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This is the series where I go into great detail with all of the stats as well as some excellent attachment combinations for every gun in Modern Warfare 3. In today's episode, we're going to be moving on to the second sniper rifle, which is the Cat AMR.

One shot kill zones & ranges

One shot kill zones & ranges

And starting it off let's have a look at our One-Shot kill zones and within the maximum damage range which is huge by the way it's from0 to 78 M, this gun will be a one-hot kill anywhere in the body as for Beyond 78 m it's also a one- shot kill anywhere in the body now we are technically dealing less damage within this range so it might be a bit more common that you get a hit marker if you're shooting through some light cover or something Beyond 78 M but assuming your shot is unobstructed by some form of cover and you're playing regular core game modes range is an irrelevant stat on the cat AMR, as for our rate of fire keeping in mind the in-game stats don't correctly show rate of fire for bolt action or pump action weapons.

Rate of fire & bolts

This is 33 rounds per minute, which is a very slow rate of fire. However, we can boost this with two different bolt attachments; both of them will boost our rate of fire. The first one is the ephemeral quick bolt; this one will boost it up to 42 rounds per minute, whereas the recum 9 heavy bolt only very slightly boosts our rate of fire up to 34 rounds per minute. Sincerely, you probably won't even notice a difference in the rate of fire here.

Ads & sprintout times

Ads & sprintout times

After that, let's get into our aim-down sight time, which is extremely slow at 760 milliseconds. This is by far the slowest aiming weapon in the entire game and definitely one of the biggest downsides of using the cat AMR.

As for sprint out time, this is also very slow, although not really relevant with this gun; it's 351 milliseconds for our standard sprint out time and roughly 500 milliseconds for our tactical sprint out time. And just to clarify real quick, the reason sprint-out time is often irrelevant for sniper rifles is that you'll never be able to get aim-down sight before your sprint-out time completes.

This means that sprint-out time will only ever be relevant if you're hip-firing out of a sprint, which is something you should almost never be doing with a sniper rifle unless you're in a completely desperate situation.


Ation , and speaking of hitfire, our hitfire spread is horrible with the cat AMR, and you definitely don't want to be hip-firing again unless you end up in that super desperate situation where you just have no other options.

Reload add time & swap speed

Option Next, let's have a look at our reload ad time, which is unfortunately once again the worst out of the Modern Warfare 3 sniper rifles. This is 3.15 seconds, which is quite slow and definitely something you have to plan in advance for, and then on top of that, our swap speed is 2.33 seconds, which is tied with the XRK stalker as being the slowest within the Modern Warfare 3 sniper rifles at least.

Bullet velocity

Bullet velocity

After that, let's have a look at our bullet velocity and see if the trend continues.

The Cat AMR is the worst out of the Modern Warfare 3 sniper rifles here at 660 m/s. And honestly, this is generally an okay bullet velocity for the 6v6 maps in this game, but if you really start stretching out your ranges, like on some of the long range maps, or if you purposely put yourself in a super long range line of sight, you will start to notice this bullet velocity holding you.


As for mobility, again, we have the worst mobility out of the Modern Warfare 3 sniper rifles, and it's clear that this gun was not designed to get around the map quickly.

Flinch resistance

Then let's have a look at our Flinch resistance comparison, and as I showed in the previous episode, we're actually tied with the XRK stalker here at 85 Newtons of Flinch resistance, which is kind of right in the middle for a sniper rifle.

At the end of the day, I definitely recommend combining this with Marksman gloves or attachments that will improve your Flinch resistance.

Idle sway

Then let's have a look at our idle sway when we're not holding our breath, and as you can see, this gun sways around quite a bit and also quite quickly, so this is just another area where this gun isn't great, and I would recommend either improving your idle sway with attachments or just holding your breath if you're in a long-range engagement.

Default optic comparison

Default optic comparison

Just so you don't miss this sway, And then, finally, before we get into our attachment combinations, I just wanted to take another look at our default sniper optics. And as you can see, we have the same high zoom level as the XRK stalker default optic, and personally. I quite like this optic at least for the longer range maps, although I do find it can sometimes zoom in a little too much for some of the smaller 6v6 maps in the game, so you might want to select a lower zoom optic for your class setup.

Katt amr - balanced setup

And with that, we can now move into some excellent attachment combinations that I've got for you guys with the cat AMR. And the first one I'm going to share is what I consider to be a balanced build with this gun, and with this, we're using the Predition 24-in, short barrel Schogger Pbox 4 laser, which by the way is not a visible laser, so you don't really have to worry about pre-aiming corners or anything; people won't be able to see that laser beam at least.

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We also have the tactical stock pad, the ephemeral quickbolt, which is the one that gives us the best rate of fire boost, and then finally the 50 cal high velocity ammo, and you might be wondering why that ammo is better than some of the other ones that boost bullet velocity. This one gives us the best possible boost to our bullet velocity while only harming range, which, if you remember, range is irrelevant with this gun, so therefore it's just all upsides with that ammo, and when we look at the key stats of this build, we're improving our rate of fire very noticeably.

Our aim-down sight speeds also improved very noticeably, although they're still quite slow at 665 milliseconds. Our sprint-out time is also slightly improved, but, like I said, not really relevant anyway. Our Flinch resistance remains the same, and then finally, our bullet velocity has improved very noticeably up to around 750 m/s.

And there you go. That's a nice balanced build where I'm basically just improving stats across the board. I didn't really harm anything meaningful.

Katt amr - quickscope setup

Katt amr - quickscope setup

With this setup next, let's move into my quick scoping build, although with this gun, it's never truly going to be quick. This time we're using the Coro LZ 44 laser, and this one does have a visible laser beam only when you're aiming down sight, so this will affect your ability to pre-aim corners effectively, but it does give us the best boost to our aim down sight speed, which is what we're really aiming for here.

Welcome to Modern Warfare III Gun Guides! This is the series where I dive deep into the stats of a gun and share the best attachment setups based on tons of testing and data collection! In today's episode, we're breaking down the KATT AMR.
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