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Confirmed the long-range meta has finally shifted with the recent release of season 3. There were a bunch of buffs to nurse, and the ram even caught a pretty heavy Nerf, so we've been searching for the next best thing, which turns out to be the SOA subverter. Now this gun's always been a pretty solid option, especially for the small maps with the release of Rebirth Island.

this gun is actually now the best longrange weapon to use now if we check out over on true game data we can see that once these guns are fully built up with the attachments, so for the ram 7 this was what was considered the meta for the last season and pretty much the season before with attachments and the S SOA subverter also with the attachments updated, for the new season we can see that the ttk is substantially different even out to 25.15.

For the SOA subverter, it's far more dominant and also out to another 4610, and so on and so forth, it's now the best gun to use for long range, especially for the likes of Rebirth Island. Now this gun feels good; it's got a fast time to kill, is really good at long range, and is actually really dominant on Rebirth Island.

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Soa subverter loadout

Soa subverter loadout

All right, and here is the loadout for the S SOA subverter, the new long-range metal to use, especially on Rebirth Island, for the muzzle. We're using Zimon. 35-compensator flash hider Now this is for your horizontal vertical recoil; this gun does have a bit of an s-shaped recoil pan, which we'll check out later.

For the barrel, we're using the Dozer 90 long barrel, which has a minimum damage range, bullet velocity, and some more recoil control. Now for the optic, we're using the Jack Glass optic; this is our preference. You can see that this does have a little 1% lower ad speed but doesn't really do anything.

We're using the BR heavy support grip for the underbarrel recoil control horizontal as well. Once again, this is still a very good attachment, even though it did get a slight Nerf in the recent season 3 update, and if 50 round, 50 round drum. You need those bullets, especially when you're playing quads and everything.

Soa subverter dummy test

All right, and here is the test with the dummies with three: use. Just got to try and control that recoil, which can.

Soa subverter recoil pattern

Soa subverter recoil pattern

be a little bit difficult all right, and here is a test of the recoil pattern, which you'll see is all fully built with the attachments on, so this is the recoil pattern. As you can see, it's got a little bit up to the left, then to the right, and then to the left again.

A sort of s-shaped pattern can be quite hard to control, which is very similar to what the rams were all about. So there you go, guys. I hope you enjoy it. I put this gun on Domino's Rebirth Island. If you enjoy it, please like, subscribe, and make sure to follow. We'll catch you in the next

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