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But with this. I've been pretty busy for the past several days, so I haven't really had too much time to play, but I've been seeing a lot of reports from people, a lot of people tweeting me or leaving comments or Reddit posts with people saying that they felt like the spawns got worse. However, almost all of these claims were on the tiny maps in the game, and I don't typically play the tiny maps.

I actively avoid them because I'm just not a fan of that sort of mindless chaos experience personally, so when it comes to these tiny maps. I couldn't really confirm these claims because I don't play them enough to know what the spawns are supposed to be like to begin with, and honestly, typically, when you see complaints about spawns on shipment, the immediate response is. Well, of course you're playing shipment; obviously the spawns are going to be bad, so I didn't think too much of it.

Why i believe they changed spawns

Why i believe they changed spawns

However, now that I finally had some time to sit down and play the game, something definitely feels like it changed pretty drastically, and I'm almost certain it has to do with spawns now.

I just want to be clear up front here that this is almost entirely based on feel, and I'll admit it's technically possible that I was just playing against some really weird players that play in really strange ways game after game for an entire gaming session, and that's the reason the game wasn't flowing like normal in saying that, though I was starting to get a pretty good handle over the spawns in Domination to the point where I was able to predict them fairly intuitively.

And yet lately that intuition wasn't working anymore, and I was noticing things were just flowing in a really strange manner, and as a result. I'm quite confident that they have made some adjustments to the spawns in this game. It's definitely feeling a lot worse now than it was pre-patched, and as far as when this changed, I don't believe it was RA at the beginning of season 1.

I think this is one of the updates that we've had since season 1 launched, but like I said. I haven't had enough time to sit down and grind for a little while, so I'm not entirely sure exactly when this change happened, but it seems to have happened within the past week or so.

New trends i've noticed with spawns

New trends i've noticed with spawns

And I just wanted to list out some of the trends that I've been noticing that felt different with the spawns in Domination.

The first big one is that it doesn't feel like the spawns are anchoring nearly as heavily as they were a couple weeks ago to the flags that your team holds. And that's a huge part of dominance, but I've noticed several instances in my past couple gaming sessions where myself, my teammates, or sometimes even enemies are spawning in situations where it's nowhere near the flag that they hold, despite the fact that, as far as I can tell based on the mini map and how things have been flowing in previous VI L, there's plenty of safe space for them to spawn near the flag that their team holds.

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I mean, here's just one example of domination on AATE: We just lost the B flag, and it was under enemy control before I spawned into the game here. Therefore, the only flag that my team holds is the C flag, and yet it spawned me at a B spawn, which is really strange because the C flag has a lot of spawns available, especially secondary spawns.

There's plenty of secondary spawns for the C flag, and in domination, if you're holding an uncontested flag, you should be spawning on that flag almost every single time with very few exceptions. And looking at this one from the enemy perspective, I kind of feel bad for them. That would be a very strange spawn to try to predict; they just captured the B flag; they shouldn't be expecting me and my team to spawn on the B flag.

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That's just one example. Here's another example from the same gaming session from the game you're actually watching throughout this article, since I was running into this a lot throughout this gameplay, just really strange situations. But this one was the most strange in this situation. My team holds A and B, and we are pushed up in the direction of the C flag, but none of my teammates have touched the C flag; none of the enemies have touched the A flag at this point, and there's definitely still room for the enemy team to be spawning on this general side of the map.

We were definitely approaching what could have ended up being a spawn flip, but I am quite confident that a couple weeks ago I wouldn't have spawned here; I would have spawned somewhere around the A flag, because that's what I fully expected, so there we go. Just a couple examples I noticed from yesterday's gaming session where it seems like the spawns just don't have that same attachment that they used to the flags that your team holds.


And when you don't do this can lead to some very confusing flow on the map because you see that the enemy has a flag they have room to spawn at their flag so of course that's the general direction that you're expecting enemies to be coming from, however recently I've been noticing enemies popping up in some really strange places that I really don't expect them to be in because they don't seem to be tied as heavily to the flags that you're holding as for the next Trend that I was noticing this is a lot more mid map spawns and this may tie in a little bit with that first factor that I mentioned but I've been noticing several situations where spawning toward the middle of the map rather than on the ends of the map or even the edges of the map on the sides, and those types of spawns are really difficult for anybody to predict and then on top of that it feels awkward to spawn in those positions because you could be potentially surrounded you have to worry about.

360° and that's why, generally speaking, and as far as I could tell before this update, that was an extremely rare occurrence that you would almost never run into, and yet I've been running into that a fair amount with these recent gaming sessions, and the best example of this I have is on Subbase.


I actually ran into this several times in the same match yesterday, where myself or my teammates would keep spawning in this location here between the B flag and the a flag, and the weird part is that this was happening a lot while the enemy team held the a flag. Now normally, if the spawn is going to flip here, they really push into the C flag like they did in this situation, for instance.

Typically, what you'd see here is a full spawn flip, where my team starts spawning on the flag and the enemy has now claimed the c-pawn as their spawn. My team spawns all the way on the other side of the map at the flag, so then they capture that, and that's just a textbook spawn flip, but in this situation.

Lately, I've been hearing a lot of new complaints about spawns in Modern Warfare III but I haven't had much time to play until yesterday and I definitely feel something has changed with the spawn logic and it feels much worse now compared to a week or two ago.
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