News - Goodbye Ram 7. Hello Soa Subverter (warzone 3)

ram 7

I'm going to be showing you guys the best.

Class setup

Class setup

ram 7 3

SOA subverter setup that you guys should all be using after the most recent update the SOA subverter, is now the fastest killing AR in primary that you could be using in war zone right now and on top of that it also has incredible, recoil control in great bullet velocity, for our first attachment on the SOA we're going to be checking on the Dozer 90 long barrel the reason using this long barrel, it's going to boost our bullet velocity and our damage range ensuring that we hit the hardest from far away and don't have to lead our bullets very much and on top of that it's also going to help with our gun kit control it Cana the smoothness of The Recoil pattern on the gun and it's going to help with our general recoil control you look at the bonuses here it does all of this just for a slightly slower ads, speed and a little bit worse ads movement speed something which you probably won't notice for attach number two we're going to be chucking on the bruan, heavy support, under Barrel the reason we're using this under Barrel is because it's going to help significantly.

Reduce the annoying horizontal recoil you get on this gun. This gun has very annoying side-to-side bounces that kind of seem to happen almost randomly towards like the back half of the magazine when you're firing at somebody, and this is going to kind of help out with that by removing 8% of the horizontal recoil and smoothing out the recoil pattern by 10%.

And on top of that, it also helps with the firing aim stability, something you don't actually see in the stats of the gun, but a difference you can 100% feel when using the gun to attach. At number three, we're going to be chucking on the 50-round mag. You are going to need as much ammo as possible on this in the default mag of 20.

ram 7 3 loadout

This isn't enough in 30 rounds, which is honestly not enough either, in a hectic map like rebirth or for like rank resurgence. Now, before I show you guys the last attachments, G is doing a huge sale, and you guys can save it with my discount code, KP. I'm also ranking up Wars on ranked accounts all season long, so if you guys are interested in that, join the rank-boosting Discord and I'll be sure to help you out.

Attached to numbers four and five, you have a couple of different options. Here, we're going to start off with the muzzle. For number four, most people agree, myself included, that the Cass Break muzzle or the TLR8 muzzle are the best muzzles now, to kind of compare and contrast the two. The Cassis break has a little bit faster ad speed; it's only going to slow our ads by 4%.

That's going to help out with just strictly the horizontal recoil giving 18%, extra horizontal recoil control, and if you really struggle with the recoil control, especially with this Cassis, which I recommend you try first anyway. I would take off the Cassis and use the Ty LR8. Now, the reason I don't recommend using this right away is because it has significantly slower ads.

ram 7 best class setup

You are going to be seeing some more recoil benefits though for that significantly slower ad speed because this is going to remove 27% of the horizontal recoil, so 9% more horizontal recoil control than that. Cassis, and it's also going to help with our vertical recoil and that smoothest of The recoil pattern overall: if you want a zero recoil gun, you don't care about how fast AIMS uses it or if you just struggle with the recoil; otherwise, in my opinion.

I think you should use the cast as it's the perfect happy medium, and now for attaching at number five, you also have a couple of different options. Most people are using an optic, such as the Jack Glassless, optic, or the quo eagley, sight. Now I personally have tried the iron sights, and I definitely have a preference for the iron sights, which also frees up an attachment for more recoil control, but if you prefer to have an optic on your guns, you know what I'm about to say: just use one of these two optics.

I'm going to use my fifth attachment slot here on the Motion V2 heavy stock. This stock is going to help with our recoil control, removing 12% of our horizontal and vertical recoil control, and it's going to help speed out our recoil pattern by 10%. This is going to increase your ad speed a little bit, but, to be honest with you guys, I think it's well worth it.

That's all of the different SOA class setups that you guys need to know about. Buy a couple of those out. If you guys have any questions, I'll get back to you guys ASAP. I literally read and replied to every single one with that. I hope you guys enjoy the 42 Kill game.

42k gameplay

42k gameplay

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