News - The New Soa Subverter Warzone 2 (interstellar Unlocked)

interstellar camo

A brand new battle rifle, the S SOA subverter, and just like every other weapon in that category except the sidewinder. It's pretty good if you want to unlock the interstellar camo. You'll have to complete the same four base camo challenges that all battle rifles share—that's 50 kills while in full auto.

10 kills with a magnified scope and 15 head shots The mastery challenges are two headshots in a single life, 10 times. I don't know if we've seen this one before; I didn't recognize this challenge, and I don't feel like I've ever done it before. It's easy nonetheless. You'll also have to get 25 clean kills with a suppressor equipped.

I still don't know what a clean kill is to this day. I don't know if you have to kill an enemy without them damaging you or without a teammate damaging them, or if you have to clean the CEO of Activision's car while playing the game. To round things off, you'll have to get three kills with a single magazine.

mw3 soa subverter

You got to do it 15 times, but there is a 50-round mag, which makes this challenge a little bit easier to do, and after that's done, you unlock in or Stellar. I don't know how many of you are going for the weapon Grand Mastery challenges as well, but every time a new DLC weapon comes out. I always complete the 10,000 kills using all the Mastery camos to unlock not only the calling cards but the weapon charm itself, and as per usual, the weapon charm is glitched or bugged for now, and you can't actually equip it yet.

Even if you've done all the challenges, you can randomly unlock it later in the season and actually equip it. I don't know the reason, and I honestly don't really care. There is a bug that works in our favor with this weapon. If you go into the Mastery calling card challenges in the menus, you'll notice that the gold calling card requires a single kill to unlock all those challenges.

It's a really nice shortcut. It would be nice if it were this way for the interstellar calling card challenge, or maybe even all four. I'll still take 100 fewer kills. The map I'm playing on is also very familiar; it's from Call of Duty: Vanguard, but I bet most people don't even know what that game is.

mwiii soa subverter

You probably know it by its more popular name. Call of Duty van goated D House is back in Vanguard. Its 24/7 playlist was the go-to for the atomic camel grind until shipment was eventually added, but even then, most people still preferred this map. It has a lot of great Close Quarters areas, any gun in the entire game, including everything in Modern Warfare 3, can get long shots down the middle Lane, and spawn trapping is extremely easy, and it's not like shipment spawns, where it's just kind of a gamble of where the enem is spawning; sometimes they're even spawning behind you, and that does happen in D house, but if you pay attention to where your team is, the spawns are so predictable, and you can sit and spawn trap the entire game, which makes for easy camo grinding.

soa subverter

Even if you're not interested in unlocking anything, it's a great way to come home at the end of the day after work or school. Even if you're that unemployed friend who's just doing random side quests, you can just sit down and have a good time. I want to quickly circle back to camo grinding. Modern Warfare 3 has to be the easiest game to unlock Mastery Camos, and I don't even think you could contest any other game against it other than Nuke Town.

There's every good small map that we've used for camo grinding over the past decade, including the SOA subverter. There are a handful of DLC weapons that you're able to replace with weaker categories, like launchers and snipers. Without touching them, you're going to unlock those Mastery camo, and that goes for the Modern Warfare 2 weapons as well.

If you're someone who's sat on the fence about unlocking a Mastery Camo, this is the game to do it. You don't even have to be that skilled at the game to unlock them, and don't take that as an insult when comparing the interstellar and even the Orion grind to Damascus. You could complete one of these in a weekend where Damascus would at least take a month of your time as far as Thea goes in multiplayer.

soa subverter build

It's almost a mirror image of performance for the bass B, so it's going to be one of the best guns in the game for attachments. I have the Dozer 990 long barrel, and the x10 Phantom hand stop is under the barrel. Of course, you have to run that 50-round mag, the PCS 90 assault rear grip, and the Motion V2 heavy stock.

Even though the build I've been using isn't the best thing you could use for close-range maps, I've still been able to handle my own on Das House. I haven't used it in War Zone at all, but I wouldn't be surprised if it's one of the new meta weapons to use in ranking considering the MTZ 762 was recently nerfed, and that's what everyone, including myself, was using before today's update, which makes me feel so bad for those players who really love zombies.

I used to be one of them. Zombies was my favorite game mode in Black Ops 3. I ate, slept, and breathed. The Ether story line with season 2 being zombie themed, you think there would be a lot of content to do on the Modern Warfare zombie side of things, but nope. I think they got a new update to the sigil, or however those works.

soa subverter camo challenges

I haven't even touched that portion of zombies yet, and I don't think I ever will. I unlocked Bioluminescent and Borealis, and I am completely content. I will never touch those again. I'm currently on the fence about whether I want to go for the zombies to complete Grand Mastery challenges for either Modern Warfare 2 or Modern Warfare 3, unless they have the coolest calling cards ever that I get to show off or there's some bigger incentive over their weapon charms.

I kind of don't really care about them, and I could be content never doing them ever, and that could change in a couple months from now. I might gain the motivation to try it or may even end up completing the challenge at some point, but as of right now, just with how they've treated zombies. I don't have any interest in the mode at all, and man, it feels like such a fall from grace because.

soa subverter class

I mean,. Zombies were my bread and butter up until the Cold War. Rest in peace, Z House. It's backwards that being said, I've really enjoyed Modern Warfare 3. So far, the ranked experience in multiplayer and War Zone has been extremely fun. Fingers crossed it stays that way because I've only seen one of the camo grinds.

I don't think I have to say it; they've been the highlight of the game for me. And for the first time in a long time. I've been coming home from school and playing the game just for entertainment without feeling like I need to complete some sort of challenge or unlock something, and that's still my favorite aspect of the game.

I unlocked all the camos and completed the grand mastery challenge for the new SOA Subverter in Modern Warfare III.
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