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Modern warfare 3 update 1.40 released!

Modern warfare 3 update 1.40 released!

You guys can actually pre-download the official. Season 2 Reloaded Update. So if you guys check for your updates on your console depending on what you play on, you guys will see that update 140 is now available, and let's go ahead and dig deep into what we're getting when it comes to Modern Warfare 3 season 2 midseason update, or we could say season 2 reloaded.

Mw3 daus haus remake confirmed!

I like to say that with that being said, in Call of Duty, they made a tweet a couple of days ago saying that we're going to be getting the 6v6 map. Das Hos Bounty and Jugger MOS game modes, a new zombie story mission. Dark Eternity Rift Warlord, new schematics, and a new research vessel POI on Fortune keep new weapons, challenges, events, and more.

Now the biggest thing about this is the fact that we're going to be able to play the remaster version of Dasos. If you guys remember this from Call of Duty: Vanguard, it was a really old map, and now they're remaking it here in Modern Warfare 3. If you guys are curious about the file size of the new update, it's about 12.2 GB.

It's a really large update, so make sure you get it installed. Now back to Dasos. You guys remember what it looks like on Call of Duty: Vanguard? Well, this is what it looks like. Let's take a look at this trailer here.

Mw3 season 2 reloaded zombies content!

Mw3 season 2 reloaded zombies content!

So yeah, we're going to be getting some multiplayer maps and some new game modes. That's also cool, but let's talk about Modern Warfare 3 zombies. what content can we expect within the new midseason update we got new story missions, we have the dark ether Rift and you guys can also battle the warlord KES, all right that will be another one here in Modern Warfare 3 zombies and we have new schematics as well so this is what the warlord CES looks like you guys can see it within this picture right here and then with our new schematics we have the VR1, wonder weapon we have the mags of holding the blood burner key which is also a nice one so you guys will be able to go into this new area within Modern Warfare 3 zombies and you guys can go into the dark ether Rift and you guys are seeing some images here that Activision have provided us and there was also a trailer for this as well so.

I'm happy that zombies are getting some type of content; we're looking at the blood burner. Vehicle right here, and if you guys remember the vr11 wonder weapon from Call of the Deb, it basically turns zombies into humans and it will chase them, so that's also a good thing now for our DLC weapons.

Mw3 soulrender + subverter dlc weapons!

Mw3 soulrender + subverter dlc weapons!

We got the soul render melee weapon, and we also have the subverter, Weapon, here in Modern Warfare 3.

If you guys want to check out some gameplay, I'll come right back and go ahead and check out some new weapons here in Modern Warfare 3 for season 2 Reloaded.

New warzone poi + bunker buster killstreak!

Now moving on for all of my War Zone players out there, we got to get some content for War Zone, and that will be happening for fortunes.

I know a lot of you guys out there don't like Fortune Keep, but you guys will be able to access this new POI location on the map, and it's called a research vessel POI. Explore the wondrous island of Fortune Keep, discover underwater wildlife, treat yourself to some shopping, make new connections, or take it easy in our spa and decontamination station.

Buster kill streak coming to war, Zone, miss, me. So that is what the kill streak will end up doing. It'll basically have a missile come from the sky and just hit your enemy exactly where they are, depending on where you put it. So another thing that's coming to the war zone is the PDS portable.

Godzilla tracers pack confirmed!

Godzilla tracers pack confirmed!

Basically, you guys can stay in the gas a lot longer, basically kill people , and have easier gunfights.

Warhammer 40k cross over revealed!

Also, the Godzilla bundle will be coming out. We got the Warhammer, and crossover is also happening. Here we got another Tracer pack by them coming out called Space Marines, and then we also have a look at them right here in this image right here, so with all of our events, we got Dune Rule of Fate from March 6th to the 13th, and then we have the Warhammer 40, 000, for the Emperor event from March 13th to the 27th, and then we have the vortex decay realm from the 27th of March all the way until April 3rd.

Closing statements + season 3 release date!

April 3rd is basically when season 3 will begin in Modern Warfare 3. We'll have a fresh new road map of new content for the game, so hopefully you guys can enjoy season 2 reloaded until that time comes for season 3.

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