News - Richtofen Did Something Horrible & Samantha Maxis Escaped The Dark Aether. Dr Grey Tie (warzone 2 Zombies)

Did samantha maxis escape the dark aether in the 2000s?

Did samantha maxis escape the dark aether in the 2000s?

Yesterday I posted a article breaking down Act Four's cutscene for season 1 of Modern Warfare 3: Zombies. It was a very juicy cut scene, and we talked about it a lot, but the end of the cutscene is very important because it shows Dr. AA Janssen looking at her laptop, and she's analyzing files on the ex-recruit team, and we see Weaver and the rest of them are all deceased for some reason.

There's no mention of Strauss, but the most important thing is that it says Samantha Maxis is classified. It seems like she is still alive, and it lists her as director for Project Janus. Project Janus was what Eddie R. Hoffmann was working on in secret behind the scenes of Cold War Zombies; he was working with an Uber Rich group financing this project.

act 4

We just don't really know what the goal is yet for this project. I talked a little bit in that article, speckling about what it may be. Of course, we do know that in Cold War Zombies. Eddie Rofin needed Samantha Maxis to be trapped in the dark ether and for the Forsaken to be out of the way, and this goal was achieved by Samantha Maxis sacrificing herself to trap the Forsaken in the containment chamber.

From then on, we don't really know what happens, but next to Samantha Maxis's name, he lists a number. 6776. 6, 776 days would mean that it would be the early 2000s. So this could be suggesting that Samantha Maxis managed to escape from the dark ether in the early 2000s, and this would make sense because of course Call of Duty 2024 zombies the sequel to Cold War Zombies is supposedly taking place in the 9/ early 2000s so maybe at the end of that game Samantha Maxis manages to escape from dark e because after all Weaver and the other recom heads are deceased in this room underneath Igan, and they're all attached to some sort of device that seems to have harvested these souls to power these ethereum canisters that Victor Sak have managed to get and it could be that they sacrificed themselves either they were tricked into doing this or they purposefully did this to free Samantha Maxis from the dark ether and maybe she was freed in the early 2000s which means she might show up later on in the story I don't really know as to what is going on here though because it lists her as being part of the directive for Janus, so does this mean that she is working with Eddie rofin on Project Janus, if Eddie rofin is still alive that is because we do see a zombie that looks very similar to him in aa's hallucination.

Has samantha corrupted?

Has samantha corrupted?

And if she is out of the dark ether now, is she corrupted? Does she have a lot of powers? Is she evil now? What exactly is going on? There is so much more interesting story information I want to talk about, so don't go anywhere, but I have a really awesome feature to showcase with you now, and then we'll continue with the storyline information in a mere second.

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act 4 cutscene

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Why would sam work with richtofen on project janus?

Why would sam work with richtofen on project janus?

Lobbies explain why they are working with Rick Toffen as well. Rick Toffen interrogated her throughout Cal Zombie and was manipulating her to do his bidding, so surely she would be against him, but after all, they were the only two characters from the old ether story to make their way into this new universe, so it could be that they share a bond and share past history, which would explain why they are working together.

Samantha Maxis most likely has regained all of her old memories that she lost after she was trapped in the dark ether on Fire Bas, and she had Amnesia Eddie, who obviously retains those memories, so this is so interesting.

Samantha has weaver & co. killed?

And this could mean that Samantha Maxis purposefully had Weaver and the rest of them killed to free her, because this was even prophesied by The Forsaken.


Samantha Maxis was in the background, saying all must die with all of them dead, so I don't know what is happening in the storyline. This is really huge information, and it also begs the question, What is the entity in the dark ether ?.

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