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fortunes keep easter egg

This Easter egg is so easy; you can do it in the first few seconds of a game and end up with one of the most powerful weapons we've ever seen in a war zone. Yes, it only has 20 shots, but I've managed to get triple kills of it a bunch of times in War Zone, which is just incredible for a player like me to get a triple kill in War Zone, which is basically unheard of.

Some of you might have heard that when this Easter egg first went live with the update, the ray gun didn't do any damage to people. You could just shoot them, and it would do nothing, but it would do damage to you. Thankfully, they fixed that in, like, a couple of hours. They put out a patch really quickly to fix that, so now it's a demon.

It does splash damage, just like it does in zombies. If you shoot someone who's weak, they literally pop. It's an amazing weapon, and in this guide, I'll show you how to get it. This is actually the third Easter egg guide I've done for Fortune Keep. Just based on this season 2 update, there's going to be four.

fortunes keep electric water

I'm going to do another one afterwards, but I've already put up one on how to unlock the special vault underneath Fortune Keep underneath the throne room where there's a load of golden weapons and you can get load-out crates, and there's a ton of stuff down there that's really cool, and I've put out a article on the dragon stirs Easter egg where you can make a firework display over the entire island that everybody can see.

And you get a special weapon camo that you can use on any of the Modern Warfare 3 guns, so check out my channel for those articles. Then we've got one more to come after this, where I'll show you how to break into the bank vault payday style, like literally using drills on safes and everything. So obviously, this article is on Fortune.

And you're going to want to drop in ground zero right in the middle of it, so there's kind of a big, glowing blue area in the middle of the map. Aim right for that, and try to aim right for the middle of it, preferably heading west if you can. Then, when you get to the bottom of the pit, you'll see there's kind of a little sort of tunnel going into the ground.

fortunes keep raygun

If you go in there and you're heading west, you'll see some double doors that you can go through to get into the secret labs. After you've gone through the double doors, you want to take a left and go all the way down that corridor, and then on your right, you're going to see this little kind of side office, and there's a locked door in there that you can't open, and then just kind of along the wall to the right of that, there's a bigger, almost like a blast door type thing that's being wedged open by a crate.

Now normally, when you see stuff like this in a war zone, that means that's an area you can't get into, but in this one, you can just hop on that crate, climb over it, and sneak into this secret area. Now, when you've gotten into this area, you'll see a bunch of water. Do not go into the water; it is electrified.

fortunes keep switches

Now your job is to kind of turn off the electricity that's going into that water so that you can escape this room not through the way you came in but through a separate secret tunnel, so if you hop onto the boxes that are just in front of you should be able to see a kind of red glowing light on the wall that's next to a switch and you can activate this switch now from now on the rest of this is on a timer it's quite a generous timer but if you mess up then the switches will sort of deactivate and you just have to start from the beginning again, but that's not going to be a problem for you so once you've done that then you can hop back onto the beams and then just keep on moving across over to the other side of the room you should be able to see a sort of red light on the wall opposite the entrance that you came in from you need to hop on over there and flick that switch, then you can move back onto the central beams in the middle of the room.

Now if you turn right and look to the far end of the room, it's like an L-shaped room, so this is the furthest end away from the entrance. You've got a couple of jumps to do, just jumping across the gaps in the beams to try and get to the far wall, where there's another red light and, yeah, another switch that you need to activate.


Once you've activated this switch so you've got all three if you did it fast enough, you'll hear a weird noise, and then the electricity will go off, so the water will no longer be electrified. If you did anything wrong, you just need to make your way back to the start and then try it all again and try to be a little bit faster.

So once you've got that electricity turned off now if you go near the entrance and just kind of come back in as if you just came from the entrance and look slightly to the left if you jump in the water there you'll be able to find an underground tunnel, that's kind of got a piece of debris across it you should be able to get in on kind of the left side of it and swim down and then you're going to swim through a fairly short tunnel you don't need a rebreather or anything like that swim through the Fairly short tunnel and up into the other side, on the other side you're going to find a flooded room you can just go through the door and then you should be able to go up some stairs, and this takes you to the main secret laboratory that you're trying to get to.


Now the ray gun that you're after should just be sitting on a table right in front of you. We have done this a couple of times where, for whatever reason, the ray gun hasn't spawned. I've got no idea what causes why sometimes it doesn't happen; my theory is that maybe somebody else gets a ray gun from doing one of the zombie contracts or something, and that causes the ray gun in here to disappear.

I don't know, but if you do this right at the beginning of the game, the ray gun should be there for you to pick up. Now the ray gun you get here only has 20 shots, and as far as I know, there's no way to increase the ammo to add more ammo to it if using the Munitions Crate or the max ammo pickups or anything like that.

I don't think it will add any ammunition to the ray gun, but to be honest, with those 20 shots, you can do a lot of damage. Just fire at people, try and aim near their feet, and you'll do a ton of splash damage. If you can find a group of people all together in one space, it will absolutely decimate them.

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Also, in this room, there's a bunch of other orange boxes and stuff, and there's a note on the side that gives a little bit of background law. As to what happened with this whole island with Fortune, keep in mind why it exploded and why there's a big hole in the middle of it, and that's pretty much it; you don't need to go all the way back through the sunken corridor.

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