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Rebirth Island is back with season 3 of War Zone, and there is a brand new Easter egg, and what I think might be the most complicated Easter egg we've ever had in War Zone. There are loads of different steps, it's a lot of fun to do, and you get this awesome blueprint as a reward. It's not the only Easter egg on Rebirth Island; there's a few old ones that are still there, like you can pick up all of the different key cards, the Percus Forgotten, and Victor key cards from around the map, and then take them down to Strong Hold and open up some boxes to get some cool stuff, and there's still a couple of vaults that are shut, as well as the original Red Room.

We've seen pictures of that in the blog post, so we know it's going to open at some point, but right now it's shut, so I think this might be the main Easter egg for now, but I wouldn't say it's going to be the only one. Anyway, let's get on with the guide. Everything in this Easter egg can be done in Solo, and I think it would be just as easy to do it in Solo as it is in a group.

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I was doing it with Flynn and Cobb, so a big thanks to them and a massive shout out to Ice Cactus. 47 ruza and Cassian who were all in my stream chat and they solved various steps of this I didn't really solve any of it we just kind of managed to Loop it together and I've made this guide here for you, so the idea behind this whole Easter egg is that over in what used to be Decon but now it's called industry there's a big glass case and on one side of it it's got all of the different armor types and then on the other side it's got the blueprint that you're trying to unlock, next to that blueprint there are three lights that can all be lit up green and the kind of objective across the Easter egg is to complete three separate challenges, in order to get all of those lit up so then you can press the button and open up the case to get the blueprint.

You can complete the challenges in any order, but I think this is probably the most efficient way, so to start off, go and land at the factory, and you're aiming to land on kind of the lower walkway that goes around on the SE side of it. In the middle of that, you'll find a doorway that takes you into the main staircase.

At the bottom of the main staircase, there's a kind of room that you can't get into; it's got a fence over it, but inside that room, there's one of these red, destructible boxes. There's a bunch of them all over the map; they just appeared with the update, and we worked out very quickly that you could destroy them to get a couple of plates out.


This one you can't get to, but you can shoot it, and out of it will pop an ID card, and you need to pick that ID card up. Now that you've got the ID card, you need to run along the coast a little way, or you can jump in the water if there's a bunch of people fighting and you kind of want to avoid it, and you're aiming to get to this little building in Harbor.

If you go to the northeast side of this building, there's a staircase that goes up to a second level, and next to the door there's a little ID card badge reader. That's what you're going to use the ID card on, so you can just interact with it, which will open up the door, and then there's a computer in there that will let you turn the power on.

There's also a note for an extra little bit of law talking about what turning the power on does. There's also a permanent spawn of a UAV there that you can use. I would just activate it right away because it makes the next part much easier, but that is the first challenge completed. You've turned the power on, and it's starting to sound a bit like a proper zombie Easter egg, isn't it?


Remember when we used to have those? For the second part, you're going to carry on going down the coast up to chemical engineering. So in this building, there are many displays with different numbers you're going to have to remember, along with symbols that correspond to them. So for the first one, you need to go up to the very top floor of chemical engineering, and you're trying to get into the west corner of it, the kind of southwest corner of it.

There's a room up there; there's a number on it, and above it, you'll see this display with a number on it, and above it, there's the Russian I think it's like the Z-je symbol or something like that. We kept calling it Sigma, but it's obviously not the sigma letter; it's like a big Russian X anyway.

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Remember what number goes with that symbol anyway, and then you want to go down the stairs to the next floor, and then you'll see one with a W again, not an actual W. Russian letter looks like a w, so a number attached to that one, and then you need to go into kind of the adjoining building, so you're going a little bit further, north.

I guess the north end of the building, and on the wall you should be able to see the third number, and there's like an A type symbol there again. I know it's not really an A, but it looks a bit like an A, so we were calling them Sigma W and a, but just try and make sure in your team that if you're not doing it solo, you've got some way of communicating with each other or remembering it for yourself.

It does help that there will always be a small number, a middle number, and a big number, and to be honest, that's all you really need to remember. To interact with that, you have to hold the interact button for that, and then you'll see the displays show up with the symbols that you've just seen, and obviously they correspond to numbers, and then there's three sort of computer panels that you can interact with.


Now, these have a little bit of a trick to them. One of these panels will increase the numbers for all three of the different symbols; one of them will increase the number for two of the different symbols; and then one of them will increase the number just for one of the symbols. So basically, what you want to do is work out which one does which by experimenting with them and pressing them, and which one increases the numbers for all of them.

Just press that until the smallest number has been reached, so whatever the smallest number out of the three that you've collected is, just interact with the panel that does all of them until you've reached that number. Then you should be able to interact with the one that does two of them, so it'll be one of the other two, and then interact with that until you get it up to the second biggest number, and then finally interact with the third one until you get that up to the biggest number that's part of your code.

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If you overshoot any of them, then you need to go back and press the first button just to reset the entire thing. This whole thing is quite time-consuming, and obviously other people might hear you doing it. This is a room where lots of people come in and out, so it's fairly likely you're going to have to fight people, but once you manage to get all of the numbers right, a bunch of durable gas masks will pop out.

There's a brand new Call of Duty Warzone Easter Egg in Rebirth Island Season 3 - this is the complete Rebirth Island Easter Egg Guide.
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