's grab our rewards and go straight to the next xfill let's go see if this works now normally for the golden Enigma challenge you need to get 100 kills in a single match and then xfill successfully, but in the clip it just showed them getting kills around an xfill and golden Enigma actually popped up in game so I don't think I'm quite at 100 kills for this game so I'm going to do a few X fills here and we'll see if it actually pops up and if it doesn't and this is some elaborate troll, then we wasted a whole bunch of time and.

Resources there it is. It actually does work that's sick now we just need to get our 300 Pack-a-Punch kills and our 10 special or Elite kills after that that's so nice I hope that's not a mistake I hope they keep that in CU with the lack of content zombies got in this update on top of them just removing the Tombstone glitch, and PhD not working, we need one win here we also need to make some money if we want to get Pack-a-Punch 3 so let's try to kill two birds with one stone and while we're grinding these out here's my Ram 9 build if you want to copy it we got enough money for pack three now but I'm going to do one tier 2 Bounty just so I get a little extra cash to buy some perks what a spawn for it is it inside the.


Fortress that's sweet let's see if we can still sneak our way up there without the key card. They still have the zip line between these too. It looks like it was the wrong zip line. How do I get to the roof? They really block the way to the roof here. Man, they're actually removing everything from this; if only I had the scorcher or a helicopter, I'm going to have to cancel his contract all right now.

Don't spawn in a fortress now; that's more like it now. How's it doing against Tier 2? disciple, it's kind of cleaning him; he's already at half health. We just got done with our first mag, and that's got me hopeful for how this does against the Storm Caller because he's already dead. That was fast.

We talk about this HUGE change to how Gold works in Zombies while we get the new RAM-9 SMG Borealis and its actually really good.
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