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Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, this article aims to elevate your nuke attempts and enhance your knowledge. Just like in my Iseran nuking guide, the strategies discussed here are designed to stand the test of time and remain relevant to all seasons of War Zone. If needed, I will update the guide accordingly if any changes are made to the quest itself.

In this guide, I'm going to delve into the most effective strategies for tackling the Resurgence Champions Quest. By default, this guide will be for Qu but will work for any other team game mode, unlike some other guides that oversimplify the process. I'll provide you with a diverse array of tactics to add to your arsenal.

Let's face it, nuk runs rarely go according to plan, mistakes happen, and adaptability is key. I've detonated 64 war zone nukes, essentially doubling my nuke count since my last nuking guide article. I've experienced it all, from running with average and bad players to dominating alongside top-tier teammates and even nuking with a 64-year-old.

Grandpa, I'm not kidding; you must recognize that nukes are not a walk in the park, especially where rebirth is concerned; they're challenging and seemingly impossible. When attempting a nuke, you're pitted against the entire lobby, facing potential grief and bad luck. That's just the nature of the game.

Luckily, rebirth island pacing is rather quick, so it is super easy to get contracts for more attempts. I'm going to be honest, guys. If you are a passive player and play below 3 KD, you will struggle for this nuke. Everyone has to perform at their best and be firing on all cylinders, and even then, it may not be enough.

Assess lobby skill

Assess lobby skill

Just like in my last nuking gu article, you need to scout the lobby and inspect a report player list. You need to ensure that there are no good teams that are threatening your nuke run. I can't emphasize this enough.

You really can't chance facing a good team on a rebirth nuke, as even just two deaths can fail the nuke entirely and set you really far behind on pace, so do yourself a huge favor and be picky about the lobbies you are attempting the nuke in. Don't ever go into a lobby blind; you'll waste your time.


So starting off, I usually have one to two players grab the key cards for the advanced UAV and free load out. The forgotten key card is too far off the map and only gives you perks and another loadout, and I wouldn't really recommend getting that as it's just too far off and it would take too much time.

I usually land at Grandma's and then jump on over to grab the other key card, and usually there is a vehicle nearby to head on over to the stronghold, which makes this whole method just really efficient now that after grabbing both key cards, you're going to need to head over to the stronghold. Go to this tower and open both lockers, and you'll get 10 grand each, an advanced a and a load out, and then I have two to three players complete as many contracts as they can in this descending order of priority: hack and signal contracts.

If they ever add it back to spy drones and scavenger contracts, try to collect as many advanced UAVs as you can, but don't risk dying over it. Having these advanced UAVs is super nice because you can rotate and navigate the map with peace of mind and ensure you're not getting ambushed or sent by another team.

It'll also be great to just see what areas of the map are not yet looted with no players nearby, so you can use that to decrease time.

Easter egg

Easter egg

Now one thing I also want to mention is that there is a Rebirth Island Easter egg that has a unique interaction with the nuke timer. I do not have any footage of this myself as I've never attempted it, but I do know that if you can complete several steps of this, it will negate 29 seconds per step, which is the equivalent of either a squad wipe or an interrogation.

And execution: if you can accomplish this Easter egg while doing the nuke, then it will be extremely beneficial for your team. I think in total, if you manage to complete this whole Easter egg, it will be 2 minutes off the timer.

The playstyle loop

So the overall checklist for this nuke is to have at least $100,000.

Before pulling the contract, the more, the better. The name of this game is to essentially loot, interrogate, and execute all while not dying. If you can accomplish this routine throughout the game, you'll have a decent chance of dropping a nuke. Be sure to at least throw two smokes at all times, as I usually just throw one before interrogating someone and then another while finishing them.

It's extremely helpful, especially considering how much time you can save if you pull off a finisher and execution. If you get around 30 seconds, which can negate a whole death entirely, which is why getting executions and interrogations is so important, what my team does is deplete the first element timer while doing all of this before the fire sale happens.

How to decrease element timers

How to decrease element timers

When this fire sale happens, we spend as much money as possible buying plates to decrease the timer.

Don't waste any effort buying anything else; it is not worth it just for plates.

Holding elements

When it comes to holding elements, my team typically just designates one player to hold them all. Just keep in mind that if you're going to split elements, each has its own crown, not just a burum. The best time to die is when an element is dropping, as the time penalties and reductions for elements are completely paused.

This does not mean that you can drop the elements to bypass a death penalty timer; it will still apply the penalty, due to.

End game

The pacing and nature of the rebirth nuke will probably land in gas, so be sure to take inventory of who has a durable or regular mask. More than likely, if you are doing really well on your nuke, you're going to need to keep a player alive.


On all five of my rebirth nukes, we kept the last player alive until we planted the nuke, and then right after we killed him, the nuke instantly detonated. As I wrap up this guide, I want to leave you with some parting words of encouragement. The Champions Quest on Rebirth Island is no easy feat, but with the right lobby and strategies, you can overcome this challenge.

Remember, every nuke attempt is a learning experience, whether you succeed or face setbacks. There's always something to be gained, so good luck out there and happy

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