News - My Honest Review Of Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded


I've got the new weapons. I played around with them. I played on the new map, and there's only one; it's not even technically a new map. It's just going to be a remake of Dos House from Call of Duty. Vanguard and all the other cool, interesting things that were promised to us for season 2 reloaded are apparently going to be coming out with a future update as we get closer to season 3, so as of right now.

I just have to say, season 2 reloaded is kind of meh, man, like honestly, it's not really all that fun for me personally, although I don't think that I am the target demographic. This update is right here, and let me explain why I am sick and tired of meat grinder maps coming into Cod. I understand that for the vast majority of players, those might just be the most popular maps because you get the most kills and the most weapons.

XP, level up your guns, level up your characters, and do your challenges. Get your camos and all that stuff right; I understand why people like them. Maps like shipment Maps like Doss House Maps and Rust Maps like Stash House need I go on how many tiny ass meat grinder maps do we need here in Modern Warfare 3.

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It's actually kind of getting ridiculous if you ask me for it personally. I have way more fun playing game modes like 10 vs. 10, 12 vs. 12, and even war. That new war map that came out is actually pretty fantastic, although it came out well before the season 2 reloaded update. I have a feeling that a lot of people, when they play COD, aren't actually playing it because they want to enjoy the game.

I think they're playing it just because they like any form of progression that they might get from the game, whether that's getting their camos leveled up, their guns leveled up, their character, or things like that. I feel like people are always going to take the path of least resistance, and as such, they spend the majority of their time just playing on these tiny, tiny maps where the spawns are terrible.

You're constantly being shot from behind, and your spawns are always going to be flipping back and forth. And, again, it's a meat grinder map. You don't really have to think you don't even have to have your headset on. Just, you know, put on a Netflix show in the background and just run around and shoot people and just watch all the numbers.

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Go and do some people. That's fine i understand that for people who don't have that much time to play, they just want to hurry up and get their guns leveled up so they can go and do other things. I understand that, but for me. I'm looking for more substance out of the multiplayer maps that come to the game, and I will say to Sled Chamber's credit, a lot of the DLC maps that they have put out have been fantastic.

Rio is honestly one of my favorite maps that have been released in years. I would say Greece overall has grown on me. I'm definitely enjoying that the war map that they put out so far has been fantastic. But overall, we haven't really gotten a whole lot of new, original maps with the DLC seasons that we've had so far here within Modern Warfare 3.

I'm still enjoying playing the old school Modern Warfare 2 maps; it's really fun, especially in 10 V10 and 12 V12, but again, they're not new, and as somebody who's played the franchise since 2007, you know I'm used to those Modern Warfare 2 maps. There's nothing new that's going to happen to me on Quarry.

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You know there's something new. I'm not going to see anything crazily new in a state or anything like that; I know the maps and know what to expect. I enjoy the maps, but I also enjoy newer experiences. Within my Call of Duty game and bringing back Dos house, at first I was kind of excited for it, but then I remembered.

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What it was like to play on dos house which is just a whole bunch of nonsense pretty much it's a meat grinder map that's all it is you know and that may be fun if you're getting the new battle rifle the SOA subverter here which I've been using throughout the entirety of this article, you know that gun's fun it's not the best gun in the world by any stretch of the imagination but it's something new and the camos that come with it that you can unlock are also pretty awesome, and then of course you can go for Interstellar, on it if you choose to do that the challenges aren't really that tedious, but overall I just I feel like season 2 reloaded didn't really add a whole lot of new content to The Game season 2 itself was pretty good I don't really care for Stash House overall because, again, it's that kind of map, but the other two maps that they added were pretty damn good, so we're getting a good amount of content here.

It's just that I wish more and more and more of it would be original, and I wish more of it would be actual multiplayer maps as compared to being like, Are you tired of the shipment? Well, how about we add a shipment plus Are you tired of the shipment? How about shipment plus? You know, that kind of just seems to be the direction they're taking Modern Warfare 3 right now, which for me personally is not the biggest fan for other people.

Sure, if you want to play on these tiny, tiny maps all the time, then having variety is good, and I definitely think they're trying to cater to those players who prefer that kind of gameplay experience, but for me. I'm just not a massive fan. I mean, the new battle rifle is fine, and the new melee weapon being able to counter riot shields is hilarious.


I'm actually very happy they added that to the game, but ultimately. I think season 2 reloaded is nothing more than an update. As we get ready for season 3, which at the time of this article being recorded is just over 20 days, or under a month from now, we're going to be seeing the launch of season 3, and with season 3, we are reportedly going to be getting an advanced Warfare season.

Now that information actually came out early on in the Modern Warfare 3 life cycle leaks and data mines were coming through and people were saying and showing in fact in the game files that weapons from Advanced Warfare, which was Sledgehammer, first full-on Cod that they made all by themselves, weapons from that game are going to become weapons like the EM1 weapons like the asm1 submachine gun, the ball 27 assault rifle, and of course the Moors sniper rifle.


Now if they're adding in advanced Warfare weapons into Modern Warfare 3, then that leads me to believe it's going to be more of an advanced Warfare-themed season. I don't think we're necessarily going to be getting jetpacks or anything like that, but we may see a limited time mode where they bring back things like EXO suits and things like that.

We've seen some pretty crazy limited-time modes so far here within Modern Warfare 3, so to say they're not going to bring back advanced movement for some particular game modes is certainly not out of the question, but I'm also a bit concerned if they're going to be theming all of season 3 around Advanced Warfare.

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