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everything coming in season 3

Four maps are coming within season 3: Zombie War Zone and, of course, the return of Rebirth Island. This is the entire road map for everything that is coming within season 3, so without further ado, let's dive into it, ladies and gentlemen. Here is our season 3 road map. It's broken down into three sections: Modern Warfare 3, which includes multiplayer and zombies, most of which are coming in season, not at launch, so keep that in mind.

We will have a look at that later on, primarily focused on Rebirth Island and then multiplayer, a lot of maps, and then of course we have our weapons and operators; this is what is included within everything, and you'll see a little bit more about that as we dive through and look at this, so let's dive in and actually have a look at what is going on here, starting out with multiplayer.

So first off, we have six Total Core 6v6 maps, which is insane. The first map that we have is called Six-Star. This one takes place on the rooftop in Dubai. It is a midsize map. As far as this one goes, it really looks like a raid to me. You have the kind of parking area over here—the pool and the backspawn area—that would normally be the kind of parking garage.

everything coming in season 3 modern warfare 3

It really looks like raid to me, but there is no announcement in there that this is a recreation of raid, but it is coming at launch. The second one is called an emergency. This one is a small-sized, map coming at launch once again this one kind of looks like high-rise to me but at the same time not really as you can see it is a very small map they really like putting out these Maps you really like to see it after this we have Gro house this is obviously playing in the 420 Vibe which we're going to see more of later on this is actually a remake map of sphere from Call of Duty Vanguard which is kind of cool if you know that map you'll know what you're getting here and again this is a small-sized, map then we have tank this one takes place in the vond Del Zoo this reminds me of Zoo from Call of Duty Black Ops but of course it's a completely different layout a different map then we have our mid-season map so these ones are repurposed Maps now the interesting thing about this one is it is a small-sized map and this one called checkpoint, actually takes place on rebirth Island it's one of the pois off to the edge of rebirth Island which is cool then we have Grime this one is a mediumsized, map again coming midseason.

everything coming in season 3 mw3

This one takes place in the London Canal and honestly looks pretty damn good. It is amazing to see this amount of 6x6 maps going into a season. They clearly listen to us in Modern Warfare 2. Four new game modes are arriving, the first of which is Capture the Flag. We know and love that another one that we know is One in the Chamber, of course a fan favorite party mode, and then we have Minefield.

I don't know how I feel about this one. This is essentially Call of Duty, but with Marty Dom with mines, so it's kill, confirm domination, and hardpoint. When you kill someone, they drop a mine. We also have new ranked rewards, as you're seeing here, all the way up to rank 50. You can unlock various different items and skins.

everything coming in season 3 warzone

We know how ranked works; I'm not going to go too far into that now new perks and equipment, so starting off we have the Gunslinger vest modular assault rig, compression, carrier reinforced, and high-grain antenna, so these are all various different perks that are going to do different things starting off with the Gunslinger, and essentially what this one does is refresh stamina on kill, improve reload speed, and reload well sprinting increases.

modern warfare 3

Weapon swap speed and spawn with maximum reserve ammo, so if you're moving around really fast with secondary weapons, the other one is called the modular assault rig, and essentially what this one does is you immediately regenerate health upon taking a kill or getting an objective. Which is of course really good and it reduces the effects of gas grenade so this is one I expect to see some people using, boots reinforce boots immune to reduction effects so in other words if you're stunned or something like that you can still move at regular Pace we have the high grain antenna this one zooms out your map enemies appear on radar longer and your you can see enemy Ally radar ping so kind of more information for you there and then the new Tactical is the EMD mine this one's coming in season, this one's a proximity trigger mine that sticks to a surface once triggered the mine shoots out a Tracker device to reveal the enemy location so we be interesting for Search and Destroy there and.

modern warfare 3 season 3

Enhanced vision goggles this is coming midseason, toggle between normal vision and enhanced Vision with integrated Target highlighting, has a limited battery this could be very powerful like overpowered especially in Search and Destroy it makes it easier to see enemies and I don't know what happens with walls and things like that but we'll have to wait to see then we have zombies keep in mind everything that we're looking at here is coming in season so the dark ether story continues, we know what's going on there we're gonna have more portals things like that we're also going to have a third Rift just as we talked about new challenges and schematics the dead wire detonators the golden mask filter, and the sergeant Beret so what do these do so the dead wire Detonator I'm not exactly sure what it does but it works on explosives, lethals and launchers so it's kind of like an ammo mod for explosives.

modern warfare 3 season 3 update

The golden mask filter I don't find this one that strong either it's basically a mask that self- regenerates I don't know why you need this when you can just go to an ammo cache but hey I guess it's a little bit better and the sergeant Beret this one's cool when you put this on the enemy mercs no longer attack you so essentially you're disguising yourself as a Merc on top of this we have a new warlord called rain maker coming midseason, and that is essentially it for zombies we'll get more information that on the season 3 Reloaded update so stay tuned for that one then of course we have rebirth Island we already talked about this one yesterday, we have new pois as you are seeing here there is clearly a vault of some sort that'll obviously be an Easter egg and then it just goes over the rest of the map we know this map we love this map we really don't need to talk about this too much and they are adding new, game modes so first of all we have re war zone boot camp this is normal.

War zone with 44 players but 20 players and 44. Bots, I don't know why they're doing this; it'll be extremely slow, but hey, it is there. Then, of course, we have a rebirth resurgence. We now know the player count is 44. We know what resurgence is; we don't need to talk about that. Then, we have a rebirth resurgence loaded.

Today we got HUGE information on everything coming in Season 3 of Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone. In this we breakdown everything new coming in season 3. Weapons,Maps, zombies, Rebirth Island and much much more! I Hope you enjoy.
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