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In today's article. I dropped 46 kills using the best longrange AR call SOA subverter on Rebu Island, so I'm going to break down every single attachment I was running on this build to make it one of the best zero recoil long range weapons, so jumping straight into the first attachment for the zero recoil.

Class setup

SOA subverter Loadout: We do want to start with the barrel. The barrel we want to use is the Dozer 90 long-range barrel, which is going to increase our damage range and recoil control. As you can see, we get a 10% increase in both effective and minimum damage range and a 5% increase in bullet velocity, while for the recoil, for the barrel, we decrease our recoil gun kick by 12% and both our vertical and horizontal.

best 3 loadout

By 10%, this is going to deal insane damage during long-range gun fights while having zero recoil. Next up, we are going to throw on our optic, and the optic we are going to throw on is the best optic in the game called Jack Glassless, which gives us the least visual recoil and is really good to use on resurging maps if you're someone that likes a 2.5x.

Time scope: you can throw on the Cal Eagle 2.5x, which is the best long-range scope in the entire game. We need to throw on a rare grip to get that extra recoil control, and the rare grip we're going with is the PCS 90 assault grip, which is going to decrease our recoil gun kick by 10% and give us a decrease on both horizontal recoil by 7%, which is going to make this gun super easy to control and use before finishing this build.

best soa subverter class

The next option that we're going to go with is a magazine, and the best option we got was the 50-round drum. This is definitely going to be more useful for trios and quads, and since we're playing solo quading on Rebirth Island, we definitely need this mag. Now the fifth and final attachment to throw on this build you can use as the cast this breakout, which is going to give us extra recoil control and firing aim stability, and we get a huge decrease at 18% on horizontal recoil, making this gun super liable during long range gun fights.

Here's the full insane SOA subverter build. I used this article to drop 46 kills on Rebor Fing, and using this build will have you lasering people all over the map, so make sure you guys stay and watch the full article. I hope you guys enjoy it. Let's get into the

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