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Day 1 season 2 reloaded content now live!

Day 1 season 2 reloaded content now live!

Welcome back to a brand new article. So with the season 2 reloaded update officially here, there's a lot of brand new content that you might miss out on. There's just so much going on that I don't want you to miss out on or forget about anything. So this article is going to discuss the new classified, battle pass sector of the brand new DLC, weapons, some new features in the game, and so much more.

A quick reminder: I did post a article going over the season 2 reloaded patch notes if you want to know about the weapon balance changes, the new features, and pretty much the UI updates for all the new changes that they made. I did cover that earlier this morning. I do plan on uploading another article to go over the secret changes that they didn't talk about in the patch notes and new features and things that you definitely need to know about as well, so expect the third article.

But anyway, let's go ahead and jump into it.

New jak burnout kit showcase

classified battle pass sector

The first thing I want to talk about is the new classified battle pass sector. This brings in a total of five different rewards that you can claim. These are going to require specific challenges for each of them that you will need to do so they don't go through battle pass tokens or unlock tokens like that.

The first challenge is going to be unlocking the Jack burnout kit, and your requirement is to get five operators or special zombie eliminations. With throwing knives this is a very straightforward challenge you can jump into the new dos house 247, playlist and get that challenge done pretty easily but that will get you the Jack burnout kit which is actually an aftermarket part for the hogre 26 lmg, the surprising cool feature about this is I jumped in the range after I unlocked it and I shot it and if you hold down the trigger for long enough the barrel will start heating up and turning into like a orish, reddish color we saw that with different weapon blueprints but then when you let go it actually catches on fire for a little bit you can inspect this it's a pretty cool little animation but taking a look at the stats it lowers the headshot damage by 5% but increases everything else by three so the upper torso and the lower torso get range by three The leg damage also gets increased by 12, and the range of it drops down the damage range by 84%.

But it raises the minimum damage range and the bullet velocity by 11 and 20%, respectively. And for the recoil control, which is the first thing that I noticed when I was shooting it in the range, it really has high recoil, and you can see why it says it right here in the stats. The recoil gun kick is increased by 23%, the horizontal recoil is slightly reduced by minus two, so it loses 2%, and then the vertical recoil adds another 2%, but the fire rate goes up by 42%.

So maybe you can tune this with other attachments to make it a very good weapon, and this could end up being a possible meta. I haven't had a chance to really try that anyway.

Classified sector rewards & camo showcase

Classified sector rewards & camo showcase

Jumping on to the next challenge, which is going to be getting 10 operator or special zombie melee kills, which is a straightforward challenge, will unlock you the bone dome emblem. The third reward gets you a 1-hour Double XP token and 15 operator kills with either a frag grenade or a seex.

And following that, the next one that we have is going to be getting five operators, kills, or special zombie kills with the butt of a weapon, so pretty much mailing a person while you have a weapon out, and that will unlock the new Grave Robber camo, which is a new camo we haven't seen yet before the unfortunate.

The thing is, it's not animated, and the brightness of it is not really that bright, so it's not the best camo that we have, but this is just a little showcase of what that will look like in the range.

New soulrender melee weapon

And finally, once you complete all the challenges, this last challenge will be available, and that's going to be getting 10 operators or special zombie kills while you are crawling.

The tip that I can recommend for this is to just take advantage of the sliding slide and knife because I saw people Crouch walking trying to get these melee eliminations. And that's not even possible; no one will give you the chance to do that, but that will unlock you to the soul render melee weapon and jump and test it out in the firing range.

It has a really nice animation, and there's a heavy hit with the R2. The first one is that it'll put you on guard, and then after that, you can start attacking with it. The left one is the weaker hit, so that's pretty much what it looks like here.

Soa subverter br & weekly challenges

Soa subverter br & weekly challenges

The next set of new items that we received is the new challenges that this brings in the S SOA subv, battle rifle, and you can complete these challenges in any mode, multiplayer, zombies, or battle royale. You can feel free to mix and match them as long as you complete five out of the seven that are required, and you'll be able to get the brand new weapon.

I tested it out in the firing range. I didn't really put too many attachments, but it definitely looks like it's decently overpowered. We just have to figure out the right attachments, which I will be covering over on the War Zone channel, so if you want to know about metal loadouts and all that good stuff.

I covered it over there anyway, jumping on to the.

Dune rule of fate event & rewards

The next thing is that we have a brand new event that has gone live. This is the Dune Rule of Fate event. It has a total of one week left, so next Wednesday is when it goes away. This is a standard XP-based event, and here are the rewards you get: the emperor's arrival weapon sticker; the second one is the double XP token for 1 hour.

Following that, you have the Oceans of Sand weapon sticker. It doesn't tell you how much XP you need for them, but I only played for like an hour or two, and I was able to knock out half of them, but the next one is another hour. This will be a double-weapon XP token. Following that, you have the ceremonies and the blade weapon charm.

The next reward is going to be the Imperial tent weapon sticker. The next one is the House Corino emblem. Following that, you have a new calling card called the calcus of power. You get a 1 hour, double battle pass XP token, and finally, you will unlock the full shield weapon camo, which we have seen previously.

I'll show you guys an early showcase of what that camo will look like. I believe it is also animated, so that's the good news about this, and then talking about the store update that we have, this is the new.

New store update & free feydakin skin

New store update & free feydakin skin

Doom, Part 2 of the Hekinan Pack has the Hekinan operator Skin, called the Hekinan Hunter for Rip Tide; it also features three different weapon blueprints.

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