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Joke, Ladies and gentlemen, this is Rick, and today we are bringing our first article, our first collaboration with the shorty, and make sure you guys go check out his channel. Amazing content creator, amazing editor, plays multiple games, live streams, and does all that wonderful stuff just like me.

same exact commentary type style, same exact thoughts as me Most of the time, great guy. Go check him out, leave a sub, and like this article. I would appreciate it, but we are currently using his gameplay for this background. In this game, we were doing something purposeful, whatever the word is.

I don't even know if I was in full-blown sweat mode. The balls were sweating and dripping. I had to get two tiles underneath my chair just to make sure I didn't flood my office. That's how sweaty I was. He was just going to be the total rat that everybody hates to see bouncing. Betty's regenerating, sitting in a building, not moving, waiting for people to come to him, There are two different types of play.

Styles, he finished with a 2.5 KD. I finished with a 2.39. Some people are going to look at that and say he had a better game; he had a better KD. Right, everything's about KD. At the end of the day, for some people, he had 10 kills. 10 kills in four. I had 55 kills. Explain to me who did better.

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He did this on purpose. This is not how he plays normally, but it's crazy to see how boring this is. Where I'm talking about all that, I continue to see people say it's a skill issue on my part. I should be able to kill them. I should be able to check my corners. I should be able to tell that there might be a Claymore behind this door.

I understand it, but the problem with this is: what does this create? What does this gaming style mean? This type of play? Within the game, Call of Duty is a fast-paced game, whether you like it or not. Back in the day, it was a little slower, so that's why a lot more people camped, as well as a lot of people were playing on 55-inch TVs.


If you don't remember, we don't have monitors like we did back in the day. Compared to what we did back in the day, not many people played on small TVs, and we're in full-blown sweat mode. Not many people do that nowadays; everybody does. Basically, most people have the equipment to play better, be able to see, and not have any excuses, whatever.

But the problem with this is that it's creating slow games to the point where if I play free for the majority of the games are going to the time limit means I can't get 30 kills in 10 minutes. That's a problem. Why is it happening? There's a common theme. Everybody's not moving. The other problem is they don't like to use the movement because they can't do the movement; they can't slide, so they're not able to do that.

They all think it's a realistic game. Call of Duty lost its realistic, motto or realistic type of play style a long time ago wasn't me doing it was them it's call of duty right now man we got ducks running around we got [__] zombies running around, we got [__] Rick Grimes is the [__]. Rick, Running around in Call of Duty.

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We have Nicki Minaj and our fat asses running around in Call of Duty, and you're telling me that this game is realistic. Get in my face, we got shotguns; we got snipers, not shotguns. I shouldn't say shotguns; we have snipers getting hit markers when shot in the chest. Explain to me how that's real if you get shot by a sniper in real life.

Good God, God bless you. You're going to heaven or hell right then and there. You won't even know what happened that quickly. You want to talk to me about realism. Get out of my face. Get out of my face with it. Camping is a [__] virus in this game. I don't care what anybody says. If you are not able to use movement, if you are not able to put on some dead silence covert sneakers and run around the map, if you're not able to win a gunfight, I'm sorry.

This is not the game for you. You need to move around. You need to move around; there's a difference between them. Killing people and then, once in a while, slowing down your gameplay and finding a spot to chill for a bit—that's not camping; that's being smart. If I'm on a streak. I'm going to slow down, go watch my shipment double nuke, and for my first nuke.


I sit in that middle container when I'm on a 24 or whatever kill streak is slowing down, so I make sure I get to 30, but there's a difference between that and what short is doing. Shorty dies and goes right back to the building. Shorty dies, sits, finds a new building, puts down a bounce B, and doesn't move by the time you make this.

God bless you. I know you're bored as [__]. Because it took him a while to get his first kill, I'm not going to blame him. Not many people are going to go to this. This is freaking, hard points, or dominance. Whatever it may be, this is dominance. Yeah, ain't nobody going to come into this back building trying to go to him, and if they do, they're dead.

It is what it is, but, my guys, I just think it's a problem in the community; it's a straight divide. People actually think camping is a skill; it takes no effort; it takes no skill to do this, and a lot of people say it's a skill issue. On my part, it ain't a skill issue; it's just a problem when I'm on a 10 or 15 or 20 kill streak and I die to a rat like you.

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That's the only problem, and the craziest thing is anybody who talks about camping or backs up camping. In my articles, I just know you're a I know you're a [__] and that's okay; you can get better, though I'm telling you can get better. It's not scary to move around the map; it's not scary to put on some dead silent sneakers and put on an SMG; and to run around a little bit, it's not scary.

I promise you that when you get on a little streak, you can slow down a bit. That's the only way you're going to get better, but Rick Why are you taking a article game so seriously? Why are you playing the game? Why are you playing the game? If you're going to say that to me, do you want, like, are you playing the game?

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Do you really think that what Shorty is doing right now is worth your time? Why don't you go outside and make some more money? Why don't you go outside and just walk your dog? Why don't you go to the gym and exercise? Isn't that more fun than what this guy is doing right here right now? But you think this is fun that I just I mean, do I take this article game seriously?

Yes, I do, because I want to do good. If I'm in something, if I'm in a sport, I want to do good. If I'm in a article game, I want to do well. If I'm in school, I want to do well in whatever I'm doing. If I'm at work, I want to do whatever I'm going to do. I'm going to put my full, entire, 100% effort into it.

First collab with ShortyIndex, enjoy his CAMPER gameplay lol. This is to show you how boring and slow some people are within this game and how it creates toxic gameplay in Call of Duty. Sub to SHORTY.
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