News - The First Warzone 2 Season 2 Reloaded Event Revealed. Operators, Mastery Camos & More



Let's break down the first major season 2 reloaded event coming to MW3. We have a new operator, free rewards, and much more. We'll go through all the information in today's article.

New mw3 combat pack 2 free for playstation

If you're paying for that subscription, you could log into Call of Duty right now in War Zone or MW3. And get a new lockpick operator skin, two weapon blueprints, one for an SMG, and one free pistol.

A colon card sticker and other cosmetics like that—this is a pretty cool pack. Honestly, the red, white, and black look is solid. Of course, it stinks that it's only for PS+ users, but if you're paying for that, you know, subscription. I guess you do get a little extra bonus there, just like the MW2, only operator packs; they probably will sell the lockpick packs as well.

After this game is done, I just hope the packs are a bit cheaper and discounted so it's not too much money because, obviously, The Operators were exclusive to PS+ users. You have to pay for that subscription. I get that, but it's been out for a year already. I feel like bundles that have been out for over a year at that point should be a bit cheaper since they're kind of out of style at that point.

New season 2 reloaded warhammer operators & mastery camo

Let's go through this new event that got revealed that leaked out a lot of cool clips here of The Operators, the Mastery camo you're getting, and much more, so first off here What is this all about? This is an overview. Of the Warhammer, 40K, Crossover, so it's an event with a mastery camo, three separate operator bundles, which is interesting, two finishing moves, and one melee attachment.

That's what we know so far; there's even more probably coming very soon that I'll talk about on the channel. Stay tuned for that, but for the release dates, here they're saying it's going to begin on March 13th and will last two weeks, so it's a bit of a longer event, not a mini-weeklong event, so it should be a decently sized event with a lot of challenges, rewards, and stuff like that, and of course this is going to be after the season to reload the first big event of the mid-season update.

modern warfare 3

First off, here Let's go through all the operator skins that got leaked out here. These guys look super cool now. I'm not entirely familiar with Warhammer 40, 000. I mean, I know about the game. If you know about this lore, I feel like there's a lot of stuff here, and a lot of the characters you're seeing are actually pretty cool here, so I don't know if I'm excited for it.

The opportunity does look really, really sick, and now, of course, these are probably all paid operator bundles, which is fine, but I would love for one of these sick operators to be a final free mastery reward. Of course, for the first time we had a I think it was the crypted event, we had the universal camo as a free reward but also a weapon blueprint, so making the event even better would be having a free operator skin as well, because people would definitely grind through the event for a universal camo, a blueprint, and an entirely new operator skin or a new operator separately.

On the menu, something like that would be super cool, so do they do that for the Warhammer event? Not so sure, but that would be ideal, and of course, for the Mastery camo here, this is one that got leaked out; it's called Blue Steel. Apparently, this is a fire color scheme. The gold, yellow, and blue look is really cool and complimentary.

so solid stuff there again. Of course, the camo might look a bit different in the game. Sometimes the universal camo looks good in the menu, but when you're actually using it on a weapon and you inspect it, it kind of just looks weird and doesn't fit that well. This one, I feel, should be a solid one, but we'll see very soon.

Maybe there's a slight animation to it that we don't know about just yet. Of course, the update isn't fully out yet, so there might be some changes yet to be made.

More warhammer operator event leaked gameplay clips

More warhammer operator event leaked gameplay clips

We'll see very soon, but overall, it looks like a solid Mastery camo, and for other stuff here, of course we talk about new finishing moves for the Warhammer, event the new operators, apparently, the Warhammer chainsword. From the DarkTide game, this is going to be a part of the finishing move, so this is game play from that previous game, not Call of Duty obviously, but it's going to prove pretty much acting like this.


I guess, as you know, this looks cool. Honestly, a finishing move is cool looking like this, but if this was an actual melee weapon in Call of Duty, that would be even more interesting, so maybe having another melee weapon skin for the bundle that looks like this would be super cool. Would they do that you never know again probably not but it gives you never know that could be pretty interesting but for another finishing move here this is actually in Call of Duty this is a leak so it might not be the full finishing move here but it gives you a good idea as to what we're getting for this Warhammer.

And this is from the office cod as well, so to him, so you can see put the sword through his cool stuff there again. This might not be the full version, but it looks like a solid finishing move overall, so that's what we have there for the Warhammer event. Obviously, I'll be sure to update you guys once we get more information on it.

It should be if it's a two-hour event, it should be a challenge event with challenges in multiplayer zombies and maybe War Zone as well. I feel like the events have been pretty solid overall. Sometimes the rewards aren't that interesting to grind for, but the mastery camo here does look cool. We'll see what the other cosmetics look like as well, and again, they have an operator skin as a mastery reward, which would probably make a lot more people grind for it, just like in the Horde Hunt event right now, where you're getting an operator skin for completing all those challenges or not challenges but collecting skulls and bones.

Whatever I feel, that's making more people go for it. You know what I mean, so I don't know.

New mw3 zombie-alein operator added!

New mw3 zombie-alein operator added!

This is a pretty cool bundle here, with an operator skin for Byon. I mean, honestly, this is fire skin. Is this a skin that you want to wear if you don't want to be seen? probably not, because this is pretty crazy skin. You could probably see this guy across the map with these, you know, tentacles coming out of it, but I love the vibe of the Skin Man black outfit with all this crazyness and dark ether-esque things growing out of the skin.

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