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best soa subverter class

Welcome back, YouTube. In today's article, we've got some Battle Royal solo gameplay on Big Map Zikan. We do 19 kills using a subverter, and we secure the war zone. The battle rifle is very good, and I believe it is absolutely perfect for resurgence when you have a lot more mid-range engagements and a lot more close-range firefights.

The S SOA subverter will prevail; however, on the big map, there are a lot more one-shot snipers brewing with the latest conversion kit or even just with things like the VT7 Spirit Fire and the LMGs. The battle rifle is going to fall short in long-range firefights. When you use this battle rifle, you have to position yourself to get your shots.

If you're going to have a long-range fight, you got to make sure it's between 40 and 50 meters because anything greater, you're going to start it's really hard to control the recoil on it, and you got to be hitting your shots out range. Now, this build, I believe, is perfect for close maps, so resurgence and big maps, but just take into account positioning.

Now, all of the gameplay you're about to see from ö Stand is from my live streams. You can come by the live streams and talk to me while gaming to understand my thought process. In the game Broken Than the Kills, I've left parts in when I talk about the battle rifle to share my thoughts further now.

The best soa subverter class setup

The best soa subverter class setup

This is the loadout we were using on Big Map. The only change'I'd make if I were to take this into Resurgence is that you could switch out the Jack glasses optic and put on the Motion V2 heavy stop to give you more recoil. Control, because I don't really think you need the Jack glasses on Resurgence; however, that's dependent on whether you can use iron sight.

So the loadout I use is the CES L, the Brewing pivot vertical grip. The reason we're using the pivot vertical grip is because the Brewing heavy support grip got nerfed in season 3, so make note of that. We then use a Dozer 90-long barrel 50-round drum and the Jack glasses again. Swit out the optic for a stock if you want more recoil and you're happy with iron sights.

I'm going to roll a die. Please subscribe for future war zone content, and I'll catch you guys for the next one.

Battle royale solos gameplay (live commentary)

Peace, all right guys, we're going to be using, yeah, the close range broken SMG retti, and then we're going to be using the S SOA subverter as well. We're going to be hitting up the B station down at the gas station over here.

We're not going to be picking up the Champions Quest, which you can ignore. I do like Resurgence, and I do like Re Island, which I like, but I've never really been a Resurgence player. If I could play Battle Royale solos with Resurgent solos, I wouldn't even think twice about it. Grab this bounty.

Maring contract bounty's pushing in here. Let's go push up towards that 85. We can hold this bounty and get some money. Hereas reloc, let's get it, baby. He's quit the game. GG's baby 19 bomb. Let's go.

Outro/my thoughts.

Outro/my thoughts.

A man Thea I'm telling you, I don't look. I don't know, but mid-range, it hits. You know, like, that's that 50–60 M it hits. I just don't think it's a big map.

In today's video I dive into big map Urzikstan for some BR Solos and test out the SOA Subverter. Season 3 is here and there's a lot of buzz around this Battle Rifle. I had to find out for myself, just how good is it. What Youll Discover.
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