News - Double Xp Has Been Broken Warzone 2 Zombies For Months


Double-weapon XP events in zombies have been broken since the weekend that started on January 18th, 2024. On both that event and the one that happened during February, double weapon XP was technically turned on, but the XP cap that zombies have was not raised, so you would still hit that 15, 000. XP soft limit that the mode has almost immediately, and then you'd earn basically nothing for the rest of the match, effectively making Double XP completely useless unless you were expending within the first 15 minutes of your match.

Even though this was happening with the events, the double weapon XP token was actually still working properly, and as of yesterday, it is still working properly where it raises both your XP earn rate and your cap so that you can earn levels beyond level six on a gun in a match of zombies. In the background footage here, you can see that I'm leveling attack Fe with a double XP token, and in the time that I've been talking here.

I've already earned multiple levels for the gun because the double XP token is working as intended, and I made sure to put the full Shields camo on the TAC V just to show that this is a recent clip. This is something that I got last night, and I had the full Shields camo because I had grinded out the event on Wednesday just to immediately get the camo out of the way.


Now let's contrast this to a clip that I got today where you can tell that immediately there's a massive issue because the XP feed is showing quad XP, and now despite that, the XP is showing that it's being quadrupled. At the end of the match, it said I earned somewhere around 43, 000. XP before any XP multipliers were factored in, because that's how your action report works on MW3.

And then when it went to show me how much rank XP that I earned, it said that I earned over 110, 000, which works out closer to 2.5x and not 4 or 2. But then the biggest gut punch happened, where it showed me how much XP I earned for the SO4. And to put this in context of how bad this was, I killed 1,900 zombies in that match, and it said that the SO4 only earned 9,43,XP.

Unfortunately. I don't have a clip on hand without Double XP active to exactly confirm this, but in previous matches I've grinded weapon XP without Double XP active through token or event, and I've gotten around this many kills. That number should be landing somewhere in the ballpark of 18 to 19, 000 XP, and under the glitched Double XP that we've had in the past two events, that would land somewhere in the ballpark of 23 to 24, 000 XP.

aether tear

Basically, not only is double XP possibly not even active for weapons right now, but the XP cap for those weapons appears to be down to 7,500, or potentially lower from the fact that I got hundreds of kills after the So4 hit level five and only 3 XP counted. Now the reason I'm making a big stink about this whole situation is that I've seen no one talking about this, even though I went on Reddit back in January when I first noticed that this was wrong and people were telling me no, you're wrong, despite me having the evidence on hand then that it was happening and that double XP was broken, and the post basically got ignored.

On top of this, the MW3 Trell Board hasn't said anything about zombies in XP at any point.

Disclaimer If the quality is locked to 360p it is because you are here early to the upload I wasn't going to wait for ages for youtube to render this out in HD for me to publish it, I feel that this is too important to wait for that. Third strike, you're out. I enjoy this game but I'm not going to sit around while more and more about the progression system breaks without Treyarch or Sledgehammer doing anything about it. This wasn't the next video I wanted to make but I had a feeling this was going to have to happen, but I also wasn't expecting it to get this bad.
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