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I found a massive exploit when it comes to the weapon Grand Mastery challenge in Modern Warfare 3. We all know of interstellar and borealis. And if you didn't know, there's a further grind that you can complete after unlocking those camos, and that's the weapon Grandmaster challenge in the gunsmith.

You can find these challenges next to your camo customization. To complete a grand mastery challenge on any weapon, you have to get 100 kills with the Gilded Camo 200, 300 with Priceless, and 400 with Priceless. With Interstellar, when you complete one of these camo challenges, you'll unlock a weapon emblem and calling card for whatever you're working on.

If you complete all four, you unlock a charm dedicated to that weapon. That's not how you complete the weapon, Grandmas challenge Overall, you'll have to repeat this for 36 unique weapons, regardless of what they are. There's more than 36 weapons now to choose from in Modern Warfare 3, so you get your pick of the crop, and just like with normal camel grinding, you can skip out on some of those more annoying weapons to deal with.

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Once you complete 1, 000 kills with the Mastery camos on 36 weapons, you'll unlock the grand Mastery reward. If you knew about the Grand Mastery Challenge last year, it worked the exact same except you had to use the Modern Warfare 2 weapons and respective camos. This year, there's been a big difference.

You don't have to follow the same order as you unlock the camos for the calling card challenges for any weapon in the game. If you've already unlocked all the camos before starting this challenge, you can go straight ahead to your interstellar one and unlock the rewards. Now you won't unlock the weapon charm until you complete all four, but if you're only interested in getting the calling cards, there's a nice workaround.

And that's not the exploit I found. I was playing Invasion, trying to complete the Storm Ander calling card challenges, which is the only challenge as of right now where you don't have to get kills. All you have to do is destroy enemy equipment field upgrades or kill streaks, and while playing invasion, there's lots of UAVs being called in all the time to destroy.

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And in between UAVs, it can get kind of boring sitting at the back of your spawn, so I went to the enemy spawn and killed some enemy bots just to pass some time. They fell from the sky and were constantly deployed from helicopters, which means you can do something while you wait. This is what I noticed at the end of this match.

Not only did I make progress on the stor Ender from shooting down uavs and fatting the odd Claymore, but the weapon that I was carrying—I don't remember what it was—was probably some AR or battle rifle. I noticed I had a lot of weapon progression when I didn't kill a lot of actual enemy players; I was just killing bots, and that's when it hit me like Chris Brown: Killing bots is an invasion for whatever reason.

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Count towards your grand mastery progression, and now, with just my luck, I have three or four weapons left to go before I unlock the grand mastery reward itself. And I felt kind of stupid that I never even thought about this in the first place, so if you're working on the grand mastery challenge yourself or even just want to unlock your favorite weapons calling cards, you can use Invasion at least up until it gets patched, because there's no way this was an intended game feature.

You definitely have the question in the back of your mind right now, and I've tried it. No, it doesn't work for camo progression. If you're unlucky enough to come across this challenge, after this method gets patched, you're going to have to rely on those small map 24/7 playlists, like Shipment and Ass House, and you'll be getting the most kills towards your progression there.

Of course, you can play whatever multiplayer mode you want. It just might not be as efficient. So what happens when you complete all of this grinding for Modern Warfare 3? You would expect some pretty cool rewards because not only did you unlock the Mastery camo, but you also took the extra step and completed Grand Mastery, so the reward is going to be pretty good.

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If you know anything about Modern Warfare 2 and how this challenge went last year, you know that I was rewarded. With the coolest keychain in the world, this thing looks, well, sick. Yeah, and that's the only thing that you unlock as of right now; it's the same thing that happened last year, and I'm hoping fingers crossed—actually, no fingers and toes crossed.

They add an emblem and calling card later on to showcase the entire grind. The same thing happened with Modern Warfare 2. You only unlocked the keychain and got the calling card and emblem. Later on, the weapon charm itself is the exact same as last year, the only difference. Instead of two green bars for Modern Warfare 2, we now have three red bars for Modern Warfare 3, so eventually that calling card and emblem will get added.

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I genuinely expect it to be the exact same, but red this time. If you were around during Modern Warfare, you might remember the obsidian camo, which was the fourth mastery camo added to the game shortly after the launch of War Zone, and even though mastery camo itself wasn't that hard to unlock, you at least unlocked the camo for some extra challenges, and eventually there was a weapon mastery added to that game.

The challenges were more than just kills; you had to get 75 kills while sliding; that was just an example of one of them, but eventually, if you completed it on every base weapon in the game, you also got a grand mastery calling card. But in that game, it actually showcased all four of the mastery cards, including obsidian.

So there was at least some context to what you completed as a challenge. Yeah, it still wasn't the greatest of rewards, but there was that extra level of explanation. If you look at the Modern Warfare 2 calling card, it is an emblem, unless you get your microscope out to read how small it says Grandmaster.

Most people won't know what the calling cards or emblems are; that's just straight-up unfortunate, and we're talking to a wall when we ask for an extra camo, something other than a keychain weapon charm. There's some guns where you're not even able to see weapon charms, and there's the launchers and knives where you can't even equip them in the first place.

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On one hand, it's really nice that we have extra challenges to work towards after Interstellar, so for someone like me who likes to complete the rarest and hardest challenges in the game, there's something extra for us to do. It would just be nice if the other hand had a reward. Maybe it had some sort of resemblance to showing how hard that challenge was at the end of the day.

The hardest challenge in Modern Warfare 3 makes unlocking Interstellar seem easy.
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