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With the new season 2 reloaded update, there were many Nerfs to top weapons, including the MTZ 762 as well as the Ram 7, so I went on the hunt for the new meta, and in this article, we found one of them meet the new battle rifle that helped me drop 40 kills over on Asik Island, the SOA subverter, easy to control while absolutely slamming people at any range.

Also, if you want to catch me live, follow me over on Kick This. The community usually chills out and just has a great time. With that being said, let's head on over and get this SOA subverted all built up for you guys.

Soa subverter build

All right, we're going to start this build off with the optic. Again, all preferences, but in this article, I was using the Jack glassless optic, one of the newer optics that you unlock with the weekly rewards.


Next up, we have the barrel. This is the Dozer 90-long barrel, helping us out with some bullet velocity and range as well as firing aim stability, gun kick control, and recoil control. Next up is a muzzle I've been using on pretty much every single long-range weapon; it is the z35, a compensated flash hider for the vertical recoil control and horizontal recoil control as well as firing aim stability, and it also shortens your radar ping so you're not showing up on the map as far as just an unsuppressed weapon, so it helps out a ton next up again.

Another attachment I'm using on most of my longrange weapons, my ARS lmgs, battle rifles, anything like that. The brew and heavy support grip are the best on Barrel at the moment for any long-range weapon, helping us out with some gun kick control, aiming idle sway horizontal recoil control, as well as fire and aim stability.

To finish it off, we have the 50-round mag. This defaults to a 20- or 30-round mag, which isn't quite enough if you're playing trios or quads. You might be able to get away with it in solos or duos, but I highly recommend throwing on the 50-round drum. This is the entire build that I was using for this insane 40-kill gameplay over on Asik Island.

If you guys are just here for the build, thanks for tuning in.

40 kill gameplay

40 kill gameplay

Stay alive so your squad can redeploy. Get ready resurgence Windows is about to close; the enemy is destroyed; use your tack map to hunt down the rest of them; and then fire. SES is done, prices are back to normal, and gas

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