News - The Lockwood 680 Is A Pump Action Monster Warzone 2. Stats & Best Attachment Setups

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This is the series where I go into great detail with all of the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're finally shifting into the shotgun category, and we're going to start it off with the Lockwood 680.

Damage ranges & ttk

Damage ranges & ttk

And let's start this off with our damage ranges and our one-shot kill potential. As we can see here with the Lockwood 680, our maximum hit potential is 26.5. M anything beyond that, you can't even get a hit marker, then our two-shot kill potential is 16 M, and after that, our on-shot kill potential, assuming we're hitting all of our pellets, is 7.6.

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M and then there's also another damage range that I like to include with shotguns and this is where we're going to get a generally consistent one-hot kill which for the Lockwood 680 is 5.9 M, now just to clarify this isn't a guaranteed One-Shot kill in this range of course I'm sure many of you guys have experienced that point blank hit marker before but this is the range at which you don't have to hit that many pallets to still get a one shot kill and you can generally HP Fire Within this range and as long as you're reasonably centered you should still be getting one- shot kills more often than not, and clearly compared to the other Modern Warfare 3 shotguns the Lockwood 680 is the winner when it comes to our one- shot kill potential .

Rate of fire (+ attachments)

Next let's have a look at our rate of fire and just like with the bolt action sniper rifles pump action shotguns do not have accurately displayed stats in the advanced stats the actual rate of fire is 68 rounds per minute on the lock with 680, and we actually have several attachments that can have an impact on our rate of fire the first set of attachments are our bolt attachments and it turns out the Titanic heavy bolt even though it states that it slows your rechambering speed it actually slightly improves our rate of fire up to 75 rounds per minute, however if you're really going for that maximum rate of fire you want to go with the express light bolt which will boost it up to 89 rounds per minute, and then outside of the bolts the guard attachments also have a minor impact on our rate of fire at least generally minor impact.

As you can see, three of them will very slightly improve our rate of fire, but not really by a super noticeable degree.

Hipfire vs tac stance vs ads

Hipfire vs tac stance vs ads

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However you definitely want to keep an eye out for that Lockwood signal Signature Series heavy guard cuz this very noticeably reduces our rate of fire down to 60 rounds per minute so that's an attachment you generally want to stay away from after that let's have a look at our pellet spread when hip firing, then when we're in TCT stance, and then finally when aiming down sight because just like with most Call of Duty games when you aim down sight you will get a tighter pellet spread, and as you can see out of all of those options obviously aiming down sight is going to be your best option if you want that tightest pellet spread possible so anytime you're stretching out your ranges you generally want to try getting into an aim down sight, and just an alternative way to look at this let's have a look at our hipfire spread and both our maximum and minimum hipfire spread with the Lockwood 680 is slightly better than average for Modern Warfare 3 shotguns which is excellent and then I'm also going to throw in the aim down sight spread here so you can see what that looks like against a Target at 10 m.

Handling & reload add time

And you can see even without attachments that's going to hold its own just fine once you get aimed down sight , after that let's get into our handling stats and our aim down sight speed is actually quite slow at 350, milliseconds this is one of the ways that they kept shotguns in check in this game is it does take a while to get fully aim down sight, also our Sprint of fire time isn't amazing with this gun if you're being hyper aggressive against like SMGs for instance it is going to take you a bit longer to get that shot off at 200 milliseconds for our standard Sprint out time and roughly 310 milliseconds for our tactical Sprint out time and then let's get into our reload time and with the Lockwood 680 we will reload each shell individually.

And generally speaking, this is going to take around 77 seconds, or 770 milliseconds per shell, to reload. However, if you fire all the way till empty, the first two shells will actually reload noticeably slower before you get into that 77 seconds per shell, so generally speaking, you do want to try to avoid firing this all the way till empty, fire it down to one shot, and then reload at that point.



And then finally, for the base stats of this gun, before we get into some of the important attachments to cover, let's have a look at our mobility stats.

Ammo type breakdowns


And across the board we're basically just right on average for shotguns here when it comes to our Mobility stat so nothing really stands out with the loid 680 here so there we go those are the basic of the loid 680 without attachments, however with shotguns we have a lot of attachments that have a very significant impact on the guns, and let's start this off with our ammo types and we're just going to have a general overview of this cuz most of them aren't even worth diving into too deep because they're just not worth using and it's very obvious that they aren't worth using like with the bolow shells for instance this is effectively like a slug so you now have an infinite hit potential although it is going to be quite inaccurate we have that same aim down sight spread as far as the inaccuracy, for where that slug's going to go and to top that off this actually very noticeably reduces our one shot kill potential so it's going to be a two- shot kill more often than not, one little benefit you gain is this will delay enemy healing just like with frangible ammunition.

But at least in my opinion, that's kind of useless most of the time because you're just going to be dead because you didn't get a one-shot kill, and sure, you may pick up an assist after the fact, but I'd rather use something that just kills them in the first place, so at least for me. I would never really consider using bolo shells; they're pretty much useless.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the new Lockwood 680.
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