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barbed and dangerous camo

The Walking Dead fear that the living event is now live, and you can gain plenty of rewards just by getting XP. If you make your way all the way up to 293, 000., you'll earn the special event camo barbed in dangerous, and I'm currently only at 42, 000. So let's get to grinding the first thing I going to do to try to earn some XP is I hopped into zombies here to try to complete some of the new weekly challenges that just came out and I already have a few of them done but one thing I need to do is kill sergeants with a recommended lmg so I brought in my tack Eradicator, here with this build so as soon as I find a mercenary camp that Sergeant is going down and just to make sure that we get a little extra bang for a buck I'm popping a double XP token all right here's our Merc Camp.

Take me to your sergeant; there he is. That should be some XP right there. Let's go, and now I think I'm all done with every lmg-related challenge, but I had just hopped into a game before this, waiting for the update to come out, and I got almost all of our lmg-related challenges done with this tack eradicator, and basically in one game, the hardest part about it was killing all the sge.

But I did go to the Dr. Jensen Xfill and there were like one or two sergeants there, and then I just tried to clear out as many M camps and strongholds as I could, and let's go ahead and start up an Outlast because for our next challenge, and the one that's going to give us our most XP, we need to get 200 or 250 kills with an akimbo recommended weapon, so I brought out a classic with the ti here, so let's beef them up a little bit, and once we get all these kills, we should be getting 10, 000.

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XP just for completing this challenge, and I think this is our last challenge. We need to unlock the new aftermarket part for this week, and I'm pretty sure that it's just an optic. We're not getting anything crazy today, but it looks pretty nice. It's like an advanced Warfare-type optic; it's like a glassic, glassless, red dot that I think reduces visual recoil, so it could be decent but not as exciting as like the underbarrel, chainsaw we got earlier, but once that challenge is done.

I'm just going to try to get as many kills as I can in this game because there is a limit to the weapon XP you can get in Zombies, but actual XP level XP I don't think there's any limit on, so I'm going to complete as many contracts as I can kill as many zombies as I can, and hopefully we can take a big chunk out of the XP that we need for this event.


I guess there are like two more weekly challenges we could try in this game. I'll have to try to get 100 kills with a recommended battle rifle, which is going to be tough to do because we'll either have to get it from a wall by or the mystery box, and I won't know if it's recommended or not until we get like 100 kills on it, and it's the same thing with assault rifles if we can get 100 kills with a recommended assault rifle.

While using Speed Cola, we'll also get 5, 000 XP, so there's an opportunity to gain a little bit more in this game. Just get lucky. There it is. That's a nice 20, 000 XP, all thanks to our Double XP token, which I'm pretty sure everyone should have since the servers went down the other day. And there's our outlast.

And let's hit the box real quick. Let's see if we can get an assault rifle or a battle rifle, because, as you know, there's a battle rifle. I hope it's recommended, and let's just knock out a quick Bounty while we still have these tiars, and we'll make quick work of whatever we get. Why don't you take a seat?

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I think he's dumb. Hey, he can't get to me, idiot. See, let's just do every contract in the area I missed when this contractor spawned unlimited zombies. That was the greatest addition, adding a little bit of variety to the grind. Now we just have Outlast and X fills, and that should do it for our contract.

We can clear out the stronghold, though it should help us out a little bit. There's a level up, so you know we're getting some decent XP. And there's our battle rifle challenge, sweet; it was recommended. Now give me an AR, preferably a recommended one or a legendary one, but not what I'm looking for; this would have been nice for our LMG challenge.

We already have that done, MCW. That's definitely an AR. It could possibly be recommended. I guess we'll find out. Let's go wait, no, that's just 100 kills with assault rifles. Either way, that's still a bit of XP. Not exactly a challenge I was looking for, though, so maybe that tells us that this isn't a recommended rifle; actually, I think we need 250 kills, so this could still work.

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There's another level, and this was a recommended assault rifle. Let's go so now we can just get kills with whatever we want. Let's see if we can go find ourselves a turret circuit. That way, we can just bring it into Tier 3 and have it rack up kills for us. The best way to find those circuits is through a stronghold, so let's see if we can get some in here.

There we go, all cleared out. At least in Cy, the zombies still need to go, and do we have any circuits in here? Of course not. Wait, Nope spoke too soon. Now let's try our luck here in Tier 3 before the storm starts moving in. We might as well get this fully packed or as packed as we can get it.

Let's throw our turret circuit in here so we can help these guys out with their abomination. It looks like they didn't need too much help. Our turret did take the final shot on him, and it doesn't look like there's a whole lot of spawns over here, so I'm going to grab this escort contract to see if we can get some zombies to show up.

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He's giving me essence; I appreciate you. Let's throw a sentry gun on top of this; let's start her up, and we got some help for this too. I don't even have to do anything. I might actually be able to complete this contract with the help of this random team. There we go. We got it. I appreciate the help boys.

Now where's the final fill going to be? We got the storm here, so I'm assuming it's going to be over here. Let's just go grind kills until that Chopper comes in right after I take care of some. Business, there we go, took his ass out, appreciated the help again, fellas some nice people this game, and we're out of here.

How much XP do we get for that one game? We got 2, 000—almost 3, 000—for our essence. 1,700 for upgrades, 1,100 for pois half of whatever 27, 000 just for our kills we made up to 38, 000 that's not bad look at all those challenges we got done too were these added into it we got 96, 000 actually damn that's like 100, 000 XP in just an hour look at that 96755.

We unlock the Barbed and Dangerous Event Camo for the Walking Dead Fear the Living Event and find the best XP methods for Zombies, Multiplayer and Warzone.
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