News - These New Warzone 2 Zombies Season 3 Leaks Are Shocking



We just got some MW3 and Zombies season 3 leaks that are pretty shocking. We'll break them all down in today's article. Be sure to drop a like on the article and subscribe if you're new.


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New zombies patch notes just released

The exchanges here addressed an issue where players could encounter an error message when viewing their containment levels from their player card and, of course, stability issues.

No new season 3 zombies content until reloaded update␦

For the season 3 Zombies content, first off, this is not too surprising. Maybe for some people, but for most people who know what's going on nowadays, it's not surprising, so for season 3, here, we are not expecting any actual zombie content until season 3.

Reloaded exactly what we saw for season 2, which is honestly so unfortunate. I mean, it's not a big deal if we were getting major content up for zombies, but even the reloaded updates really aren't that big. We get a new [__] rift location, which is cool, which is okay as well, some schematics, all solid pieces of content, but it's really nothing special, and it's a small part of what we really should be getting from W3 Zombies.

You know, entire new maps to play on, like Fortune's Keep, like Vonell Oika Island, and entire new bosses. Wonder Weapons: All this content we should be getting is in the files of the game that we're just not receiving, so it really stinks to see another delay here for zombie content. Maybe we'll get some surprise stuff for the launch of season 3, but most likely nothing here.

New zombies warlord specific schematics releasing!

New zombies warlord specific schematics releasing!

But for season 3 Reloaded, we're still getting some cool stuff here, some shocking stuff as well, so first off, as previously leaked, there will be some schematics for warlord items in season 3 Reloaded, so for the chemist, you're getting a more powerful gas mask schematic, which is pretty interesting for the rainmaker, a vest, some sort of protection vest.

I believe due to the weapon of choice being artillery strikes and the maestro warlord.

Rainmaker zombies warlord new details leaked!

Rainmaker zombies warlord new details leaked!

I don't know the exact location, but somewhere around the lakehouse East dock hel do. Shahin Manor. I guess, and the name Rain Maker will reain artillery on you, so of course we're probably not getting two Warlords for the same update, so the chemist will be for season 3, the rain maker for season 4, or vice versa.

We'll get more specific information on that very soon, but there's still cool stuff there.

Next season 3 dark aether rift location revealed

Now, for more specific info on the season 3 Reloaded Dark Ether Rift location, it'll most likely be Zara. Hydroelectric, of course, from Almazar, which again is not a big deal at this point because the Almazar locations and zombies still look pretty cool.

The Skybox is sick, and I don't mind it being from Almaz. I don't really feel like I'm in Almazar when I'm in those locations, but as I said, it would be much more cool if we had different unique locations, but at this point. I'm completely done with talking about it because there's no way we're getting a unique location for a dark rift at this point, maybe for Black Ops 2024.

If they have a semi-MW zombies type of mode in that game alongside a round base, that'd be cool, but for this game here. MW3, there's no way it's going to happen, but still, the Almaza location is not a big deal.

Another dark aether rift quest is releasing!

Another dark aether rift quest is releasing!

For more stuff here on the rift itself, we have a new season 3 Zombies quest, of course, in the rift, so we're going to follow Jansen here, locate Jansen, and investigate. A relic of shatter crystals escapes the rift.

Jansen defeats the champion; Jansen floats, investigates orbs, and cleanses relics. Jansen floats again. Jansen defeats the champion. They're just going through this again, so that's what's happening. There's very vague information but a very similar, you know, kind of sequence that we see in most of the dark ether Rifts in this game thus far, and of course there's also season 3 Rift items as well.

You're going to get a toy giraffe that'll be rewarded upon completing the story. In your mission, you'll have to find the other items like a laptop, a crayon, and a journal, so again, very similar sequence, and you know, type of format that we're seeing for all the MW3 zombies. The Rifts are here, and it's not just for season 3 as well.

Apparently, there's leaks about all the future; the rest of the zombie Rifts here for this game will all have a similar format and a different alaz, location, a different, you know. Rift sequence. Quest, all that good stuff, which you know may get repetitive at some point, but at this point at least there's some content.

New contract type finally being added to zombies

New contract type finally being added to zombies

It is what it is now, and this is actually pretty interesting. Modern Warfare Zombies hold-up contract will spawn a temporary portal very likely to be the dark ether you have to survive the countdown, so finally something that's a bit interesting in my opinion.

We of course saw the holdout contract back from the outbreak; it was a pretty fun and dangerous contract, especially on those higher rounds, and if you guys don't remember, you would go spawn into a different location. You're usually outside of the outbreak map, and then you have to survive the countdown in a tight, closed area, and it could get pretty intense there now for zombies.

Right now, we do have a similar contract like that, but you could actually leave the room, so it's not the same exact type of vibe it's a bit easier cuz you can just Escape whenever you want this hold-out contract theoretically, you wouldd have to be trapped in a certain area probably again as they say teleporting to an area in the dark ether survive for 2 minutes let's say and then you escape and you probably should get some pretty decent rewards for surviving those contracts as well especially if it's a hold out in a tier three Zone, that sounds pretty cool.

We'll see what they end up doing with that, and I would love to see in general more just different contract types added to the game, not just for the dark ether locations but for the base map, just to switch up all the contracts. I feel like it would keep things a lot more interesting and increase the replayability value as well, because right now on Ekhan.

We're just doing the same contracts over and over and over again, so having a whole refresh of all new contracts—maybe some are the same, but a lot of the others are replaced and different—would be so great, but again, will that actually happen? We'll see very soon, but at least a new contract here does sound pretty.

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