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Well, today I'm going to tell you the correct way to complete some of them due to them being bugged, and along with that. I'm going to give you some tips on some of the other challenges that are not bugged now from everywhere I've looked, mainly like Twitter or just other YouTube articles. There is one challenge that people are still struggling with, even after the game's been out for a couple weeks now.

I just wanted to explain how it works and how it gets killed with one mag. Usually it's either three or five, and so to demonstrate how this challenge actually works right now due to it being bugged. I'm just going to hop into a firing range map, and so as you can see in the bottom right. I have 10 bullets, so if I want to complete that challenge kills with one mag, let's say it's just three with this gun.

I would have to get three kills. There's one, two, and three, so right here you might already think that would count as one, but it does not do what you have to do. Reload I don't know why it's like this, but that's just how it is, and now what other people still don't know with this is that you can get a kill.

bugged mw3 camos

Well, let's just back this up. Let's say I respawned because I died. I have a brand new full mag. What you can do is get killed, and then, let's say, you die again. You still have one kill with a mage. You can get another kill that counts as two kills because you have not reloaded yet, and let's say you die again, and then you get a third kill as long as you have not reloaded between those three kills.

You can then reload, and it will count as one of those challenges done. I keep seeing people say that you don't need to; you're like, not supposed to run a MAG or anything like that. I have not had an issue at all with running mags on my guns; usually I prefer to just run the biggest mag, which makes it a little.

Streak, you can just run around and just play the game pretty much all right, but anyway, the first thing I wanted to do was go over pen kills quickly, and shipment is going to be back in. I think tomorrow, as of this article, if you are seeing this article so for pen kills all you want to do is you want to shoot this wall.


This is an easy wall bang. You can do the same with the other side. Just shoot right here, but mainly what you want to do is you want to use these boxes that barrel and right there on that box. I just don't want this guy bugging me, so what you'll do is you'll come right here and line up with this barrel because people like to go on that head glitch, and all you have to do is put your crosshair right here on the box.

I've noticed people trying to just do the long wall bangs for some reason when it is so much easier, especially for ships, to just do small lineups like this where you just shoot through the wall, or you could come over here and do the same thing right here with this box, and as they spawn back on this side of the map, you can just kill them off and spawn.

It's very easy to do. I got done with the challenge in like one game just because you use these methods Another good one's right here. All you do is line up, and you won't be using ARS when you do this; it's usually lmgs or snipers, so you can just shoot right there, and the people on the head glitch right there; they will die the next one I wanted to.


Give The next tip I wanted to give was just an optic for headshot shots. This optic is the Coro Eagle Eye 2.5x. It is a really good site. I'll let this guy kill me. Quick, okay, this site is just perfect for me. Shot it just lets you aim it's slightly more magnified aim it just makes the head easier to shoot the next camoa I wanted to go over is the there's one that you need a full ammo reserved for if you didn't know you could just run a Munitions, box and if you look in the bottom right that number will be maxed I don't believe it's maxed right now for this gun I don't believe 156 is correct I think it's what 180 or 210 or something like, that but a way to get around that is you can go to your Loadout change your vet vest to the one right here the Gunner vest and if you read at the top left it'll say deploy with max ammo all you have to do is put that on you'll spawn in with the max amount of, ammo and all you have to do is just get kills with that gun and with that one mag because of course if you run out of the mag and then you reload you won't have max ammo in the reserve and then last but not least you have stun kills now stun kills can be very annoying I highly suggest you do the.

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Challenges on shipment just because it's a smaller map you can get into more engagements and do not run a, flashbang because in the with how the game works you have to look at the flashbang for it to have any effect on you so stuns just make it a lot easier and so basically tips that I have for this is you can just throw them over these, boxes and it will most of the time hit people that are on here like anywhere, here you don't have to just throw it directly back here and you'll just get people off spawn just throw them high I found that they'll explode higher and just hit more people just covers more area you can just run in there try to get one die get another, one or you can even just run the I think it's called the engineer vest and just get.

Two, but yeah, anyway, those are some tips on getting the camos for Modern Warfare 3. I hope this was helpful. If you did enjoy it, consider leaving a like and subscribing.

These are some of the tips I used when going for some of the camos and completing the bugged ones faster. The main bugged camo I go over is the kills with 1 mag.
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